Buddhist Christmas

Buddhist Christmas is a popular day to celebrate Lord Buddha’s enlightenment. Celebrated on December 25, Buddhist Christmas is both a sacred religious worldwide holiday and a cultural and commercial phenomenon.

For two millennia, All Christians and Buddhists have been celebrating it with traditions and practices that are both religious and secular.

Buddhist Christmas
Buddhist Christmas

Christian celebrate Christmas Day as the anniversary of the birth of Jesus of Nazareth, a spiritual leader whose teaching form the basis of their religion.

Popular customs include:

  • Exchanging gifts.
  • Sharing meals with family and friends
  • Decorating Christmas trees.
  • Attending church.
  • Waiting for Santa Claus to arrive.

December 25 -Christmas Day – has been a federal Holiday in the united states since 1870.

How does Christmas start?

The middle of winter is a common time for celebrating Christmas and has long been a time of celebration worldwide. Centuries before the arrival of Jesus, early European celebrated light and birth in the darkest days of winter.

Many people rejoice during the winter solstice when the worst of the winter is behind them, and they can look forward to longer days and extended hours of sunlight.

Buddhist Christmas:

Buddhism is one of the most effective religions, mostly found in Asia, largely based on the beliefs, traditions, and practices of the teaching of Lord Buddha. Lord Buddha is said to have found civilization in India and shared his observation with people to help them and their hardships.

Buddhists have their own culture and tradition, but sometimes the question arises in mind “can Buddhist celebrate Christmas”?

Many Buddhist celebrate Christmas. Christmas is an annual festival celebrated to celebrate the birth of Lord Jesu. So Christmas is associated with Christianity or Lord Jesus.

Christmas is an annual festival celebrated to celebrate the birth of lord Jesus. So Christmas has associated with Christianity or lord Jesus. So people wonder whether Buddhist celebrate Christmas or not.

Buddhist Christmas ornaments are available in various geometric shapes and image depictions. Ornaments are almost always reused on trees and in houses, year after year, rather than purchased annually.

So, family collections contain a combination of homemade ornaments and decorations created with the most respect by family members.

Such collections of Christmas ornaments are often passed on and augmented from generation to generation.

Buddhist Christmas Decorations 

Baubles, globes, Christmas bulbs, and bubbles are decoration items, usually to decorate Christmas trees. These decorations may be woven, blown (glass or plastic ), molded (ceramic or metal ), carved from wood or expanded polystyrene, or made by other techniques.

If we talk about the Buddhist Christmas, many Buddhists believe that Jesus was a high Bodhisattva and a manifestation of an enlightened mind.

There was a long last audience that Jesus had traveled to the East and learned Buddhism.

As you all know, the traditional Christmas message “Peace Earth -Goodwill to All “is similar to what Buddhists learn, who share the common thread of peace, Love, kindness to others, and care for others. So generally, Buddhist celebrate.

So Buddhists often see Jesus as an avatar of being blessed to our beloved earth.

In one of the popular books written by the Vietnamese Monk, Thach Nat Hang’s Buddha, living Christ, he explains that two traditions, Buddhism and Christianity, can understand each other and each figure has left behind their wisdom to help and shape the lives of billions of people to end their suffering.

As most of us have seen in the popular TV serial Simpson in the “she of little Faith “episode, Lisa converts to Buddhism. Another character, Reverend Timothy Love joy, minister of the first church of Springfield, tried to convince them to dissuade her from Buddhism by saying that she can not celebrate Christmas because Santa does not leave gifts under the Bodh tree.

But Richard Gere makes it right by stating that Buddhists believe in all religions found in Lovelove, compassion, and kindness to others.

Buddhist use Christmas trees to celebrate.

Everyone knows the Christmas tree. We put up special decorations with lights and bulbs to make them beautiful, colorful, and decorative.

Well, Buddhist decorate the pine trees, but it does not have anything to do with Christmas. Though many people do not know, Buddhists celebrate a popular holiday, also known as Bodhi Day, to celebrate Lord Buddha’s enlightenment and to achieve nirvana.

It is celebrated in December month, and they decorate focus trees or Bodhi trees with different colors, decorations, and bulbs, but some may use pine trees used in Christmas.

The fact that western Buddhists are using Christmas trees is actually quite acceptable since Buddhism is also about accepting another religion.

So generally, it can be said that Buddhists also use Christmas trees, but they used to celebrate their own holiday, which goes on for 30 days.

So Buddhism celebrates Christmas in a non -Christian way. They are happy celebrating Christmas, having fun with Christmas decorations, and enlightening and decorating the Christmas tree.

Conclusion: Buddhist Christmas

It is believed that Jesus was sent to save life on earth and mankind from their inequities and suffering. Buddhist celebrate this festival to remember the work of Jesus and to give them lots of Love and respect.

It is the day when people meet with their family and friends, celebrate the occasion with joy, enthusiasm, and happiness, and send a message of peace, Love, and forgiveness.

Buddhists believe that Christi’s teachings complement those of the Buddha and that Jesus is a Bodhisattva who gives up his benefit to help others. He has compassion, kindness, respect, and Love for all beings.

For these reasons, many Buddhist see Jesus and his reincarnation as a blessing to the earth and have no problem celebrating his birth. It differs from Christian beliefs because Buddhists recognize Jesus as a man and a master, not Messiah.

In Asia, Buddhists decorate fig trees, but because the western climate can be harsh and these trees cannot survive, many western Buddhists decorate evergreen trees with multicolored lights, representing the many different paths to enlightenment.

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