Marriage certificate texas

Introduction: Marriage certificate texas. A marriage license is a legal document that gives legal status to a marriage between a husband and wife. You have to sign the license to get the marriage certificate. You can sign this license before or after your wedding or during the marriage ceremony, which verifies the marriage license and issues the marriage certificate.

Marriage certificate texas
Marriage certificate texas

Many people get confused between a marriage license and a marriage certificate. A marriage license is the first document you get; a marriage license is related to the marriage application.

Once you fill out all the fields on this application with the correct information and your officiant takes it to the county, you will receive a marriage certificate. A marriage certificate is a certified copy that a couple will receive post-wedding, which is legally sufficient to prove in all countries of the world that you are married.

A marriage license in Texas is issued when two parties enter a mutually consensual marriage and a consanguineous relationship. This license is essential for couples getting married in Texas. Before getting married, the couple must fulfill all the essentials and legal processes related to the marriage license. Parental consent is included in minor marriage applications.

This license authorizes an authorized officiant who is authorized to perform marriages to conduct a marriage ceremony. The application is filed in the county meeting these requirements, where the county clerk issues the marriage license after reviewing the license application. All marriage licenses issued in Texas are considered valid for marriage ceremonies within the treaty of Texas State.

In Texas, a marriage certificate is a formal document showing that the marriage between two parties has been solemnized. This marriage certificate is used for name changes, immigration purposes, and loan applications.

In this document, the names of both parties are recorded, and it is stated when and where the wedding took place, i.e., the time and place of the marriage are also recorded in it. The original copy of this document is provided to the newly married couple by the authorized officer after the marriage ceremony.


A Texas marriage lookup is a document that provides details and evidence of a marriage and shows which marriages have been solemnized in the state. These records contain information other than proof of marriage, including the time and place of the marriage ceremony. Some marriage applications also contain affidavits of parental consent showing that the marriage was entered into with the mutual consent of the parents.

Marriage lookups in Texas are a public record and are easily accessible to the general public of interest. You can download a copy of Marriage and Divorce online from the DSHS website. Some records exist only in the county where the marriage ceremony took place. A list of the county and district clerk’s addresses for accessing such records is available on the District Clerks Association website.


Love and relationships are priceless, so you don’t have to pay a fee for them, but when it comes to marriage licenses, and if you’re going to have your wedding in Texas, you need to pay for the marriage license. Marriage license fees in Texas can range from $60 to $85.

The cost depends on the county where you are going to hold the wedding. If you are not a resident of the state of Texas but a resident of another state, then you will have to pay $100 additional to get married in Texas.

Texas encourages cohabitation; couples who are married by an authorized officer in Texas must pay a $60 fee to the authorized officer to obtain a marriage license. After which a marriage license is issued to them.

Keep in mind that some counties charge this $60 marriage license fee in cash-only, while others may charge this fee by credit card, but processing charges must be applied.

Waiting period

In Texas, the marriage ceremony cannot be performed immediately after the issue of marriage liens; you have to wait at least 72 hours for it. It is a legal requirement; however, there are some exceptions to the law to get married without waiting 72 hours. For example, if you are an armed forces member or a judge, you are exempted from the 72-hour waiting period.

After you get married, you must send your marriage license back to the county with the signature of an authorized officer so that a marriage certificate can be issued to you. You must send this marriage license to the county within 30 days of getting married. This marriage certificate must mention the time and place of your marriage and the names of both parties.

Harris county

To apply for a marriage license in Harris County, parties must apply at the following offices:

  • Downtown
  • Baytown Annex
  • Chimney Rock Annex
  • Clay Road Annex
  • Clear Lake Annex
  • Cypresswood Annex
  • Humble Annex
  • North Shepherd Annex
  • Pasadena Annex
  • South Belt Annex
  • South Belt Annex

You must have a valid ID card to apply for a marriage license in Harris County. $74 to be paid with a valid ID card. If you are not a resident of the state of Texas, then you will have to pay $174.

If there is a situation where the applicant himself cannot be present for the marriage license, then an affidavit of absence must be completed and notarized, and signed.

After completion of the ceremony, the marriage certificate must be returned so that the marriage certificate can be issued.


A marriage license in Texas is valid for 89 days from its issuance. During this time, the couple whose name the marriage license is issued can use the marriage license to perform a wedding ceremony at any time. If the marriage certificate is not used within 89 days, the marriage license will expire as soon as the 90-day period begins. If a couple wishes to marry after their marriage license expires, they must reapply for a marriage license and pay the county’s marriage certificate fees again.

Marriage certificate texas and Appointment

Both parties must fill out a marriage license application to get a marriage license appointment. Both parties are then appointed to appear at the County Clerk’s office on the appointed day and time. You can schedule an appointment by meeting with a county officer in person.

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