In Islam can you have a crush?

Introduction: Crushes are natural, but In Islam can you have a crush? It is normal to like someone and even feels strongly attracted to them. As a Muslim girl, I also want to tell you something important. Feelings are not something we can control, but we can control our actions.

You will always have someone you love because your heart and mind choose a person based on their looks, actions, words, and behaviour. But relationships between boys and girls before marriage are unacceptable, regardless of age, for a reason.

In Islam can you have a crush?
In Islam can you have a crush?

Of course, it is impossible not to talk to them; talking is normal because we all live together on this planet, but remember to avoid physical contact.

Relationships usually end mysteriously or never end. That’s why we take marriage seriously. I pray to Allah that this is a good decision. We observe our partners and see if we would be good together.

Dating is not allowed in Islam and is for our good. It prevents us from suffering for no reason and considers it a test from Allah to see your patience and strength.

Is it acceptable in Islam to have a crush on someone?

Love, hate, dislike, happiness, sadness, smile, cry, etc., are natural human emotions! When these natural emotions are present, they are neither good nor sinful. Still, goodness or sin is determined by what one says or does when experiencing these natural emotions!

To love or to be attracted to someone is a natural emotion, and there is no sin if one likes another. What one does or says after falling in love with that person determines whether it will count as good and righteous or a sin in the sight of Allah!

Suppose one loves and tells his guardians that he loves so-and-so and requests them to consecrate their love in the holy bond of marriage so that they may continue to love each other throughout their lives. That would be a good count. Good deeds in the presence of Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala.

 But if a person falls in love and tries to meet her secretly or secretly and transgresses the limits of Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala in their love, before they are bound in the holy bond of marriage. So surely this will be a great sin in the sight of Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala.

Is it Haram to love a crush on somebody in Islam

We should stop throwing the word “Haram” like pebbles at will. Haram is a powerful word. Stop using it for small things.

Now, what about a crush? No way! Hazrat Khadija (RA) loved the Messenger of Allah (PBUH). Even without an example, this is a common, natural feeling. Of course, it’s not wrong!

It is not Haram to love a girl or a boy and have feelings for him/her. You can also pray to Allah for your love marriage. But remember the point. The relationship is Haram. Do not go to her/him for friendship. If you love her/him and want to marry her/him, then you should meet her/him and tell him/her about it. 

Tell him/her you love him/her. God willing, his feelings for you will be the same. But do not have any relationship with him. Just keep in touch with him until you are big and stable. Then you can discuss and inform your parents about it. As long as if crush relationship does not involve intercourse, it is not Haram.

What do you do when like a girl in Islam?

It is perfectly normal to like someone of the opposite sex. Hazrat Adam (peace be upon him) got everything in paradise, but still, he wanted a wife. However, we must deal with this strong attraction most responsibly and appropriately so that both parties are treated well and fairly, lest it leads to major sins like adultery and other evil deeds. Allah says we do not go close to Zina.

First, I have to tell you dating is out of the question. It is forbidden because it leads to sins, especially adultery. Intercourse dating, meaning both parties are not committed to being with each other, leads to heartbreak. If a girl finds you better and hotter than you, she may leave you. 

Dating is superficial, and you don’t know the person; they act like a peacock and show their good side to impress and entertain you. You don’t know how they will behave in stressful situations when you want to marry them, like living together, how they spend their money, how they treat you now that you are married. It is done, how they raise children etc.

So dating is over. What next? Well, marriage. Marriage is the correct way to go about it. This shows that you want to love this person rather than just having feelings of lust.

Conclusion: In Islam can you have a crush?

I believe that you will enjoy this article reading. It will help you to understand the concept of can you have a crush on Islam? For Muslims, marriage is positive as soon as you are able.

Finances are not a deciding factor, or even if you don’t have a job, because Allah has promised that if you are married, He will give for you and provide you with a means of support for your wife.

The Messenger of Allah, Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him), allow a poor man to marry a woman? Early marriage is encouraged because your desire for the opposite sex is so strong that if you are not careful, it will lead you to many sins, including adultery. So Allah wants you to deal with it responsibly to not ruin lives and societies.

But this article needs a lot of contexts because it depends. I suggest you do not take my advice to heart because I will generally talk to you as if you are a pubescent teenager, and I will not provide any evidence for my claims and statements. I suggest you talk and discuss with someone who knows about religion, maybe your local imam.

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