Origin of digital marketing

Many wonder specifically when was the origin of digital marketing and how things happened for this to happen: How? When? Why? That’s what this blog post is about.

Using information that I collected in the Digital Marketing History post, I am going to give a direct answer:

origin of digital marketing, how, when, why
Graphic showing how the intersection between the increase in internet use and the rise of personal computers gave rise to digital marketing.


It emerged when the digital came to life, when the internet became useful and relevant for doing business, when search engines appeared, when businesses wanted to appear on the web and stand out, when the internet began to become massive and people considered that there was a lot of potential there for business.

All this, coupled with the exponential growth in the use of personal computers, made it possible for online marketing to become a reality.


Now, if it is necessary to talk about dates, we can mention 1971 when the first email was sent, although it is more correct to talk about 1990 when the Archie search engine was released, which indexed ftp files and allowed organizing information in a better way.

There are those who consider that the zero point of digital marketing occurred when the first advertising banner came out in 1993, so I leave the three dates there for everyone to judge and make their deductions.


Because the human being was looking to expand their frontiers of knowledge, streamline processes, automate tasks, improve the quality of life of the human race as such.

And this is not for altruistic reasons, really, because in this type of improvement there are market opportunities and this translates into money, into wealth.

Digital marketing originated there, in the need to expand borders, satisfy a greater number of consumers, create new needs or bring markets closer, as you, dear reader, prefer.

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