Is a Family Lawyer a good career

Is a Family Lawyer a good career? A brief analysis. Confused about whether pursuing a career as a family lawyer is the right choice? Is family law a promising field?

Building a career as a lawyer is undoubtedly challenging and exciting as well, especially in family law.

Is a Family Lawyer a good career
Is a Family Lawyer a good career

However, if you want to pursue a career in family law, it is essential to understand the pros and cons of these fields to make a well-informed decision and ensure that you head in the right direction. It will help you instill confidence in your choice.

Let us take an in-depth look at the pros and cons of pursuing a career as a family lawyer. 

Before that, it is better to understand what a family lawyer is.

What is a family lawyer?

As the name suggests, a family lawyer deals with family law matters.

A family lawyer is a legal practitioner; who holds the license and ability to serve clients whenever a dispute grows in the family. 

In simple words, a Family lawyer assists their clients in resolving any matter concerning families. 

The field of practice of family lawyers is wide that includes matters as diverse as divorce, child custody and support, adoption, emancipation, property distribution, domestic violence, child abuse, and other financial matters arising in domestic or family relationships. With his exceptional communication, negotiation, and debatable skills, a family lawyer protects his client’s interests and ensures the most favorable outcome for his client.

However, growing your career as a family lawyer is not an easy task. It requires an exceptional quality and skill set, including in-depth and up-to-date field knowledge, excellent communication skills, negotiation skills, and problem-solving skills. It also requires patience and some degree of commitment from you. 

Is the family lawyer a good career: pros and cons 

Before jumping to any conclusion, it is better to analyze the pros and cons of your choice to make a well-informed decision and ensure you are moving in the right direction.

Let’s look at the pros and cons of pursuing a career as a family lawyer:

Pros of pursuing a career as a family lawyer

  • Always in demand: 

The demand for family lawyers dwindles as matters like divorce, child custody and support, wills, partitions, and succession never abate. There is a never-ending list of people looking for a family lawyer worldwide.

According to data, about 42-45 percent of marriages in the United States end in divorce. Apart from that, there is one divorce every 36 seconds in the US, which means 2,400 divorces per day, 16,800 divorces per week, and 876,000 divorces a year. These figures are surprisingly high, which means family lawyer demand never wanes.

Thus, if you want to pursue your career as a family lawyer, getting clients will not be a problem. However, it depends on how good, skilled, and experienced you are.

  • Enjoy a broad area of practice:

Family law is an area of law that deals with a wide variety of matters relating to families or domestic relationships. It is a multifaceted law containing a broad range of issues covering both civil and criminal matters. It includes matters like divorce, child abuse, child custody and support, adoption, property matters, emancipation, partitions, estate distribution, domestic violence, and other matters. 

Apart from these, a family lawyer oversees estate management, drafting pre-nuptial agreements, preparing WILLs, conducting mediation sessions, and offering effective legal advice.

  • Emotionally satisfaction:

Solving other people’s problems brings a different kind of satisfaction that can’t get measured by money. As a family lawyer you will come across many sensitive issues on a regular basis such as divorce, child custody, domestic violence and other which is the most horrific phase of your clients life.

Helping your clients survive in these times will bring you amazing emotional satisfaction. Helping couples make a fresh start, saving the parents from being separated from their child,  and saving someone from abuse will give you emotional satisfaction and pleasure.

  • Decent pay:

Apart from the satisfaction of helping others, pursuing a career in family law pays well. In the initial days, you may not make a good income, but as you gain experience, things get better.

According to the 2021 Audience Insight Report, on average, a Family Lawyer in the UK earns £53,750 per year. These figures vary depending on the location, skills, and experience a lawyer poses. 

Cons of pursuing a career as a family lawyer

  • Emotionally taxing job: 

There may come a time when one of your customers may burst into tears right in front of your face. Such an emotional and heartbreaking scene can shake your heart. 

 But it is part of your job. A family lawyer deals with real people and their lives who are going through the most challenging phase of their lives. 

The breakdown of marriage, loss or fighting for children, domestic violence, and child abuse can all take a toll on your peace of mind. Dealing with such sensitive issues may also lead to stress.

  • High competition:

Since family law is the most exciting and rewarding field, it is also highly competitive.

The number of recent graduates outweighs the job opportunities available, and the lucrative side of family law inspires many. 

As the demand for family lawyers never wanes, the growing number of lawyers in these areas does not diminish either. Thus, it becomes hard to survive; for any new lawyer in this field.

  • Stressful job:

Meeting the expectations of your clients and the complexities of matters involving a lot of emotions can take a serious toll on your peace of mind. Workload, lack of sleep, and sensitivity to matter can cause stress and anxiety.  

When dealing with sensitive and emotional issues, you will continually seek ways to achieve the most favorable results for your clients that can negatively affect your mental health.

Wrapping up: Is a Family Lawyer a good career

Building a career as a family lawyer is not easy, but with hard work and the right amount of patience, determination, skill, and passion, you can thrive and grow in earnings.

Although family law covers a wide variety of matters, specializing in one or two points will increase your chances of getting more clients and having a preference over your competitors.

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