Classification of hotels by stars and diamonds

Classification of hotels by stars and diamonds. It is very likely that you have heard about a “five-star” hotel, or perhaps, a “AAA diamond” hotel. Surely, we know that these categorizations tell us about the quality of the hotel and the experience they offer to the user, but how are hotels formally classified?

Classification of hotels by stars and diamonds
Classification of hotels by stars and diamonds

Our task in this article is to know the classification of hotels both by stars and diamonds, so that we can understand what this classification means to us in each case. Being able to differentiate a 5-star hotel from a 3-star hotel will allow us to know what experience awaits us when opting for any of these options.

Classification of hotels by stars

This category tells us that the greater the number of stars, the higher the quality the hotel will offer us. Now, the characteristics that will allow us to know the hotels by their number of stars is the following:

1 Star Hotels: Ranking Hotels by Star and Diamond

They are hotels aimed at the basics, that is, to offer a stay with rooms that have the minimum requirements for a stay. There is no entertainment in the hotel spaces, its rooms are small and it is very common to find this type of hotel in central areas of cities.

2 Star Hotels

These hotels offer correct sanitation conditions as well as more spacious rooms. Guests can find services such as television, telephone and even restaurants with scheduled times. As in the first case, they can be found in central spaces of the city, although their view is usually not very pleasant.

3 Star Hotels

We are pondering to a greater extent at this point, finding that the spaces of these hotels are much more attractive. They can offer an experience with attractive comfort, but without tracing the luxurious. Visitors can enjoy refrigerators, air conditioning, neat bathrooms with hot water, table and armchair, etc.

For this category, 3-star hotels have parking, swimming pools, elevators, green spaces and even green areas. Its restaurants have longer hours, so visitors can visit them more freely and also enjoy a wider menu on drinks and food.

4 Star Hotels

The first thing that stands out from this category conceptualization of the rooms, which, in addition to showing variety, have multiple amenities such as irons, jacuzzi, televisions with programming, heating, luxurious bathrooms, refrigerators and certain attractions.

We will find gyms, swimming pools, room service, event spaces, guarded parking, spaces for businesses and also shops. All with a more colorful look, offering an experience of a more exclusive range.

5 Star Hotels

Their standards are highly competitive when it comes to their comfort. 5-star hotels are considered ‘luxury’ hotels, presenting a variety of dining options in their multiple restaurants. They have bars with imported drinks, gyms with instructor teams and different spaces for entertainment.

These types of hotels are usually visited by a large number of tourists, so their staff will be trained to speak in different languages. Its rooms are extremely spacious, with different themes to offer variety to the guest experience. They also have Internet service, and even accessories for entertainment such as video game consoles, large televisions, premium decorations and high-end bathrooms.

Classification of hotels by diamonds

When it comes to diamond, we will find that the category ranges from 1 to 5 diamonds. Each step has the following characteristics:

1 diamond

These hotels offer the basic services for a simple stay, without any kind of entertainment or complement to the guest experience. Its rooms are small and do not have elements such as air conditioning, jacuzzi, heating, etc.

2 diamonds

These hotels are neater compared to the previous category, offering clean, renovated rooms on every stay.. In some cases, these hotels may offer Internet service. However, they do not have a gym, swimming pools, spaces for recreation or restaurants.

Its rooms usually have small dimensions, without much distinction with respect to the first category. However, they have a more careful and attractive design for the stay of the guests.

3 diamonds

The first distinctive features of these hotels lie in their service, which has a staff dedicated to the attention of its guests. These have restaurants, gyms and, in some cases, swimming pools. Its rooms offer greater comfort, since they have air conditioning, heating system, neater bathrooms with amenities, etc.

You may find that some hotels in this category have meeting spaces, with larger, more welcoming rooms.

4 diamonds

Restaurant with a wide schedule for the attention of guests, offering a state-of-the-art gastronomy next to a bar and room service, are the letters of presentation of the four diamond hotels. Valet parking is included, as well as conference and business rooms.

Its rooms offer a much larger space, along with bedding and services aimed at offering a more exclusive experience. It is very common to find a minibar, utensils for the bathroom or as hair dryers and hygiene items. This makes them offer a much more luxurious and elegant space.

5 diamonds

The quality standards are the highest in the entire diamond category. In its spaces, we can find a variety of restaurants and bars, spaces to be. The hotel staff is fluent in several languages, as they are hotels frequented by tourists. In fact, it is very common to have room service for 24 hours.

These hotels are usually accompanied by golf courses, gyms with staff to train, games room, etc. Its rooms offer multiple luxuries such as penthouse, exclusive pools, high-end TVs, heating, king beds, etc. Its spaces are usually differentiated in a variety of themes, which gives a much more exclusive and unique experience.

Conclusion: Classification of hotels by stars and diamonds

Each category tells us about the quality and services that a hotel can offer us. From start to finish, everything increases in comfort, but also in prices. This is how we will find the classification of diamond and star hotels.


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