Algorithm Meaning

Algorithm meaning: in computer, in math, in psychology, social media. The algorithm is defined as a procedure for solving mathematical problems in a limited number of steps with the frequent repetition of an operation. It means that an algorithm is a step-by-step procedure for solving a mathematical problem or any problem related to computers, and psychology as well.

Algorithm meaning: in computer, in math, in psychology, social media
Algorithm meaning: in computer, in math, in psychology, social media

Nowadays algorithms are commonly used as a set of rules of a machine for the achievement of a particular goal. Moreover, it does not always work on computer mediated activities. Another explanation of the word algorithm is that this process involves the accurate use of the work and problems related to computer-powered data analysis just like how steps are followed to solve a Rubik’s cube or make a pizza.

An algorithm is often paired with or used as a synonym for words specifying activities for which particular sets of rules have been designed. A search algorithm is a process of determining what kind of information is retrieved from a large mass of data whereas an encryption algorithm is another set of rules which are used to encode different messages and information so they can be secured and an unauthorized person is unable to read them.

Although the use of algorithms gained immense popularity in the early 20th century but is a surprisingly deep history. This term is now strictly used for solving any problems related to computing and mathematics.

Looking at the origin of the algorithm you will get to know that this word was derived from algorism which means a system of Arabic numerals, a word that moves back to Middle English and it stems from the Persian mathematics of ninth-century Ja’far Mohammad ibn-Musa-al-Khwarizmi who is known till now for his important work in fields of algebra and numeric history.

In Computer

Firstly, we should look at the relationship between algorithms and computers. An algorithm in the computer is used as a specific procedure for solving well-defined and complex computational problems. In computer science, the development and the analysis of the algorithm is the most important aspect.

Moreover, the field of computer science involves many other disciplines such as operating systems, graphics, artificial intelligence, security, networking, and so on.

The algorithm is much more than just programming as one of the compulsory requirements is the understanding of the alternatives available for the solution of the computational problems that include networking, programming language, the hardware, and any performance constraints that are occupied by any specific solution. It also requires understanding about what is the correct algorithm as it fully and efficiently solves all the problems.

The design of a particular data structure enables an algorithm to run with great efficiency as the importance of a data structure can stem from the truth that the main memory of the computer where all data is stored is linear and is numbered as 0,1,2…. It means that a linear array is the simplest data structure in which adjacent elements are numbered with consecutive integers and the value of each element is accessed from its unique index number.

The modern world is full of supercomputers, the cloud, quantum computers, machine learning programs, and more. One word that is used particularly throughout the computer is an algorithm. Generally, an algorithm refers to a series of useful rules instructing a computer that the desired set of facts of the world into useful information.

An algorithm is also referred to as the heart of computation and in computation, the algorithm is used for decision making and repetition. Data is entered into a computer as input and when the computer processes the input through the rules of the algorithm and last computer expresses the answer of the data as output.

In Math

Except for the use of the algorithm in computing, it is also commonly used for solving mathematical computation being a description of sets. They are much more common today and used in different branches of science and one of the most common mathematical problems that are solved using algorithms are step-by-step long division. For example, if you get a problem, what is the answer when 73 is divided by 3?

Then solving through an algorithm you will have to follow the below-mentioned procedure:

Firstly, check how many times 3 goes into 7? The answer will be 2. Then check over which in this is 1 and then put the 1(ten) before 3. The next step will be to find out how many times 3 goes into 13? 4 will be the answer with the remainder 1. Lastly, the answer will be 24 with the remainder 1.

This step-by-step division that is described above is called the long division algorithm. The next question that may come into your mind may be why Algorithms are used to solve problems? Algorithms are all about finding an effective and short way to solve problems. According to an anonymous mathematician, Mathematicians are lazy because they always look for shortcuts and algorithms are these shortcuts.

Algorithms do have a defined place in the mathematics curriculum and teaching algorithms is another great act. In old ages, algorithms were used to be memorized but now in modern times curriculum has also developed to effectively teach the ideas of algorithms that multiple ways of solving a mathematical problem by breaking them into different steps came out.

Algorithm techniques can be developed with great ease by allowing the children to think and invent creative ways of solving a problem.

When teachers look at their students while they are solving a problem, a question that probably every teacher has asked is can you think to solve this problem more momentarily. Allowing the students to think and solve problems on their own will stretch their analytical skills and thinking.

In Psychology

When solving a problem related to computing, mathematics, or even psychology, choosing the right path is the main factor to achieve the best solution. In psychology, the algorithm is one of the problem-solving approaches. Just like the steps that are followed while solving a mathematical problem, similar steps can be followed to find a correct answer or reach a decision in psychology.

Some of the mental processes such as confirmation bias, insight and intuition phenomenology, heuristic, and functional fixedness can have great solutions if solved through an algorithm. In psychology, an algorithm provides structured logical progression to arrive at a particular answer.

Moreover, to understand the relationship between algorithms and psychology in a better way we should look at the definition of psychology as well. Psychology is defined as the applied science that covers the study of the human mind and how it affects human behavior. This study is heavily dependent on experiments and tests for the establishment of rules and principles regarding how human minds work.

Moving to the work of a psychologist, he will observe how a human will behave by involving him in different activities such as how he talks to them, listen to them, and then observes them under various conditions.

Then the psychologist will apply algorithms to these tests for every possible change recorded in this experiment. They may use heuristics to try different things but for exact solutions, they will generally prefer exact conclusions.

For instance, if you are afraid of lizards and you want to check if seeing the images of lizards will cause fear within you or not. You want to be sure about it so just collect some images of a lizard and apply an algorithm batch test. The test will end by showing if you have fear against the images of the lizards as well or not.

Social Media: Algorithm Meaning

You might be surprised to know that the rules of algorithms apply to social media as well. Why not? Today the algorithm is in use by a specialist in every field to reach effective solutions in less time. Social media has succeeded to step into our lives which is now the daily activity of most of the population around the world.

According to Similar Web, YouTube and Facebook have respectively become the 2nd and 3rd most visited websites after Google.

As far as social media is concerned, Algorithms are the set of rules that are used for identifying the behavior of a particular group of data.

In social media, it works to maintain order and assist in ranking search results and advertisements, and then based on this search algorithm is assigned the job to deliver the desired result to you based on your mind. For example, if you use Facebook or Twitter then these social media sites will put forward the post of your closest friends and family as those are the most interactive accounts in your feed.

You are recommended videos to watch on YouTube and you may think that how a search engine knows about what type of content you enjoy.

This is again based on your behavior and it digs out what you have been watching in the past and what users like yourself like to watch. The main reason why social media algorithms are controversial is because of their impact on reach.

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