Are Adultery and Fornication the same ?

Are Adultery and Fornication the same?: is Adultery a form of Fornication, which is the worst? What does the bible say?. Introduction. The term adultery is used in modern times as sex between a married person to another person who is not the companion of that person, also called extramarital sex.

Are Adultery and Fornication the same?: is Adultery a form of Fornication, which is the worst? What does the bible say?
Are Adultery and Fornication the same?: is Adultery a form of Fornication, which is the worst? What does the bible say?

While Fornication is used in more religious contexts than Adultery, Fornication is an old term that means sex between two unmarried people. It means if a married person sleeps with an available person, it will be called Adultery, and Fornication means the sex of two non-married people.

In modern countries such as the US and UK, Fornication is a personal matter between two people, and nothing is problematic or unethical; however, it is evil from a religious point of view.

In Adultery, a married person who is in promises to never cheat his partner and have sex with anyone else is inherently unethical. In the bible, Adultery is condemned unlimited times. It is criticized in the bible not because of sex. Instead, it is breaking a sacred vow.

According to Corinthians 6:9-10, both fornicators and adulterers will never enter heaven’s kingdom. Though the word Fornication is rarely used nowadays, it will keep unlimited people away from heaven because now it is a commonly accepted lifestyle and not considered a sin in developed countries.

So, approximately Adultery and Fornication are the same, but the difference is in relationship status; one is married while the other is not.

Is Adultery a form of Fornication?

Of course, Adultery is a form of Fornication because both are involved in illegal and unethical relationships of sex. However, according to holy books, e.g., Bible and Quran, Adultery is a more powerful sin because a committed person is cheating one who blindly trusts another spouse.

In Fornication, two unmarried people have intercourse with each other without cheating third parties.

Which is the worst, Adultery and Fornication?

Sin is wrong, and it does not matter which type it is, but if we are damaging the trust of others or our sin is causing the loss of others, then our sin is worse. In Fornication, there is a secret relationship with mutual understanding, and no other people are affected by it. In Adultery, one or two married people are damaging the trust of the other. 

Marriage is an act conducted under the promise of God, family, relatives, and spouse. Even the marriage ring shows a long-lasting covenant, but Adultery breaks all these things. Sometimes, a married person has a child, and all these relationships become affected by the results of Adultery. That’s why Adultery is more harmful and is an evil act in the eyes of God.

According to researchers and holy books, Fornication has a less severe nature because no promise is broken to God and Life partner, and Adultery must be worse than breaking all promises. If any married woman gets pregnant in an illegal relationship with another man, her child will live a nonhealthy life when he knows it, and society also tortures that child.

Fornication is morally unsound, and also causes of transmitted diseases are transmitted deliberately or knowingly. In reality, people involved in sex before marriage have less successful relationship life. Besides this, people who live together before marriage suffer from a higher divorce or separation rate than others.

Because of trust issues, such people find it hard to trust each other. After all, they think they have less control, and it is better to marry people with self-control. If a person is addicted to sex before marriage and thinks it is okay, nothing can stop him from having sex after marriage.

If an unmarried girl gets pregnant in an illegal relationship and that man does not accept it, she faces many difficulties. If she aborts that baby, it is dangerous, and if she gives birth to that baby, an illegal baby lives abnormally and is more unhappy than those who live with family.

What does the bible say about Adultery and Fornication?

The term Fornication is used in the bible for impure sexual activity outside the bounds of a marriage deal. In the bible, it is calculated in the sins of abandoning God, idolatry, and apostasy.

The term fornication is derived from the Greek term cornea, similar to the English word pornography derived from Adultery in the bible. You can see the King James Version of 1 Corinthians 5:1 in the bible, where two times repeated about the sin of Fornication where a church tolerates the sin of Adultery because a man sleeps with the wife of the father.

If we look at the sins list it is horrendous. In Romans 1:29, the apostle described all types of sexual immorality; Paul and Fornication were one of them. Jesus mentions that in the list of sins coming from the heart of humans, those sins are slander, lying, theft, and sexual immorality, including sexual Adultery, Fornication, evil thoughts, and murder.

In Leviticus 20:10-12, the punishment of Adultery is explicit. It is stated that if any man comments Adultery with his neighbor’s wife or any other man’s wife, both adulterer and adulteress deserve the punishment of death.

In the seventh commandment, Adultery is strictly forbidden because, in Exodus 20:14, you shall not commit Adultery, but there is no explanation for this statement. It means Moses gave the Law of Adultery and understood it very well even at that time.

Besides this, Adultery was strictly forbidden by Scripture. Despite the strict laws of the bible, the original marriage pattern, sinful humanity finds many ways to cheat life partners and burn lines of morality. Polygamy, such as a man married to two ladies, is maybe a way to protect from Adultery, but people are also not limited to this.

In the bible, in NIV, Proverbs 6:32, if a man does Adultery, he permanently destroys himself. There is a statement in 1 Corinthians 6:18 ESV. If a man sins sexual immorality, though he commits it outside the body, he does that sin against his own body.

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