Feng shui fish tank

Feng shui fish tanks look good and are a potent feng shui cure that attracts wealth and health. Aquariums bring a Harmonious combination of wealth, drawing feng shui factors.

Feng shui is a practice that has been introduced in china. You can live more in harmony when you connect to nature. It makes clear that one of the most crucial signs in Feng Shui is fish. Fish and rice are food staples and a good source of economy.

Feng shui fish tank
Feng shui fish tank

Feng shui fish represents peace, wealth, prosperity, and happiness. Place these fishes in the southern part of your home. The nine number for feng shui fish is the luckiest.

Let’s know more about Feng shui fish tank

Feng shui aquarium locations

You can place a feng shui map in your home. When you select an area for work, you put an aquarium here to increase energy.

Some suggestions for placing feng shui aquarium areas

The career area has been decorated with a feng shui aquarium to get more energy.

The family area has helped to create movement by starting new things. Choose an affluent area if you want to work with prosperity.

Number of fish based on symbolism

According to the feng shui principle, numbers are essential in Feng shui use. The symbolic meaning of the numbers depends on the sounds when said in Chinese.

These two are very crucial aspects of numbers used in feng shui. You can have any number of fish in an aquarium to capture the energy ascribed to every number.

  • One: New beginnings 
  • Three: Growth and development 
  • Six: Mentor luck 
  • Eight: Money and plenty
  • Nine: Long life, considered the luckiest number 
  • Any multiples of three (333, 888, etc.): Triples luck of number

The significance of suitable placement

Proper placement of the feng shui is essential, like a number. The purpose of the aquarium is to activate yang energy, which occurs through fish with their constant swimming. Water movement creates yang energy, and The southeast part of your home is the best area to place a feng shui tank to activate wealth.

Avoid These Feng Shui Aquarium Locations

The Feng shui fish tank has yet to be placed in a few locations. S put in the home’s kitchen, bedroom, or center.

 Don’t keep an aquarium in the center of a house. The earth destroys water. This conflict disturbs the family’s plenty.

Don’t place an aquarium in a bathroom. The wastewater produced in this room is inauspicious, and the aquarium will enhance the negative energy.

Fish symbolism

Species of fish have known for their perseverance and swimming against the current. The Chinese Carp reminds us that we can face difficulties and are ready to get awards.

Lucky number of feng shui fish

Most feng shui practitioners agree that the number nine is the lucky number. It is the favorite number of fish for your aquarium. The number nine is the number for prosperity, which shows your wealth.

Combination of nine feng shui fish

The best combination of nine feng shui fish in an aquarium is eight goldfish as a dragon fish. Fish symbolizes good fortune and energy, with eight redfish and one blackfish.

The Five Elements in the Feng shui Tank

An aquarium is a perfect example of the maintenance of the five elements of feng shui. When all five factors interact, they are ideal for activating energy.

Suppose you want to enhance the feng shui of your space. You can work with your aquarium to maintain the five elements. For example:

  • Water: The water element is the water in the aquarium.
  • Fire: The lighting or the fish in the aquarium represent the element of fire.
  • Earth: The substrate material represents the element of earth.
  • Metal: The metal element occurs in most aquarium frameworks.
  • Wood: The wood element has represented by decorative aquarium driftwood.

Types of feng shui fish tank

There are following types of feng shui tank

Black Moor Fish

Blackfish are the best feng shui fish kept in an aquarium, and These fish drop all negative things in your home. It brings positive things and rewards to your home.

Flower Horn Fish 

The flower horn fish has known for its beautiful nature. It brings a large amount of love and good luck to you. People choose this fish to generate a happy environment in the home.

Platy Fish 

The Platy fish is an excellent option for fish lovers; it is a great choice for a feng shui tank as this fish is peaceful. It has been suggested to keep many plants in the aquarium as these fishes like to be in a natural-like environment where they live.

Gourami Fish 

Most of the species work well in indoor freshwater tanks. You should select the variant depending on the size of your aquarium to buy Gourami fish. Gourami was a perfect choice if you have a 10-gallon water tank. 

Rainbow Fish 

The Rainbow fish is a famous breed of feng shui fish, and It had maintained both by starter & experienced fish keepers. This small fish is a symbol of peace. This fish is tiny, so avoid keeping larger fish in the same tank. 

Shui and Its Relation With Carp Fish 

The carp fish shows positive energy, financial success, and good luck in a home like feng shui. Goldfish and Arowana fish are types of Carp fish. The Chinese Carp is a symbol of willpower. The character of the carp fish is beneficial for many purposes.

Feng Shui said specific placements for carp fish symbols and Kept Carp fish on the study desk for educational success. Place eight pieces of Carp fish on the work desk for financial success. Remove the hostile environment and reduce arguments by placing Carp in the living room.

Conclusion: Feng Shui Fish tank

A tank is the best way to invite fish’s energy into the house’s interior space. It would help if you also took care of the maintenance of your aquarium.

Feng shui fish and carp fish symbolize good luck, plenty, and prosperity—place feng shui fish in the career, family, and wealth areas. Different types of Feng fish show additional benefits.

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