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About us. Pcweb.info, SEO Colombia, is a personal undertaking (Angel Eulises Ortiz), which was part of our pcweb.info site for a long time, as a subdomain and we wanted to give it its own life and autonomy. We have been in the trade since 2007, constantly learning and disseminating our readings.

We decided to give the site a geographical bias (not in search engines) to show that we are proudly Colombian but not to limit our international reach, just to talk about what we know without ignoring our origin.

Fortunately, life has rewarded us with Spanish-speaking friends and clients around the world: In Spain, we have clients in Valencia, Barcelona and Madrid; in Guatemala City, Miami, Florida, United States. In Buenos Aires, Argentina, Bogotá, Cundinamarca; Cali Valle del Cauca; Bucaramanga, Santander and, of course, in Ibague, Tolima. And in many other places it is not even created, it is only to share a small geographical record of locations where we have had interference.

Do you want to quote or consult us? We attend physically in Bogotá and Ibagué.

Angel Ortiz: Consultant in online marketing, SEO, SEM since 2009, with an SEO specialization from California Davis University and Coursera from 2020 and another in Marketing with social networks from Tecnológico de Monterrey also from the same year; Blogger since 2006, curious; lover of technology, who wants to understand his environment, the evolution of advertising and the Internet.

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