Marketing Myopia Examples

Marketing Myopia Examples. Marketing myopia could be a shortsighted approach to business that excludes client desires. An improved understanding of selling. Myopia can reveal your potential marketing blind spots.

Marketing Myopia Examples
Marketing Myopia Examples

It is a term that describes the requirement for businesses to future-proof their product or services’ utility rather than just specializing in mercantilism selling offerings.

Origins of the Terms Marketing Myopia 

Marketing myopia is once an organization focuses solely on its product, failing to satisfy its customers’ desires or look into the larger social context of its merchandise or service. Theodore Levitt coined the term in his selling paper printed in Harvard Business Review (HBR) in 1960.

Causes of Marketing Myopia

As a business owner, if you’re awake to the causes of promoting myopia, it will facilitate forestall poor decision-making. Some common roots of promoting myopia include:

A business solely anticipates growth

Some firms might believe they’re in a very industry or that their product lines haven’t any competitive substitutes within the market. This ends up in a false sense of security, and if the merchandise becomes less fascinating over time, the business can lose market shares or profits because the products decrease in demand. By failing to think about the future, this company can craft a replacement business strategy to recoup revenue.

An organization lacks clear goals

A productive company ought to have clear short and long-run goals for fulfillment and growth. Once a tiny business or company neglects to suppose long-run growth methods and business goals, they focus only on choices that profit them within the short term.

A leader needs quick results or fast wins

Firms and start-ups might order short goals to visualize their numbers going up to validate their business, secure funding, and drive immediate revenue.

Stakeholders or CEOS need to visualize positive knowledge

Staff might feel pressure from leaders or higher-ups to provide knowledge that shows their selling ideas are productive. Groups that feel pressure to perform well might build choices that show positive results from their selling efforts within the short term, neglecting to think about the longer-term impacts.

Ways to Avoid Marketing Myopia 

There are some ways that the management of an organization will avoid market myopia by doing the following steps;

  • By coming up with the customer-oriented methods
  • Customer’s demand and wish ought to be unbroken in mind
  • A company’s product ought to be ready to add some price to the customer’s life by determining their issues
  • New ideas and approaches ought to be adopted

Examples of Marketing Myopia 

Marketing myopia may sound sort of a somewhat nebulous term and is maybe best understood with a number of relevant things.

Here are a number of samples of businesses that were stricken by this issue:

Netflix’s Model Blocked Blockbuster

Before streaming services like Netflix arose as a competitive substitute to Blockbuster, folks physically rented videos from Blockbuster for their Friday night recreation or entertainment. The rental chain peaked within the 90s with over 9,000 retailers inside us alone, enjoyed sixty-five million loyal customers, and had a world worker base of 84,000 people.

All empires should fall, and Blockbuster’s $3 billion price would shortly be sapped by late fees of around $800 million. Blockbuster gaseous inside 10 years when filing for bankruptcy with nearly one billion greenbacks in debt.

Netflix launched its novel optical disk transaction follow in 1998, halfway through the dot-com boom. Netflix users were delivered DVDs to their front entrance for a monthly subscription fee, with no late fees. Blockbuster execs neglected Netflix, a basic cognitive process that its online or telecom booking system would ne’er set out. But Netflix did, and it absolutely was doing improbably well. Brandy Randolph, Netflix’s original chief executive officer, tried to sell his optical disk rental business to John Antioco, Blockbuster’s chief executive officer, for $50 million.

Nokia: Marketing Myopia Examples

There was a time when Nokia dominated the feature phone market. Nevertheless, as smart phones took off and folks demanded more from them than simply phone calls, they flocked to the iphone or automaton platforms instead of to the company’s brick-style phones, which looked like relics from the era before touch-screen technology.

Nokia Corporation is an example of promoting myopia. The corporation was primarily centered on meeting the strain of purchasers these days; however, it did not anticipate future client desires.

When phone companies like Samsung and Apple introduced technology that enabled phones to be equipped with GPS, they basically altered the approach users saw to mobile phones. The company wouldn’t be left behind because of an absence of innovation if it had paid attention to the current shift and would become the world’s leading phone manufacturer.


There was a time when Kodak’s cameras were at the height of the market, they were unbroken in manufacturing similar forms of cameras over the years. Once Sony introduced its digital cameras within the market, Sony’s cameras were a large success. Kodak’s cameras were kicked out of the market.

In the case study of Nokia, the corporate failed despite having superior products because of failing to stay pace with dynamic client behaviors.

The company toughened similar difficulties once digital cameras initially became widespread as a result it did not pioneer or change others to pioneer on high of its existing line of merchandise.

Marketing myopia reminds me of the risks that would result if a firm fails to pay shut attention to client needs and business developments. The business ought to look to the long term rather than concentrating on commercialism the merchandise it’s presently producing by characteristic and filling a client want gap whereas examining potential future desires that would result in remunerative business opportunities.


Blackberry’s phones had a five hundredth market share within the U.S.A. and 2 hundredths world in 2006. Once Smartphone’s were introduced within the market, blackberry’s market started declining. Today, blackberry holds 1/3 of the market within the Smartphone business.


A company smitten by marketing myopia can usually see its shopper base step by step (or even quickly) shift to a different product or service. Sadly, even once a business’s customers begin to depart; promoting nearsightedness can usually stay till it’s too late.

Businesses may target filling existing client desires gaps and researching potential future desires rather than wasting cash on advanced technologies which will or might not reach uncovering remunerative business opportunities.

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