6th generation of computers: advantages, disadvantages, features, good or bad. The 6th generation of computers is slightly different from all other generations. Its speed, the tasks it can perform, and its size are the facts that make the 6th generation of computers different from all other generations.

6th generation of computers: advantages, disadvantages, features, good or bad
6th generation of computers: advantages, disadvantages, features, good or bad

In the 6th generation of computers, semiconductors are used as raw materials in processors. Apart from this, voice recognition has also been introduced in the 6th generation of computers. Voice recognition is the technology in which words are recognized.

You can search using voice recognition, send messages and perform many other tasks with the help of voice recognition. 

Complex tasks can be easily solved with the help of 6th generation computers, and research is ongoing on many other ways to make complex tasks easier and better.

The 6th generation of computers era started in 2000 and it is still ongoing, but it is also a fact that this generation is very close to its end as we are rapidly moving towards the 7th generation of computers and very soon you will enter the era of the 7th generation of computers.

The 6th generation of computers started with wireless connectivity, Bluetooth, WI-Fi, and Wi-Max are some of the common examples that we are all familiar with. In the starting era these technologies are used to connect some devices, but the process evolved and they started to be connected with each other. However, if we talk about its features, it is very extensive.


Physical connectivity

The 6th generation of computers has greatly improved physical connectivity. ADSL and fiber is a common examples. ADSL and fiber are used for internet delivery. However, if we compare ADSL and fiber, fiber is the best source of internet delivery because it provides high-speed internet.


All previous generations were limited in bandwidth, which means limited data transmission, but in the 6th generation of computers, due to the much higher bandwidth, the transmission of large amounts of data over the Internet became easier and with the help of more Files started to be shared.

Internet application

In all the previous generations, the Internet was limited to the access of institutions, but after the 6th generation, the Internet became available to the common man. In the early days of the 6th generation, the Internet was limited to the desktop, but later other devices started to be attached to the Internet.

Use of Software

Software started to be developed to simplify business and almost all industries. Those software who made all the tasks easy for the industries led to a substantial increase in the revenue. Modernization in business also benefited as people paid more attention to businesses that were moving towards digitalization than manual business work.

Smart devices

In the 6th generation, digitalization is not limited to the desktop, but it has spread from the desktop to smartphones, televisions, refrigerators, ovens, cleaning devices, watches, and many other such things that have improved the lives of the common man. 


Data security and hackers

Where the availability of the internet has improved the lives of the common man, it has also harmed it. The Internet provided an open space to the common man where data could be transmitted with ease. When hackers stepped into this open space, any data that was very sensitive started to get hacked, causing huge losses to everyone from big industries to the common man.


With the rise of the 6th generation, crime has increased significantly, with many people losing their capital and sensitive information to scamming. Apart from this, a lot of fraud in the form of fake documents, currency printing, identity theft, and advance fees started to take place.

Destructive wars

6th-generation computers gave rise to smart devices, the list of these smart devices includes smart weapons. The digitization of weapons has changed the face of warfare and resulted in more devastating war outcomes than ever before. Destruction by drones is one of the most important examples of this.

Social isolation

The 6th generation of computers promote social isolation, especially the younger generation, has greatly involved in isolation and cut off their family members and friend in real. Depression and suicide have increased dramatically due to social isolation. Digitization has confined them to social media platforms and people are so lost in it that they don’t want to leave it.

Spread of misinformation

While 6th-generation computers have made access to information easier, they have also made available to humans a lot of information that contains false facts. Propaganda is done with the help of such misinformation and false news are promoted.


Ultra-reliable Extremely Low Latency Communications

URLLC is a feature of the 6th generation of computers that allows data that is scheduled to be transferred more efficiently. Shorter transmissions are transferred by large subcarriers through URLLC. In addition, the lapping of scheduled data is also done.

The Invisible Network

One of the great features of the 6th generation of computers is that with its help you can create a network that is protected from the view of other wireless or network devices. This makes it easy to get hacked and gain access to your sensitive information.


6th-generation computers can perform automation to such a high degree that the automation can operate without any user commands.


6th-generation computers can connect to all kinds of networks. Network size does not apply to this. Sometimes the purpose of the connection is just to access the internet and sometimes the purpose of connectivity is to share files from one device to another.


Almost everyone in the world is using 6th generation computers in one form or another, one example being smartphones.

Now if we talk about mobile phones, how you would feel without your mobile phone, my own opinion would be that it would be very bad for me and I would think that I have become a victim of isolation. This is the feeling of family members and friends that you have neglected due to being engrossed in the world of your mobile phone.

On the other hand, smartphones have made communication very easy. You don’t have to wait long to contact someone, but you can see and talk to someone who is thousands of miles away. 

Computers of the 6th generation have played an important role in improving industries as well as the life of the common man and have greatly helped in solving the world’s complex problems.

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