Difference between Chromebook and Notebook

Introduction: Difference between Chromebook and Notebook. A Notebook is a personal computer that describes all the parts of a desktop computer, like a mouse, keyboard, and web camera.

A Chromebook is a device that has made for web browsing. The Chromebook aims to give the best web experience, a straightforward and private place. 

Difference between Chromebook and Notebook
Difference between Chromebook and Notebook

When we saw the difference between Chromebook and notebooks, it looked like Chromebook were successors compared to notebooks.

Chromebooks are light devices that are very affordable in contact with notebooks. Let’s know the Difference between Chromebook and Notebook.

Difference between Chromebook and Notebook 

A Chromebook is an excellent portable choice for task and office use. It is cheaper and safer than a laptop. Laptops are more powerful and run a host of software for office work. 

Notebooks run on Microsoft, a full-fledged operating system built for all kinds of stuff. Chromebooks run on google chrome OS which has stripped version of its web browser. 


Space does not matter when you use Chromebook. Everything has stored in files, and Google derives. There is no need for disk drives. Notebooks have high-performance disk drives. 

Windows Notebooks-powerful

The software for windows laptops is more potent than lightweight Chromebook. Chromebooks have been designed to run google chrome rather than download software. 

Chromebooks-Easier to secure

When using chrome book, security has no issue compared to notebooks. Chrome Os offers a lightweight and stable with apps installed via the google play store—a Chromebook secure support for many users. 

Pc games

Chromebooks are not used to run your favorite game like the need for speed. Notebooks handle games well, except for AAA games. 

Chromebook-Chrome OS

You should perform many tasks in Chrome OS. Chromebook is very light and fast for work. 

Chromebook -files or cloud storage

You can save the document and file to google derives on Chromebook. Chromebook has limited offline storage, so you can get 100 GB of free online storage. 

Notebook-online offline storage

A laptop or Notebook has a hard derive for storing your files. It also allows you to keep your files in the online cloud. You can store it on google derive and drop box. 

Battery life of Notebook & Chromebook

The Chromebook is a lightweight operating system that does not require more energy to store files. Chromebook can work the whole day without using an outlet. 

You perform many tasks like gaming or photo editing using a notebook. The battery starts to drain, so you should use a socket. The more powerful hardware of laptops requires more battery for work. 

Consider your Budget

Chromebooks are cheaper and easier to buy than notebooks. A Chromebook does not need a powerful processor like lots of RAM.

You can earn more money online using Chromebook. Chromebooks are faster than windows notebooks. 

Chromebook & Notebooks-Performance

Chromebook and laptops offer the same performance. The model below 200 $ could be more efficient and give a minor version.

Mid-range models can improve by adding faster processors with more cores. Chromebook fans will find models with intel and AMD processors with a ram of 16GB.

Laptops are more expensive and fast. These have more powerful Intel and AMD processors. RAM and storage of laptops are 64GB and 2TB.

Microsoft Office

Microsoft office has not stalled on Chromebook, and You can use Microsoft’s cloud word, Ppt and excel. Windows and Chrome OS do not allow you to download applications. 

Online-First Approach

Chromebooks depend on a constant connection to the internet for saving content. It is sometimes extendable with an SD card. The primary purpose is that you’ll be keeping files in the cloud.

Laptops come with much more storage, initiating a 128GB solid state, allowing you to keep in storage as much as you want.

Chromebook Apps

You can select Chromebook for different tasks like watching movies. You can do it by installing apps and the android play store. Play store has many apps, and you can choose which you want. 

Chromebook Common characteristics

  • Wi-Fi always available
  • Google Chrome OS operating system
  • Limited Ram and battery timing
  • Limited storage 32GB to 128 GB

Tasks performed on Chromebook are quicker than on other PC or Notebooks. Chromebook is a little app that you use. A small amount of data has stored in the Chromebook. 

Note Book-Common characteristics

  • More storage 128GB to 1TB
  • Wide range of files or cloud storage
  • Microsoft operating system
  • More RAM 8GB to 32 GB

Microsoft Windows operating system supports the apps more. The web browsing process of the laptop is less efficient than Chromebook. Laptops have more storage, so installing more apps on your PC is possible. 

Which is more personalised, Chromebook or Notebook?

Laptops have many options to secure the things which you want. Chromebook book does not contain these features to ensure your items.

Which chrome should I Buy?

When you buy a Chromebook, the primary attention is on memory. More memory means more options or tabs on the Chromebook. Buy a Chromebook of 13 inches or 14 inches with a 1080p screen. 

What Notebook should I buy?

When you buy a laptop, look for a cheap and long-lasting intel processor laptop. Buy a computer with the smallest of 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage. More memory means more tabs and applications, and videos and documents need more space. 

Do I choose chrome book or Windows Notebooks?

There is more choice when it comes to windows based notebooks compared to running Chrome OS. Chromebook is great for standard user and office document capabilities. For people who work with a lengthy commute, Chromebooks are the best option. 

You can choose windows Notebooks when you have a lot of office work or are an architect. Laptops offer more experience. Chromebook is a simpler and cheaper alternative. 


The main difference between a Chromebook book and Notebook is the operating system. Chromebooks run on Chrome OS, while laptops run on the windows operating system.

Chromebook books make more use of the cloud. Laptops or Notebooks use most desk derives. When you have satisfied with the Play Store application, use Chromebook.

When you want more freedom to download software, then use laptops. Laptops contain efficient battery, but Chromebook has minor battery timing.

Some applications work offline on Chromebook while working online in the Notebook. Laptops had introduced before the Chromebook. All Chromebooks are laptops, but all notebooks are not Chromebook. 

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