Meaning of drawings in psychology

Meaning of drawings in psychology. Figure drawings are projective diagnostic techniques within which a person is educated to draw someone, an object, or a state of affairs so psychological features, social, or psychological functioning may be assessed. These shapes are said to be doodles.

Meaning of drawings in psychology
Meaning of drawings in psychology

What Do Doodles Or Figure Drawings Mean?

Some of history’s most prestigious individuals were doodlers, and you’d be stunned at what percentage of goofy stick figures adorns the margins of known historical manuscripts.

Science additionally backs up the importance of doodling.

• Doodling helps you listen. Despite widespread belief, doodling truly keeps you targeted by making simply enough stimulation to forestall your brain from reverting to its default state, or “spacing out.”

• doodling provides you with an emotional outlet. If you’ve got bothered by human activity or put emotions into words, doodling will assist you in categorical your feelings, and even calm you down if you’re pissed off, anxious, or depressed.

• doodling enhances artistic thought. The condition of doodling is between awareness and daydreaming, which makes it nice for brand new, artistic concepts. It relaxes you simply enough that one thing within the back of your mind will return to fruition naturally.

Different individuals doodle various things, and even a similar person can doodle various things counting on their mood. These aren’t random. Simply because you’re doodling absent-mindedly doesn’t mean your mind is absent.

The 99 design team doodles all the time and we wished to find out a lot regarding what was behind their scribbles. So, we have to snag fifteen real doodles from our employees and research the means of their supported work from artists and handwriting specialists.

Here’s what we have discovered about them.


Drawing human figures indicates a no-hit person: somebody with a healthy self-image connects identity to an entire body. It suggests someone is up to speed with their emotions and may deliver the goods to their goals.

How realistic the doodle is (whether it’s elaborate or an easy stick figure) doesn’t matter. That solely shows what quantity of creative coaching the doodler has, not the means behind it.


Faces alone value a more in-depth look. Before diving into the hidden means of those doodles, you initially need to verify whether or not the doodle represents, however, the creator sees themselves or people.

In general, stunning and enticing faces replicate a positive and optimistic outlook. Ugly faces represent a negative or distrustful read.

Face form and elegance are additionally telling. Cartoonish face doodles signify a requirement for attention. Even the direction of the face is telling; profiles tend to be widespread among introverts.


Flowers are one of the foremost widespread drawing motifs, deep-seated from childhood. Whereas they’re ordinarily drawn by ladies, it’s common for men to doodle them further.

• Circular flowers with rounded petals — one of the foremost positive flower doodles. A lot of circular flowers are, a lot of unhostile the drawer is.

• Circular center with pointy leaves or thorns — the circular center represents a kind-hearted individual, however, the sharp leaves indicate distrust or sensitiveness. This may be the doodle of a despised lover or those famous for pushing others away.

• Perky vs. Lax — buoyant flowers purpose to openness and a carefree perspective. Lax or dying flowers, however, counsel and temperament to open up.

Squares, Cubes, And Checkerboards

Nothing is said by these squares, boxes, and cubes.

This kind of doodle usually indicates someone is economical, analytical, and up to speed. If you haven’t resolved your downside nonetheless, then you’re operating through it logically.

This is doubly true with a gameboard, which suggests patience and persistence because the doodler weighs each possibility.


Nothing says blocked or restricted sort of a brick wall.

Tightly packed brick doodles indicate some obstacles between you and your goals.

Scattered or unconnected bricks indicate a positive association with walls, like coming up with a brand new home or the place you met a yard crush.


Simple to draw and jam-choked with that means, arrow doodles may be basic signs for direction or katniss’ favorite weapon.

Always listen to what’s drawn with an arrow. This may show specifically what you’re attempting for. A lucid example: arrows drawn with hearts are obvious signs of a need for love.

Flying Animals

You already comprehend the birds and therefore the bees, however what regarding butterflies, dragonflies, and different flying creatures? Whereas they’ll appear cutesy or romantic, their true meaning is absolutely a need to be free and not tied down. Doodles of flying animals might ensue a lot if you are feeling strained by a very frustrating project.

Why Will Doodles Or Figures Help To Treat Mental Health?

The main goal of art medical care is to assist the person troubled to finally be ready to relax enough to urge connected with their emotions. By making art and doing one thing as easy as coloring, stress levels are seen to drop exponentially in patients. Serving the patient finally relax permits them to focus their mind on alternative things like processing emotions, that specialize in themselves, and dealing with emotional unleash.

Don’t worry; art medical care doesn’t need anyone to be an honest creator. Instead, the shopper will simply place their thoughts on paper by making no matter which involves the mind, repeatedly while not speaking. This way of medical care helps many folks who struggle to place their feelings and issues into words. Art medical care is widespread among kids, too, as several of them choose to draw as a kind of communication and understanding.

Summary:Meaning of drawings in psychology

Doodles say a lot more concerning our personalities than we have a tendency to might realize, it’s been claimed. Art generally brings forth one or 2 kinds of feelings in a person; disappointment, fear, desire, anger, or joy. However, the immediate feeling you receive upon 1st look might be modified if you pay time to understand the design or learn the story behind it. Almost like verbal cues, visual cues are also misunderstood unless we have to dive deeper.

If your drawings highlight the shapes as moons, suns, stars, or celestial components, you’re an individual who likes to associate with fantasy. Your manner is incredibly idealistic. On the other hand, if your drawings are flowers or terrestrial nature components, you’re optimistic, happy, and an individual who exudes a good ambiance.

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