Does adultery affect child custody in Texas?

Does adultery affect child custody in Texas? If the relationship between spouses is strong for years or cannot get divorced for the child, it is okay; otherwise, mainly if one spouse cheats, the other wants to get divorced.

Does adultery affect child custody in Texas?
Does adultery affect child custody in Texas?

In this condition, child custody cases become complex in which the spouse is loyal to the child. If you are one whose spouse is cheating, you may wonder if adultery affects your child’s control. Here, you will learn everything about child custody and infidelity in Texas.

If adultery is the cause of divorce in Texas, it will also affect Texas child custody cases. During a child custody case, it is the responsibility of the court to decide the final decision based on the personal interest of the child.

  • The most reasons why child custody cases are affected in Texas are
  • Financial viability of parents
  • Character of parents
  • Environment for a safe and healthy custody arrangement

If we analyze it, adultery is a breach of trust between the married couple, and if they get divorced, it will harm the child because they cannot live a healthy family life. The situation varies from person to person during a child custody case in Texas. If you want more guidance, the best guide we will recommend is a Plano child custody lawyer who can guide you with legal advice and evaluate your case.

If we look overall, adultery is not a great reason why a parent should be deprived of the custody of his child. Instead, the court decides the child’s charge based on the child’s interests and the parents’ financial condition.

Is adultery a reason that affects child custody?

Is adultery a reason that affects child custody?
Is adultery a reason that affects child custody?

An affair or adultery is not a reason that affects conservatorship or child custody in Texas. But, if the parent relationship and experience outside of legal marriage or the parent-child relationship is affected by adultery, it will also cause the judge’s decision. If one parent takes the child in custody and a new baby is born to that parent after some time. 

That first baby will be neglected automatically because a new baby replaces him. When a parent introduces the child to a new partner, sometimes a new partner behaves well at the start, and slowly their behavior changes because this child does not belong to him. The child also feels discomfort when infidelity occurs in front of the child, and a wave of embarrassment comes to him.

How Judges Handle Child Custody with adultery?

When the court analyzes the child custody case, it mainly focuses on the spouse’s financial condition and parenting abilities. So, it is clear that adultery is not a primary reason that typically affects a custody decision. However, sometimes, most judges analyze that affairs outside of marriage show questionable parenting ability, less self-control, and a spouse’s poor judgment.

In such conditions, if one spouse is adultery and suddenly the children’s child realizes that affair, it is harmful to the child. In this condition, the judge realizes that the child would be angry, confused, and distressed. That’s why this condition impacts judges’ decisions, and child custody cases go in the right of other parents who want a divorce for adultery.

Besides this, it is not clear that the person with a spouse living will be abusive or cruel to the children, and child custody will automatically be affected in this way. If the new space partner has any harsh record, the judge will never hand over the children to such parents because such children mainly reported with amusement.

The decision of judges in Texas

The judges of Texas are less likely to be affected by the Child Custody case results in Texas. For child support and custody, Texas judges decide based on child preference because most times, shields know which parent takes care of him well and is more suitable.

Most times, a child wants to live with both parents and doesn’t show the internet in custody because he loves both. That’s why judges’ responsibility is to make the final decision that is suitable for parents and the child, so the most conclusion is not affected by marital infidelity.

The one positive thing that can go in your favor is your wealthy situation, and the thing that does not goes in your favor is if the spouse’s lover has deemed a dangerous person, the judges will prevent the child custody case in the right of a spouse because an extra-marital affair affects much on the child.

This decision is maybe tricky for scorned spouses to hear because who can decide that untrustworthy people aren’t good parents. However, the court does not see these emotions. Rather than the court thinks with actual living conditions and most times the court decides that an untrustworthy person in all aspects of life is also not a good parent.

If you also want a child custody case in favor of you, we will suggest you think like a judge, not a parent. Though you never want to see your cheating spouse again, you will never wish to see your child growing without a happy life because another parent can hardly meet the actual happiness of birth parents.

Though having an affair and cheating can jeopardize child custody. If one party pays for child support, the possession orders are also affected, and few judges decide the rights of the rich parent.

Sometimes, if one parent and new spouse send nude pictures of each other on the mobile phone of children or a child sees his parent with a new partner live close together, it damages the mind of children. In the court, when judges ask it, the decision automatically goes in the other parent’s right. Judges also think about how a lover comes into a child’s life.

The final things that affect the child custody case are

  • Parent with a violent past
  • A sex offender
  • Child Protective Services and its issues
  • Issues of using or distributing drugs

The help of a Child Custody Attorney

If you are a spouse who committed adultery, the best person to help you is a Child Custody Attorney. If your partner’s affair also affects your child custody case, you can also take help from the Child Custody Attorney to assist you.

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