History of polygamy in the US

History of polygamy in the USA.Introduction. It is called polygamy if a man is married to two women at the same time and has sex with two mates at the same time. In the past, the ratio of polygamy was different in different countries and cultures. If any religion allows it, more people commit polygamy, while if any religion restricts it, very few people commit it.

History of polygamy in the USA
History of polygamy in the USA

It does not issue the purpose of polygamy; in many cases, it destroys the peace of a family and the trust of a partner. In modern times, the ratio of polygamy is constantly increasing, and many countries seem to make laws against polygamy. Specifically, in many areas of the US, many couples are worried due to the increasing ratio of polygamy. It not only destroys the loving relationship of the couple but also causes financial issues.

Today, all civilized nations and decent human thinks that polygamy is an unnatural marital act of fringe sects or uncivilized peoples. It is surprising to know that the history of polygamy encompasses many communities, colonies, and segments of the American nation. Here, we will discuss the history of polygamy in the US, its impacts on the US population, and the upcoming history of polygamy in the United States.

Is polygamy legal in America?

In all 50 US states, polygamy is strictly illegal and criminalized, but in February 2020, the Senate and Utah House less the punishment for consensual polygamy. Nowadays, polygamy or plural marriage is illegal in North America, but many people practice it.

Fights against Polygamy

Though the history of polygamy was vast in the US but fights against it are remarkable and show many touchstones of American history, such as uprisings against the Spanish, the Pueblo Revolt, the American Revolution, New England settlements, Catholic missions in New France, King Philip’s War, the Atlantic Enlightenment, West missions and settlement, African slavery in the Chesapeake and wake up of Mormonism.

Impacts on common life

Polygamy not only impacts marital life but also badly impacts feminism, imperialism, property, regulation of sexuality, and theology, while monogamy’s emergence as the only marital option that can save a couple of life.

History shows that monogamy was not a model of marriage in North America. The struggle of polygamy to establish monogamy existed in early America. From 1500 to 1900, Polygamy in America was a diverse topic with ups and downs.

From where does polygamy come in the US?

In the US, it is mainly considered that polygamy comes from Muslims and Mormons, but it’s not true. In reality, mainstream Mormons and Muslims don’t practice polygamy, but those who want it commit it.

Not only fundamentalist Mormons and Muslims commit it, but Some Neopagans, several Liberal Christian groups, and Wiccans also practice it. If wecheck the Bible, the first Jew Abraham and his grandson Jacob committed polygamy and had more than one wife.

Condition is North America

In North America, Most polygamists practice polygamy as the Divine Principle and their Mormon belief system. But, it is also true that most American commit polygamy due to love affairs. Mormons made it very public in the HBO series “Big Love.” in the LDS Church, polygamy divine principal are still on the books; however, its practice has become less. Mormons who do not act upon polygamy are ultimately excommunicated from the LDS.

The number of polygamists is between 30,000 and 50,000 in North America, most of whom are Mormons living in small communities in the American West. For people who live outside of North America and don’t know about multiple marriages, polygamy is a mystery for them.

Outsiders just take a partial glimpse and result in a “raid” such as the arrest of Prophet Warren Jeffs, separation of children from their multiple mothers, and destruction of rare photos of women wearing identical prairie dresses.

Though it’s not a full image of Fundamentalist Mormon polygamy, it is a sketch. There is an excellent history of polygamy principles, its beginning, practice, and laws. It is essential to know that if polygamy is legal, all people can marry more than one spouse?

Joseph Smith, Principle of Polygamy

In the 1800s, the purpose of Mormons was only the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. The LDS was Prophet Joseph Smith In 1831, who believed that God sent him to spread polygamy worldwide. Specifically, it was believed by Mormons that God revealed to Smith that people who follow him should commit polygamy and one man must add multiple women in life.

The revelation of Mormons was based on a simple principle, and their God wants that his people become multiplied. In polygamy, a man can produce multiple children from different women simultaneously, and women can bear one child in a year. If a man is married to a single woman, the number of offspring is minimal.

But, if a man married multiple women, the number of offspring is many per year. According to Mormon Church, God says, “Be fruitful, multiply, and fill the earth.” And the roots of polygamy reveals in the Divine Principle and Joseph Smith’s teachings.

Though other people in America consider it a sin, it is also true that plural marriage makes the mind and the heart open, tests one’s faith, encourages patience, and keeps people away from the sins of adultery and envy. Still, Mormons and Smith face difficulties in transferring their message and in transition.

Polygamy and the LDS Today

All Fundamentalist Mormon groups are not the same. Five to more than a dozen separate fundamentalist sects are different from each other in prophet name, location, and customs. They live in tight communities, wear old dresses and practice polygamy. People relate Mormon Fundamentalism to the media and think that Mormons are illiterate people.

Still, the fact is women and girls are stepping out of 1920s rural America and living now an independent life. Nowadays, many Fundamentalist Mormons live a normal life like us. They wear classical dresses in today’s styles, tied to the community and their hairstyles are attractive. They choose their life partner with their wish and get married when they want.

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