Luis de Santangel biography-history

Luis de Santangel biography-history. Don Luis de Santangel had a lot to do with Christopher Columbus leaving for America. Let’s see why. Born in 1439 and possibly died in 1498. Luis de Santangel, a character who wanders on the margins of history, played a vital role in the exploration and eventual discovery of the Americas. Born into a converted Jewish family in Valencia, Spain, in the 15th century, his life unfolded at a time when Jewish life on the Iberian Peninsula was at a critical crossroads.

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Felix Hoppe Seyler-history-biography

Ernst Felix Hoppe-Seyler Immanuel came into the world on December 26, 1825 in Freyburg, Unstrut, a region of present-day Saxony in Germany. His childhood was marked by the loss of his parents, leaving him an orphan. However, his educational path was guided by the supportive hand of his brother-in-law, who supported him in his growth and education. As a gesture of gratitude to his brother-in-law, he adopted the name “Hoppe-Seyler”.

After dedicating himself to medical training in Halle and Leipzig, he finally completed his studies in Berlin in 1851, obtaining his medical degree.

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PAULINE FOURÈS Biography history

Pauline Fourès, whose maiden name was Marguerite-Pauline Bellisle, was born on 15 March 1778 in the south of France, the daughter of watchmaker Henri-Jacques-Clément Bellisle and his wife Marguerite Barandon. She initially worked as a milliner, but caught the attention of Jean-Noël Fourès, a soldier on medical leave after being wounded in campaigns in the Pyrenees. They married, but their honeymoon was brief as Jean-Noël Fourès was called to fight in the Egyptian campaign. Pauline didn’t want to be left alone, so they decided that she would dress up as if she were a cavalry hunter and accompany him. However, only 54 days after her arrival in Alexandria, she was discovered.

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