Armageddon Biblical Meaning

Armageddon biblical meaning. In the Bible we can find the answer to multiple questions about our existence and, likewise, the end of it. In this sense, reading it can help us understand some terms such as Armageddon.

Armageddon Biblical Meaning
Armageddon Biblical Meaning

One of the most famous messages of the Bible is the end times, the apocalypse, or also, the so-called Armageddon. A moment in which a before and after will be marked for life itself, as we know it. The instant at which, we can infer, every earthly race will come to an end.

This is a concept treated in the Bible, precisely, in the book of Revelation, where we can, in turn, discover multiple messages that try to describe how the end times will happen in our world, by the hand of God. What does the Bible tell us about Armageddon? Next, we will know everything about this biblical term.

Where in the Bible is Armageddon mentioned?

When we review the book of Revelation, specifically, in chapter 16, we can see a narrative in which “seven bowls of the wrath of God” will be poured out, which represents each of the phenomena that will become part of the end of life. Each cup will be poured out by an angel, and such an outpouring will cause misfortune to human life.

For example, the fourth cup would be poured out on the sun, which would now cause all men to be burned by its radiance. This, according to the reading of Revelation 16, specifically in verse 8.

Revelation 16:16: Armageddon biblical meaning

It is not until the reading of verse 16 of Revelation 16 that we find the term Armageddon. In a verbatim quote, we note that it states that:

‘He made them gather in a place which in Hebrew is called Armageddon’

The term Armageddon, also sometimes written as Har–Magedon, It can be interpreted as the gathering of those members of God’s government and the government of men to fight the last battle, in which it is known, God will end the reign of all men who oppose God’s command.

Although other chapters of the Bible such as Jeremiah 25:32-34 or Psalm 2:2 describe part of the events of Armageddon, Revelation 16 :16 is the only passage in which we can read the term in question. Therefore, a reading of multiple chapters of the Bible is necessary to understand its meaning.

The case of Jeremiah 25:32-34 speaks of the great scope of this battle, which will be able to encompass all nations without limit. The animals, in the reading from Ezekiel 39:17-20, the animals will draw closer to God for a unique sacrifice performed in the mountains of Israel. Psalm 2:2, on the other hand, shows us how Jehovah’s men will become one.

Armageddon is part of one of the most complex predictions in the Bible, because it speaks of the end times, the end of the life of the flesh, the end of man. This, and the book of Revelation, in essence, constitute one of the most iconic readings of the Bible, because it explains how the world will end by the hand of God, once the final judgment is a fact.

Reading the Book of Revelation

The book of Revelation, by its content, is one of the most controversial in the Bible, which in turn has generated multiple dissonances around its final interpretation. There is, as a consequence, no conclusion regarding the content of this specific chapter, for there is no idea of its actual purpose.

Some interpretations hold that this book was written as a prediction, this being one of the most popular premises around the reading of Revelation. In this way, it is estimated that all the descriptions present in this book should explain the manner in which Armageddon will occur on earth.

On the other hand, other interpretations add that the book of Revelation was nothing more than a series of warnings intended to alert all persecuted Christians at that time. The idea of the book would be, in this context, to explain all the threats to which Christians were being exposed, through completely hidden messages to avoid any kind of exposure.

There are, in addition to these, hypotheses that do not allow us to have a clear and unique idea about the book of Revelation, which is important for us to highlight because we are dealing with the study of the term Armageddon. In this regard, Is Armageddon an event or a place? Is it really the announcement of the end of the world?

We can well subscribe to the most central idea of Armageddon using the most typical interpretation or use of the book of revelation: prediction. We will understand that, in this sense, Armageddon is the end of life, caused by God’s struggle for those who do not accept it or who disrespect it.

The beginning of the end

Armageddon represents a strong expression for believers, for it represents the beginning of the end, where all those who have denied their faith in God will be severely punished, completely banished from the kingdom of God for all eternity. His interpretation, although it could be subjective, frames a point that will determine the life of the earth.

Some interpretations may also vary according to the interpretation, valuing that there are different currents such as Christian, Islamic, Catholic, etc. For this reason, we can analyze verbatim what the Bible argues to us about Armageddon specifically. However, the interpretation will depend to a large extent on personal orientations.

For example, some interpretations hold that Armageddon will be nothing more than Christ’s struggle with Satan. Meanwhile, we can find that other interpretations hold that Armageddon is nothing more than a location where a battle between prophets will be fought.

In either case, we may notice that there is a message that we have not yet determined.

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