Carley Allison Story

Carley Allison Story: Biography, Sisters, family, and Sarah Fisher, And John servinis, Diagnosis, Cancer, Death. Originally from Toronto, Canada. Born on July 18, 1995 (age 19).  Carley Allison known as a Celebrity video star. 

Carley Allison Story: Biography, Sisters, family, and Sarah Fisher, And John servinis, Diagnosis, Cancer, Death
Carley Allison Story: Biography, Sisters, family, and Sarah Fisher, And John servinis, Diagnosis, Cancer, Death

Carley Allison was 17 years old when she was diagnosed with an exceptionally rare form of esophageal cancer. She was an accomplished figure skater and singer. A great medical community in Toronto offered both traditional and holistic practitioners that worked tirelessly to offer the best healthcare possible to Carley and her family.

In Carley’s daily life, he stressed the importance of smiling, pushing forward, and encouraging others. The adventure she shared with her thousands of followers was documented and shared on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and her blog.

The courageous battle Carley fought with cancer ended on March 31, 2015, yet her beautiful soul and vibrant personality continue to inspire. In addition to Carley’s blog, Always Smile, and the foundation she founded to raise awareness for integrated cancer care for all cancer patients, Carley continues to inspire people all over the world. In “Kiss and Cry,” Netflix tells Carley Allison’s story in a brilliantly acted way. 


YouTube sensation Selena Gomez came across a Canadian YouTuber battling a rare form of cancer but becoming popular after covering a One Direction song. Her death in 2015 was the result of a rare form of sarcoma called clear-cell sarcoma. The nonprofit organization Carley’s Angels, which helps sick children, was founded in her honor.

During her battle against a rare form of clear-cell sarcoma, Carley Allison was gifted and dedicated. A legacy of inspiration followed Carley’s death on March 31st, 2015, and here was her story.

A lung infection led to Carley’s admission to North York General Hospital in February 2013. Due to this, her airway was narrowed to just 2 millimeters, which required an emergency tracheostomy to maintain.

An extremely large tumor had been found in her throat, the size of a golf ball. In the history of medicine, there have only been two known cases of such a sarcoma in the trachea, a rare clear-cell tumor that occurs one in 3.5 billion times.

An extremely large tumor had been found in her throat, the size of a golf ball. A clear-cell sarcoma of the trachea, the rarest of all clear-cell cancers (5 in 3.5 billion), was diagnosed in the tumor, only the second case of its kind in contemporary medical history.

Carley became a spokesperson for those experiencing difficulties after that. Carley’s words of encouragement and appreciation were heard from all over the world, and people thanked her for giving them a sense of hope, strength, and resolve to overcome challenges.

In raising awareness of sarcoma and its treatment, Carley’s music raised thousands of dollars for sarcoma research and treatment. While events were held in campuses throughout the country, donations flocked to the Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation and the Sick Kids Hospital from all over the world.

An inch-long section of Carley’s trachea was removed, as was the underlying tumor, during a complicated surgery in July 2013. Doctor Patrick Gullane, a world-renowned head and neck surgeon (Order of Canada), was the surgeon who performed the operation. The last thing Carley expected to be able to do was to speak, let alone sing.

As a result of the procedure, Carley was able to talk, sing, and figure skate within no time. Testing revealed that Carley was not suffering from cancer, so she began studying at Queen’s University.

The doctors were shocked to see that Carley’s cancer had spread to her lungs. It was Carly who stepped up her fight against this aggressive cancer, never allowing it to determine her actions.

On November 1st, 2014, during the Toronto Maple Leafs vs. Chicago Blackhawks game at the Air Canada Centre, Carley sang the national anthem. According to public address announcer Andy Frost, Carley had just beaten extremely rare throat cancer and is now battling double lung cancer. That has not prevented her from playing today, he said.

Carley’s attitude toward hardship is perfectly summed up by that comment. She never let hardship get in the way during her journey.

