Adultery in Uk

Adultery in Uk: adultery laws, Is it legal?Is adultery a Crime?, divorce, military, How to prove adultery? 

A married man or woman is considered adulterous if they are having sex with someone other than their spouse; or in the case of a married woman, in the case of another person than the husband, they are experiencing sex.

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Adultery in France

Adultery in France:Punishment for Adultery in France, Adultery Laws in France, Is Adultery a Crime in France,Are Extramarital Affairs Common in France,Adultery in France Divorce. The French seem not to mind infidelity, as it is common practice in the country.

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Alimony for Cheating

Alimony for Cheating: spouse, husband, Does cheating affect alimony?You may have heard that people despite being married are involved in extramarital affairs and if they get caught they are accused of cheating and then demand alimony. 

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