Difference between Chrome Book and MacBook

Introduction: Difference between chrome Book and MacBook. MacBook was introduced in 2006. it is Apple’s third laptop family. It replaces the power book and book because it has an apple retina display and high resolution.

The force Touchpad is used to manage the pressure level at the end of December 2016. All MacBooks were created as solid-state drives. Laptop brands like HP and Acer created chrome books.

Difference between Chrome Book and MacBook
Difference between Chrome Book and MacBook

It is easy to use for searching and browsing on the internet. Chrome book has a high-quality battery life than other laptops. The chrome OS works in Chromebooks, which is different from the laptop window system.

It has a 10-15 inches long screen. If you are searching to perform office-based work and simple work, then Chromebook is best to use.

If you need clarification about using MacBook or Chromebook, there is a clear difference between them. It will help you to make sure which is best for you. 

Chromebook and MacBooks are laptops with different operating systems and features. Chromebook runs on the google chrome operating system. MacBook runs on the Apples mac OS operating system.

Chrome book is affordable, lightweight, and portable, while mac book is expensive, has a large storage capacity, and has more applications. Let’s check the Difference between Chrome Book and MacBook.

Chrome book vs MacBook Price 

MacBook has different types, and their cost depends upon it. MacBook air costs other99-1050. The 13-inch MacBook is more expensive than the others.

On the other hand, Chromebook has a much more friendly budget which you can get quickly. If you are a student, you want to purchase MacBook; otherwise, you need to pay a small price and get a Chromebook.

Chrome book vs MacBook Quality 

Of course, it is easier to decide on a purchase of a MacBook or Chromebook after knowing its quality first. The Chromebook performs consistently and should be a good value for money.

It offers good-quality software updates, and It has good battery life. MacBook also has a battery life. It depends on your usage and how many hours you would work. One thing you should remember is that MacBook is not water resistant.

Chrome book vs MacBook Operating system 

Chromebook uses the Chrome operating system, which can be developed by google, and you can get updates from this every six weeks or so on, but minor updates will be you every two or three weeks.

MacBook uses the mac operating system that is developed by Apple computers. It can provide you with significant updates every year that releases sometimes.

MacBook also has plenty if you use other handy tools to work more efficiently. The most popular is screen time, how long lets you see how much time you spend on it when you allocate your time.

Another feature of MacBook is adding screenshots on each corner of the screen. You can copy and paste your content on your phone or iPad.

Chrome book vs MacBook Longevity

The other feature you can differentiate is how much longer Chromebook and MacBook are. Its longevity depends on how well you treat your device.

If you use the MacBook properly, it should have a long time; you should only replace it after five years. However, the battery of the MacBook should not return at least 1000 cycles.

Chrome books only last for a short time compared to MacBooks, and You should not need to replace them yearly. Five years should be enough if you treat your device well.

One thing you should remember is that the battery of a Chromebook is not last as long MacBook.

Chrome book vs MacBook Apps 

Chrome books and MacBooks operate on different systems. You should have access to other devices. Some are available on skype and Spotify.

If you use a MacBook, you can need to download google chrome and use google sheets, docs, and slides in your browser. However, you can’t use safari and apple office suits on Chromebook.

Pros of Chromebook

No matter whether you should intend to need use of Chromebook, You need to know the pros and cons before you decide to make a purchase.

Battery life 

Chrome books have excellent battery life and can work 10 hours on a single charge. The Chromebook book has long battery life because of its nonmoving parts and fewer power components than the other devices.

If you want to leave your charger at home, it should be your first consideration on the Chromebook.


You can buy Chromebook because it is the most secure device. It has a chrome operating system sandboxing device for security where each app can run without interacting with anything else.

Google can automatically provide security updates to chrome for data protection. When any threats attack your data, your Chromebook remains secure. You can secure your money on chrome and feel calm about its safety.

However, many school IT administrators worry about securing their essential information and desire to convert their dream into truth. If you want top-quality security, you can use Chromebooks.


Many chrome books have mechanical android keys to prevent damage to the keyboard and water opposition. Some Chromebook is made of unique security nature for military specifications.

Easy setup 

Chromebook has an easy setup system. They have cloud centre devices and therefore do not need to download software for each device. You do not need to worry about installing this device manually software.

It can need an internet connection to access this cloud software. It can make life easy for IT admins and local users. There is only one thing you need to make a simple account on Google.


The operating system of chrome is simple in design. The user can easily use it, and it is so simple for searching audio, video, and voice. K-12 can offer the student to search for the required material vastly.

You can get the web app version of Microsoft 365 and Microsoft office suite if you want to use it.


Chromebook is lightweight relative to the laptop. The screen size is smaller. The weight of the chrome book is 2.3, 5.0 lbs.

The smaller the screen size, the lighter Chromebook. It is easy to make and does not cause sore shoulders.


The Chromebook is less expensive. You can easily buy a Chromebook for in$2000 than another laptop.

Cons of Chromebook

Below are the cons of Chromebooks.

Offline capabilities 

Many chrome does not have offline capabilities—the students who want to learn something when they have an internet connection. Sometimes the link is missing; it becomes a real issue for educational purposes.

Storage capacity 

Chrome has limited storage capacity because they have limited processors. It has less storage capacity. Some devices cannot match this.

Many devices can support 128 GB. Vendors can minimize the cost if the student can not get this Chromebook because they are desperate For this more storage.

Little multimedia support 

Chrome operating system has little multimedia support. It is only limited to audio and video editing. Chrome is not able to provide you with what you need.

Not Play games 

The Chrome operating system does not support video games and has no storage capacity for today’s new technology games.

There needs to be more hardware power for demanding games. So you can not play your favourite game on this system device.

Good internet connection to work on it

If you want to do your desired things, you will be ready every time to check and have fast internet and will be online all the time. It is because chrome apps are all in the cloud.

You will make the team achieve your goals. Chrome book is easy to use, so it has become most popular among students and faculty staff. It is easy to set up for people who want to use this app.

Pros of MacBook 

Below are some pros of MacBook

Long battery life 

One of the charming points of the MacBook Air is its long battery life. The student buys this due to its good quality battery. It works for 14 hours on a single charge. It is suitable for students who use it all day and charge repeatedly.

Little and light

Another good point of selling mac book Air is that it is small and light in weight. It is 2.96 in weight, and its thickness is 0.68.

It is again great for students who carry this easily in hand instead of a lot of books in bags since corporate professionals carry this easily everywhere they go.

Retina display 

It has 2560×1600 with four million pixels, leading to a rapid display. In 2018 MacBook Air had 40% more colors than its predecessors. So the text is swift.

Limited hardware upgrade

• No touchscreen

• No USB type

Cons of MacBook

• Overpriced

• Lack of software support

• Limited storage option

• Limited software upgrade

• Lack of port

• Poor gaming

Conclusion: Difference between chrome Book and MacBook 

Chromebook and MacBook are both good. It depends on your purchasing power. If you have a reasonable budget and want to do heavy-duty tasks, you should buy MacBook. It is the best option for you.

If your budget is limited and you are looking for a laptop to perform the lightweight task, then chrome is good for you.

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