Is Massage a Good Business

Is massage a good business: Competitors, home massage business, local massage business, types of massages, how profitable. After the virus pandemic, most people come into anxiety and stress; many people want good massage therapy for peace of mind and relaxation.

Is massage a good business: Competitors, home massage business, local massage business, types of massages, how profitable
Is massage a good business: Competitors, home massage business, local massage business, types of massages, how profitable

Whether you have years of experience in massage therapy or are new in the massage world, this time is ideal for starting the massage business.

But, most beginners are good therapists and know how to start a massage therapy business. The basic amount you have to spend on a good massage business is $53,000. If you keep ten massage workers and charge 15$ per hour, the profit will be $25.000 per year; that is an excellent benefit if you run it successfully. To start, a career in massage therapy will not make you wealthy.

A career in massage therapy offers unlimited benefits. If you do it perfectly, you will earn a good job, high job satisfaction, and you can see a clear difference in your life with others. For the young who are good at hands and learn techniques to ease other people’s ailments, massage therapy becomes a perfect business for them. However, many female massage therapists are more successful for some reason, and males face challenges at the start.

The massage therapist can be successful very soon if they have a proper technique for client satisfaction, a great style of communication, diligence, basic marketing skills, a positive mental attitude, best time management skills,  action-oriented mindset, proper self-care principles and the right equipment.

According to industry experts, the average salary of spa owners is $80,000 per year, while some earn $100,000 annually. A good massage therapist handles five massages per day; that is a good number without compromising his health.

If you want to keep your business in massage therapy for a long time, here are some tips that will help you start the best massage business.

  • The best certificate from any authentic message centre
  • Great business plan
  • Popular marketing strategy
  • Registration of company or massage centre
  • Insurance

Competitors in the massage business

Nowadays, many people are doing the massage business, so competition is also increased in this industry. Many schools and massage centres are pumping out graduates who open their massage centres the next day.

According to the AMTA American Massage Therapy Association, more than 300,000 massage therapists are working in America and more are coming.

Competition is not a thing of tension because if you recognize it and are responsible, the competition in massage therapy will never affect you. Most new massage business people look afraid of the same competition in a city or area; that is the wrong concept because competition also provides positive benefits.

According to the research, half of the US population is getting massages and therapies in many ways. It means one person in two is getting massage therapy. Now, it’s your task to convert the massage population into worthy clients.

That’s not enough, and it is also your task that converts non-massaging people into your clients through good work and advertising. Besides this, you can advertise it through large boards, the more people will see the massage benefits, signs, prices, and discounts, the more they will come.

Besides this, the average lifespan of most massage therapists is 8 to 10 years, and most leave it due to old age or tiredness from the business. If therapists are leaving, then where are their clients going who are addicted to massage? Now, it’s your task to tackle these therapists and convince them to come to your message centre.

If you have more competition, keep the rates of your massage a bit low at the start but don’t compromise on quality. If you will become faithful to your business, adopt the proper techniques, advertise your business well and talk to more people you meet, higher competition will not stop you from getting popular.

Some indirect competitors can affect your massage business, such as health clubs, spas and gyms. It will be best if you also adopt some ways to cover this competition.

There are the following steps to make your message business more than your competitor.

  • Adopt the method of a competitor or make something unique
  • Make analysis
  • Offer better than the competition
  • Solve all possible issues of customers
  • Play with the mind of the audience
  • Offer something unique at the start at reasonable rates.

Home massage business

If you do not have enough space to open a large message centre, you can start it from your home. Approximately 30% of massage therapists open Massage centres from their homes. However, it would be best to keep it professional even at home.

First of all, Set up a home massage room. Creating a relaxing environment with dim lights is the first necessary step and decorating that home with soothing colours, a massage table and linens.

The adjustment of high-quality music or a great sound system is needed. Make your message home in a quiet place or make it soundproof, so the client feels 100% relaxed without being distracted by noise. Buying a massage chair is also a great option.

After that, market your massage business and introduce your home massage at local establishments such as swimming centres, fitness and therapy centres. Spread your discount card and vouchers so customers can easily find your contact. If you want more benefits, give free lectures on massage therapy to attract new clients.

Local massage business

If you have massage skills you want to promote locally, it is necessary to adopt a 

location-based marketing strategy. With the best massage services and marketing strategy, your business can become a local brand in your neighbourhood, and new customers will come automatically

Advertise your business

For the local business, the website is a great way to advertise. With proper SEO on your web, your message business appears quickly to your clients in the local area because most clients want to do massage with some best local massage centres.

Manage reviews: Is Massage a Good Business

After the client’s satisfaction, encourage clients to share their experience with you with their circle and on your website. It will promote your massage centre quickly, and more customers will visit your local massage centre.

If your customer service is good, more local people will read about you, and your business will grow day by day. It is a fact that reviews are a massage centre greatly helps develop or close a massage centre.

Types of massages

There are various types of massages in multiple cultures

Aromatherapy Massage

This message expert uses essential oils in this massage. Its uses were common thousand years ago in ancient Egypt, where people took aromatic baths. Blending the oil and aroma 

massage creates more relaxation and energises you. Some massage experts consult with clients, while some prefer tea tree oil that relieves muscle pain.

Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral Therapy is a gentle and non-invasive massage. The best thing is that most Practitioners use craniosacral therapy with clothes, so that’s an excellent option for shy people. The light massage helps restore the central nervous system and improves sleep patterns. This massage starts with a chair or table and then goes to a massage table.

Deep Tissue Massage

This massage focuses on relieving severe muscle tension. This massage works effectively with chronic muscle pain, postural problems and muscle pain. The experts do this massage with the help of elbows, hands and knuckles. But, this massage is not perfect for deep tissues.

Hot Stone Massage

The hot stone massage is outclassing because the therapist places hot stones for the perfect massage. This massage effectively works with light pressure on the body.

Myofascial Massage

This massage is not face related, and it works with fascia, the tissue that holds our bone, arteries and muscles. This massage works to manipulate the connecting tissue. 

The manual pressure and stiff feeling during massage target trigger points and help relieve pain.

Pregnancy Massage

During pregnancy, in the body, pains and aches are joint. The massage practices during pregnancy help to improve nerve pain, regulate hormones, reduce back pain, and improve sleep.


This massage has been popular in America since 1930 as this massage uses hands and feet to improve blood and energy circulation. It is said that this massage supports optimal functioning of the body and stimulates neural pathways. With the thumbs and finger-walking, the optimum pressure enjoys and massages together on the body.


The origin of Reiki massage has been in Japan since the 1800s. This massage does not work on tissues; instead, the movements of hands generally on the body help the movement of energy and transmit warmth to the body.

How profitable is the massage business

If our massage business is growing, the profit will be average, and you cannot be called a great business. However, the fully-grown business of massage with employees is worth a lot. It is estimated that the average massage owner earns $80,000 or more in a year. At the same time, many successful massage owners make more than $100,000.

If the single owner is working, it will take a struggle to handle business at a high level, while massage services with five or more employees look difficult at the start. In the end, such people go at a very high level if their services are excellent.

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