Monogamy vs polygamy

Monogamy vs polygamy: pros cons, biology, in the bible, history, is monogamy better than polygamy. Across the globe, there are several forms of marriage recognized. Among these marriages, polygamy and monogamous marriages are the most common marriages. But what do monogamy and polygamy means? 

Monogamy vs polygamy: pros cons, biology, in the bible, history, is monogamy better than polygamy
Monogamy vs polygamy: pros cons, biology, in the bible, history, is monogamy better than polygamy

Monogamy is a mixture of two Greek words, monos which means alone or single, and gamos which means marriage or union. Monogamy gets universally defined as a romantic relationship in which a person gets engaged in a sexual relationship with only one partner at a time. These types of relationships exist with or without marriages. 

On the other hand, polygamy means marring more than once or marrying multiple persons; at a time.

A man having more than one wife at a time; is called polygyny, whereas a woman having multiple husbands; at a time is called polyandry.

Almost in every corner of the world, monogamous marriages get favored and supported by societies; on the other hand, polygamy gets often condemned. Monogamy is the most preferred relationship; throughout the world. Many countries and cultures recognize only monogamous marriages.

In the United States, all 50 states recognize monogamous marriages and forbid marrying multiple spouses at a time. Although most states prohibit polygamy marriages, many cultures still recognize polygamy as; their religious practice.

Both marriages have their values and advantages, but these advantages don’t come alone. Where there are benefits, there are some cons attached too.

Still confused; about which one is better among these two, first, go through the pros and cons attached to both forms of marriage. 

Let us dig out the pros and cons of monogamy or polygamy:

Pros and cons of monogamy and polygamy:

Both polygamy and monogamy had their pros and cons. Let’s discuss them one by one to find out the best one.

Pros and cons of monogamy:


  1. STD risk-free: when a person remains true to their partner and does not involved in sexual relations outside their marriage, the chances of getting infected with a sexually transmitted disease like HIV are less. Thus monogamy marriages protect you from getting infected with such; diseases.
  2. Emotional security: A marriage gets built on the pillars of trust, love, loyalty, and emotional security. Marriages aren’t always about sex; emotional gratification is a must too. When a person commits to a lifelong relationship with only one partner, they develop with time a sense of trust, love, and emotional security that polygamous marriages somehow lack. Monogamous marriage fosters emotional intimacy and develops a strong and affectionate bond.
  3. Consistency: A marriage needs constant cooperation and attention to be peaceful. When you connect with a partner, you can pay attention to their needs and fulfil their wants. Thus, there is less chance of discord in the house. Unlike polygamy, where one person may struggle to manage needs and give time to multiple partners. It can even create a big mess and mental stress.

Cons of monogamy:

  1. Boredom: People get bored of things easily. By being with a person for a long time, you get used to that environment, and nothing new remains. Over time, your sexual life also becomes boring. This boredom compels a person to commit infidelity. Over time, the excitement and newness got lost along the way.
  2. High risk of infidelity: A man commits infidelity to find the excitement that his boring and monotonous married life lacks. The desires and expectations of marriage that do not come true are likely to be attracted if someone else fulfils them. 
  3. Mental stress: Everything, in the beginning, seems perfect, like a dream. But that dream becomes a nightmare with time. After a few years of marriage, there are days of quarrels, annoyances, and disappointments over small issues. These can affect the mental peace of the person to a great extent. In polygamy, if one person annoys, you can go to the other one.

Pros and cons of polygamy: 

Pros of polygamy:

  1. Variety: in polygamy marriages, if one partner annoys you or fails to fulfill your desires; you can go to the other mate. Even you won’t get blamed for cheating. With time, people get bored of their partners and routine lifestyle. The newness gets lost along the way. But in polygamy marriages, you can maintain the newness in marriage. It gives a chance to explore new partners and make your life exciting. 
  2. Never feel alone: there are times when we feel down and want a shoulder to lie on, but our partner is too busy to console us. In a polygamous relationship, you will never feel alone. If one of your partners is busy, you can go to the other.
  3. No risk of cheating: why would a person having multiple spouses urge to go out and cheat? In monogamy marriages, people cheat because of boredom and the urge to experience something new. They get accustomed to their routine life, and the excitement and love get lost somewhere; with time. However, in polygamy marriages, a person can have a variety to satisfy their desires. Thus polygamy marriages have less chance of infidelity.

Cons of polygamy:

  1. Costly to manage: In the era of inflation, where it is difficult to bear one’s expenses, how will you manage multiple spouses’ expenses? Marrying more than one person can increase your utility bills, food, and shopping expenditure; it can become your headache with time.
  2. Daily fights: Two swords cannot coexist in one sheath. Similarly, keeping several spouses under one roof can lead to daily quarrels and fights. Fulfilling the desires and needs of several people can be hectic. These can cause you stress and depression.
  3. Inconsistency: keeping multiple partners requires consistent cooperation, attention, and fulfilling needs. If you can’t pay attention to anyone, a fight will surely happen. Inconsistency can lead to jealousy, trust issues, and daily quarrels. Maintaining consistency among several spouses is challenging.
  4. Risk of STD: having a sexual relationship with more than one person can increase the risk of sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV. 

Final words: Monogamy vs polygamy

Which is better; monogamy or polygamy. The answer depends upon you and your preference. After knowing the pros and cons of both marriages, ask yourself, are you ready to bear the boredom of monogamy marriage or the daily fights of polygamy marriage? 

Do you need variety or a long-term commitment with one person?

These questions can clear your doubts.

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