Best fish for feng shui

Best fish for feng shui. Feng shui is a practice in which, through the decoration and location of an aquarium in the spaces of our home, we can attract energy and prosperity. To achieve this, it is necessary to have a specific number of fish, as well as a particular species of seafarers.

Best fish for feng shui
Best fish for feng shui

A very typical question when it comes to feng shui is what is the best fish for feng shui? For we all want to have the best combination of species in our aquarium, so that we can attract as much prosperity and abundance as possible. Let’s know what are the best options for our feng shui aquarium, a tradition with more than 500 years.

Next, we will present a list of the best fish for feng shui, knowing the meaning that each one keeps, as well as the way in which they can be represented in our aquarium according to the quantity and color of them.

Each species gives different values

In the feng shui aquarium, we will find that each species represents a different virtue, that is, the species we select will bring us different benefits to our home such as wealth, good luck, health, etc. This is how we must know multiple species and their meaning, in order to know which feng shui aquarium adapts to our desires.

Each of these fish gets its meaning through the energy of water, as this element represents continuous abundance. Fish are, in this sense, the first to receive this energy, so having them in the home is a way to create a link with these powers.

Goldfish: Best fish for feng shui

Goldfish, or in its translation, goldfish, are one of the most common species for the elaboration of feng shui aquariums, as they represent richness and abundance. However, the meaning of these fish in our aquarium will depend on the amount we have, being as follows.

  • A fish: A single goldfish represents a new beginning, a new opportunity for a cycle never experienced before.
  • Two fish: They warn the fortune, but not exactly economic. It is the fortune of family, of health, of company, of love. The fortune we can’t buy.
  • Three fish: They symbolize development, growth, fruits obtained behind efforts.
  • Six fish: They are prosperity, the abundant path on which all successes are found.
  • Eight fish: This amount of fish represents the attraction of wealth, in this case, economic wealth.
  • Nine fish: They represent full life, longevity.

Koi fish

Koi fish is used to attract love and union. These allow the deepest wishes of the person to come true, which will also depend on the way they are distributed in the aquarium.

In the case of these fish, we must be careful with the use of colors, which is varied. For example, we can use koi to attract our partner, which will require 9 species, among which, at least, one of them must be black. The latter are used to eliminate bad luck, so they should never be missing.

Now, if we want to attract a new person, a love that we have always longed for, we must place only two fish, of which one must be black. This, as in the previous case, will be to undo any energy that can counteract our desires.

We must also remember that, the meaning of the koi fish can vary according to the culture. For example, in Japan, this species is used to attract friendship and love. However, in China, these fish are synonymous with good luck and prosperity.

Arowana fish

Also called dragonfish for their appearance, they are a species that represents wealth, characterized by being fish that grow in a short time, with a dominant and, sometimes, conflictive character as they get older. Such behavior is what, in part, makes them associate with wealth and power.

They are wealth and economic prosperity, which is why they are also called lucky fish in some cultures. For this reason, it is very common to find them, not only in homes, but also in different workspaces. These fish are so popular that we can find aquariums with figures of these, because, sometimes, they are difficult to acquire.

The best fish for feng shui varies by aquarium

We can observe that each fish has a different representation, which makes us understand that the perfect feng shui aquarium is one that can represent the desires or needs of a person. It is in this way that the best feng shui fish is the one that can project the desires of each person.

The next task, understood this point, is to elaborate the aquarium that we need for our home or office. Let’s not forget the importance of balancing the use of colors, at least when it comes to koi fish, to avoid loads of bad luck.

Also, remember that the number of fish will determine the representation that will serve in our aquarium. With these aspects in mind, our feng shui aquarium will become the center of our energies for our home.

What happens if one of the fish dies?

In case some of the fish die, it is important to give them a good burial. Some people usually perform prayers during the burial of fish, respecting the end of their life, as well as placing them in a worthy space for the rest of their remains.

If the death has been of one of the black fish, try to renew it quickly, since this could affect the symbolization of our aquarium. Finally, avoid placing the aquarium in kitchens or bedrooms, as this can cause negative effects.

The most suitable spaces for the location of aquariums are the main rooms of our home , or also, work spaces, respectively, spaces that are concurrent, but that are not where we rest or consume our food.


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