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Kiss and cry movie: Real Story, Cast, Summary. A young figure skater and singer, Carley Allison made medical history in her fight against a rare disease that affects 1 in 3.5 billion individuals. The movie Kiss and Cry is based on her story.

Kiss and cry movie: Real Story, Cast, Summary
Kiss and cry movie: Real Story, Cast, Summary

Carley’s story is one of her emotional struggles with cancer, her loving relationship with her boyfriend, and her inspiring return to skating after receiving treatment for cancer. It is based upon the memoir of Sarah Fisher. Carley and Sarah were real-life best friends.

She is played by her real-life friend Sarah Fisher (Degrassi: The Next Generation) who plays Carley Allison, an aspiring figure skater and singer who dreams of competing in the Olympics.

As a result of struggling to breathe and ending up in the hospital, she was diagnosed with a rare form of malignant melanoma in her trachea, which is only the second case on earth. After undergoing numerous tests and learning she has a rare type of malignant melanoma in her trachea, she becomes only the second person on earth to be diagnosed.

However, the “C” word is not the subject of this film. Although it’s technically true, it’s not just about clear cell sarcoma, a type of cancer. Despite facing a horrible illness, Carley Allison begins an amazing journey to live life to the fullest, filled with love, romance, laughter, and joy.

Following her as she navigates high school, prom, and her skating career while undergoing chemotherapy, the story focuses on her new boyfriend John (Luke Bilyk, Degrassi: The Next Generation). The film also stars actress Naomi Snieckus and singer-songwriter Chantal Kreviazuk.

There is something overpoweringly genuine about this picture that sets it apart from others within its field. Despite being one of Carley’s closest friends, Sarah Fisher was determined to pay tribute to her. Her goal was to portray her strength, courage, and “brightness” in a realistic, sensitive, and loving manner. In addition to scenes shot in Carley’s bedroom, home, and school, other scenes were shot in real-life settings.

Despite having become a YouTube sensation at 19, singing at the Air Canada Centre and adding medical history to her resume, Carley’s greatest accomplishment was reminding us all that we have something to smile about.

Real Story

The drama is in fact a biography lasting an hour and a half. The true story of Kiss & Cry is told through the life story of Carley Elle Allison, a skating champion who bravely battled clear-cell sarcoma of the trachea for two years before passing away in March of 2015.

During her first date with boyfriend John Servinis, who also appears in the film, Carley caught wind of the golf-sized tumor compressing her trachea in February 2013. After her airway was damaged, she underwent an emergency tracheostomy.

A trachea tube was inserted into Carley’s windpipe 10 days after she returned home and she recorded herself singing One Direction’s “More Than This” When the video was uploaded to YouTube, it quickly became a viral sensation, prompting Carley to start a blog called “Always Smile.”

As she underwent a complex surgery in July 2013 to remove the underlying tumor and remove two inches of her trachea, she continued to post uplifting videos with her friends and family. It surprised Carley that she could speak, sing, and skate after undergoing the procedure, despite hopes that she might not be able to do so again.

In August 2014, doctors discovered that she had contracted lung cancer even though she had been declared cancer-free in October. Throughout her second round of chemo, Carley continued to perform, and in November of 2014, sang the Canadian national anthem at the NHL’s “Hockey Fights Cancer” game.

Her death occurred on March 31, 2015, when she was 19 years old. Since then, her family has established the Carley’s Angels Foundation, which works to combine traditional cancer care with holistic treatments in hospitals.

Several sequences of the movie, which were released two years after Carley’s death, were filmed inside her parents’ Toronto home and feature one of her close high school friends.

As Sarah said in 2017, Carley was not hesitant to share her story because she was most known for her role as Becky Baker on Degrassi: The Next Generation. I will probably remember having played that role as one of my favorite parts of my life. It was restoring. She still stands by my side.”

Riley, Carley’s older sister, acknowledged that having to relive her sibling’s illness was difficult, but knew the teenage girl would appreciate the film. Her love of the spotlight, sharing her story, and helping others through that is apparent in Riley’s response.

If the movie can inspire people and help people move forward through adversity half as well as Carley did in her lifetime, then it has done its job.”

The Netflix streaming service offers Kiss & Cry.


  • Sarah Fisher as Carley Allison
  • Luke Bilyk as John Servinis
  • Sergio Di Zio as Mark Allison
  • Zoe Belkin as Rebecca
  • Chantal Kreviazuk as May Allison
  • Denis Akiyama as Shin Amano
  • Naomi Snieckus as Sophie Wexner

Kiss And Cry: The Rundown:

Romance: Love, support, and sass define John’s personality (a perfect boyfriend). It is a great reminder of how powerful and beautiful love is when faced with such grim odds because of the dynamic between the two.

Relationships: Bonds and relationships are tested in our darkest times and during our most difficult struggles. Love and Cry exemplify how powerful we are when we band together as a family and community, as well as how much we are capable of when we work together.  

Life lesson: In adopting Carley’s outlook on life, we should all strive to be like her. Her determination to always smile and to persevere in spite of obstacles is an admirable quality. Skaters wait for their scores in the Kiss and Cry area (Kiss and Cry in skating jargon). In Carley’s words, you should not worry about whether you win or lose. Instead, it is about the number of times you make it back to the area and whether you keep trying.

Emotional:   You should prepare yourself. You will feel an emotional rollercoaster while watching Kiss and Cry. The somber scenes will have you giggling and belting out laughter, whereas the more emotional scenes will leave you sobbing. You can give tissues or a stuffed animal to your friend, boyfriend, family member, or relative who can offer you emotional support.  

Summary: Kiss and cry movie

Carley Allison is a bright, talented young woman whose dreams are shattered when it is discovered that she has a rare form of throat cancer. As she keeps her hopes high and smiles throughout each step of the way, her family and boyfriend John support her.

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