We all benefited from Carley’s guidance… In spite of her friends rallying around her, her medical professionals going to extraordinary lengths to treat her, and her loving family who never gave up looking for a way to save her from cancer, her family never gave up trying to save their beloved daughter.

In Carley’s life, there was always a sense of cheerfulness, caring, and concern for others. Through her whole life and not only throughout this experience, she will also be remembered for her kind and caring nature, passion, and love, amazing gifts, skills, and talents, and the indomitable spirit, composure, & tenacity she possessed.

Carley was an exceptionally kind, sensitive, and courteous individual with a keen sense of humor who was also a talented singer-songwriter and competitive figure skater.

The grief of Carley’s loved ones as well as her friends and admirers is felt by a large number of people. Besides the Carley’s Angels Foundation, Carley also leaves behind a foundation that works to combine traditional and holistic cancer care in hospitals as well as embodying Carley’s motto of “always smile.”.

Carley Allison Story


In Always Smile, we see how Carley, her supportive sisters, an Olympian mother and a loving father, extended family, and friends all come together to support her in her battle against cancer. 


Prior to her death in 2015, she had dated John Servinis. The story behind their relationship was made into a Netflix movie called Kiss and Cry.

Sarah Fisher 

Real-life friends Sarah Fisher and Carley Allison (the character Carley in the movie) are Sarah Fisher and Carley Allison in the movie. In the movie, Carley Allison has a dog that is based on her real pup. In the film, Carley attends and skates at the same high school and ice rink that are shown in the film.

John servinis 

An Instagram personality, influencer, and model from Canada, he has over 20,000 followers and is known for posting hilarious pictures from countries across the country. The Schulich School of Medicine is well-known for its studies toward becoming a dentist.

A photo of him and his mother was posted to Instagram in November 2012, when he was born and raised in Toronto.

In November of 2012, he started posting lifestyle-related content to his Instagram account. After moving his focus from lifestyle to modeling, he began posting more modeling-related content in December 2016.

He released the film Kiss and Cry about Carley Elle Allison, a former girlfriend of his, with actress Sarah Fisher and actor Luke Bilyk.


Having been diagnosed with a cancerous tumor outside her trachea, she went into remission after 9 months of intensive treatment. On August 25, 2014, she was diagnosed with lung cancer called Clear Cell Sarcoma.

To cure cancer in her trachea, she has completed six rounds of chemotherapy, tracheal surgery, and 32 days of high-intensity radiation. As for cancer in her lungs, she has undergone oral chemotherapy.


Despite the cancer being aggressive, Carley was declared cancer free after a year of surgery and chemotherapy. During this time, Carley also began a new relationship with the love of her life, sang at major sporting events, and went back to skating.

In the months following her diagnosis, Carley was delighted to have beaten the disease and eager to get back to a normal life. She created and hosted fundraising events, traveled with her family, visited her cottage, and began attending university in Kingston, Ontario. Sadly, Carley’s good times were short-lived, as her cancer returned after spreading to her lungs and limb bones.  

Despite only being there for a few weeks, Carley withdrew from the university. In spite of doctors’ warnings, Carley went to Florida for holistic treatment after refusing to accept that death was approaching. 

Death:Carley Allison Story

According to our knowledge, she died on March 31, 2015 (age 20).

Despite not having met Carley Allison, renowned young adult novelist Alice Kuipers wrote a tribute to her life based on her blog posts, interviews, messages, press clippings, and images.

With Always Smile, the filmmaker pays homage to the competitive and accomplished adolescent who inspired many people by documenting her daily battle with cancer on social media.

Throughout the book, Kuipers has given Carley’s voice clarity and distinctness, allowing the readers to become familiar with her well. As well as encouraging young and adult readers, Always Smile offers assistance to those affected by illness and adversity. It was Carley’s mission in her brief life to live her message of love and perseverance against adversity, and to give all to everything she did.

Amidst the challenges of her short life, Carley dedicated herself to spreading her message of love, and strength, and giving 200% to all of her endeavors. It is certain that this memoir will inspire and touch everyone who reads about Carley’s experience, both in joy and sorrow.

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