Demisexual meaning, definition, what is, concept

Demisexual meaning, definition, what is, concept. Would you like to learn more about demisexuals, or are you the one? Here is where you need to be. The demisexual orientation is characterized by sexual attraction only to those with whom a person has strong emotional ties.

Demisexuals experience sexual desire only after they have become emotionally attached.

They do not experience primary attraction, but they do experience secondary attraction. Their attraction is secondary, like the kind that comes after a period of getting to know one another.

Sex attraction is only possible for demisexuals when they have a deeply emotional bond with another person. A stranger they meet at a coffee shop may not be sexually attractive at first, but if they get to know them and form an emotional bond with them, they may come to think of them as sexually attractive.

Demisexuality: Other Names

Demisexual is the term used for the desire for connection before feeling attracted to another person. It is possible, however, to use terminology related to other forms of gray sexuality to refer to demisexuality. Here are a few examples:

  • Gray-A
  • Hypo sexual
  • Semi sexual
  • Low sexual arousal
  • Sexual-ish
  • Asexual-ish

Who are demisexuals?

The Demisexuality Resource Center reports that demisexuals are significantly less likely than the average population to experience sexual attraction or desire.

The majority of people are capable of feeling sexual attraction towards strangers they meet in public, at work, or school. Some people are attracted by the mere sight of the other person, while other people are attracted to their personality.

Although the urge is often weaker, they may choose to engage in sexual behavior with someone if they feel sexual attraction toward them. Despite the emotional connection, it may not emerge under certain circumstances

A person’s emotional attachment does not ensure that they will have any sexual desire, but it is a prerequisite for them to even consider it. A demisexual person can form an emotional connection that is not necessarily romantic. The link could have been formed due to a close and platonic relationship with another person.

It takes a wide range of people a long time to develop this emotional connection. Demisexuals can form an immediate bond if they share a brief encounter with someone. For others, it takes years to establish a bond.

What are the indications you’re demisexual?

Before getting to know someone well, it isn’t uncommon for people to have sexual contact. The act of sexual intimacy would eventually lead to the establishment of an emotional bond between two people.

This culture’s cultural attitudes toward sex are so conventional that using a term like demisexual means behavior that departs from conventional behavior. If you trust someone only when you know their personality, learn about their life history, and find their personality attractive, then you are likely to be demisexual.

One can be a ‘closeted’ demisexual who desperately wants to fit in with today’s dating climate and be the type of person who can just lay back and enjoy the ride despite not knowing anyone very well.

Demisexual meaning, definition, what is, concept
Demisexual meaning, definition, what is, concept

Do you think this can be categorized as a gender issue?

In most cases, when we refer to sexual orientation, it refers to the gender of the person we like.

Demisexuality differs from heterosexuality in that it refers to the nature of our attraction to other people. You are free to use a term that mentions gender orientation as well. Yes, you can be a demisexual as well as a homosexual, bisexual, pansexual, heterosexual, and so on, based on your individual preferences.

The following questions can help you determine if you are demisexual:

  • Is being sexually attractive important to me in general?
  • In my current or future relationships, do I place a high value on sexual attraction?
  • How often do I feel drawn to people I don’t know?
  • When am I interested in someone if I know too much about them?
  • When I picture my future, how important are relationships to me? If yes, which kinds of relationships am I involved in (familial, platonic, romantic)?

Demisexuality: Five signs

  • 1- The term “prude” probably applies to you
  • Demisexuality could be one of the reasons you were disparaged or called ‘old-fashioned’ when it comes to sex and dating.
  • 2- Most of the time, looks are irrelevant
  • Physical appearance does not matter to demisexuals when it comes to creating love affections.
  • Rather than looking at appearances, they are concerned with finding a genuine connection.
  • 3- Relationships usually begin as friendships
  • Their relationships begin as friendships because demisexuals look for complete trust and security in a relationship.
  • 4- First dates are stressful for you
  • They may find themselves in a difficult position when it comes to deciding the amount of time they should commit to a possible relationship.
  • 5- While you enjoy sex, it isn’t what matters most
  • Only when they create a strong emotional connection with someone can they experience sexual attraction.

In practice, what does it look like to be demisexual?

The meaning of demisexuality is defined differently by different people. If you’re demisexual, you may identify with the following feelings or scenarios:

  • In street encounters, I rarely feel sexually attracted to strangers or acquaintances.
  • A close friend or romantic partner has displayed sexual feelings toward me.
  • Whether or not I am sexually attracted to someone is influenced by my emotional attachment to them.
  • I am not interested or attracted to having sex with someone I do not know well, regardless of how photogenic they are or what they are like. Demisexuals aren’t all like this, so despite your lack of feeling like this, you might be one.


The only way for a demisexual to feel attraction for someone is if the person has a strong emotional connection to them.

An attraction to another person does not always imply a desire to have sexual relations.

As demisexuality is an asexual phenomenon, a person who identifies as demisexual is less enthralled by sexual activities. Demisexuals can engage in sexual intimacy once they have developed an emotional attachment to the other.

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