Samsung a vs m series

Introduction: Samsung a vs m series. Comparison of Samsung A vs M series is like joining two similar lines. Yet, the Samsung M series is more equivalent to the old Samsung J series Lineup, which has become outdated, i.e., no longer exists for sale.

Samsung a vs m series
Samsung a vs m series

In addition, the Samsung M series is recognized for its competitive value and its influential up-to-date features. While the Samsung M series lineup is budget-oriented, its brand trust still comes with Samsung’s products.

Yet, the Samsung A series Smartphone is Samsung’s ancient lineup known for its premium touch features and build quality. In addition, those who need to purchase a superior Samsung should go with the A-series.

Let’s know about the Samsung a vs m series.

Differences between M series and A series

The significant variances between the Samsung A and M series are the amount and quality. Whereas the Samsung A series pays more courtesy to produce quality, the Samsung M series emphasizes giving out the most highlighted features in a segmented budget.

It does not mean that there are no progressive features in the Samsung A series. Other changes between Galaxy A vs M includes:


The Samsung A series has continually been higher than the M series. It is unclear how the Samsung A series tends to be more expensive than the M series even; however, the Samsung M series proposes outstanding features nonetheless still at a lesser price.

While the highlighting features that the Samsung M series has to propose need to be revised in number. In addition, the M series is not offered worldwide, which makes it less desirable.

In addition, the Samsung M series features include an excellent camera setup, a super AMOLED display, and a bigger battery. However, it is available online, making it more affordable in price.


Regarding safety in Samsung Galaxy A vs M, Knox security is one dissimilar main feature. It is the aspect that needs a distinct hardware component and a software feature that works on a Smartphone.

This feature is not available in all Samsung M series but in all Samsung A series. This feature is what Samsung has offered in its internet of things devices, top smartphones, clothing, and tablets.

It also has military-grade security that is nearly impossible to open. But it merely suggests that your data will be wonderfully protected whereas being protected with Samsung Knox.

Samsung pay

Compared with the Samsung Galaxy, A vs M series, this is an excellent feature available only in the Samsung A series. However, Samsung pay is an unbelievable platform that permits you to enhance all your credit cards or debit cards and e-wallets in one place.

In addition, with the assistance of Samsung Pay, you can pay at POS machines straightly deprived of swiping a debit or credit card.

UI optimization

While there might be the same processor in the Samsung M vs Galaxy A series, the A series of Samsung is still much further improved. It is all about the Samsung One UI incorporation that is much improved in the Samsung Galaxy A series.

Design and build quality

Design and constructed quality are the main features that distinguish the Samsung smartphone series.

We often discover that Samsung launches nearly identical smartphones with similar features; nonetheless, the price changes between both are very high. Sometimes the price alteration develops 5K-7K on a solo phone.

It is because of the built quality. Samsung uses very cheap spare parts and mainboards in its M Series smartphones.

Occasionally it is found that Samsung uses low-quality mainboard/motherboard than Chinese smartphone brands like Xiaomi and Realm and offers these smartphones at a comparatively advanced price.

Samsung A vs M series marketing

Samsung A Series is a top smartphone sequence, and this series of phones are launched universally in the online and offline market.

Yet, the Samsung A series is attentive to the offline market. So, Samsung has to pay commissions for shops and workshop owners.

These things also raise the last price of any product. Samsung A series products are sold in the mostly offline market, so this is also one of the main motives for its price is higher than M series phones.

But, Samsung M Series is mainly attentive to the online market. Besides, it is firm to purchase the Samsung M series offline with offers. So, Samsung can save some money by vending this phone series in the online marketplace.

Samsung M Series is a short-budget series focused chiefly on the Indian smartphone market, so Samsung’s effort to deliver more specifications in this series at a lower price to compete with foremost Chinese brands Realm, Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo and OnePlus in India.

So, Samsung continuously compromises with quality in this sequence but continuously tries to deliver more features at a low price.


It is also observed that even once. The Samsung A series phone captures a better image once the same lens is used in the M series and A series smartphones.

Visual Image Steadiness (OIS) is the feature of shooting smooth and non-shaky videos in a photographic camera.

The OIS feature is also not offered in M series smartphones. Nevertheless, it is available in A series smartphones.

Video pro manners are also available in A series smartphones rather than all M series smartphones.


Stereo orators are available in Samsung A series smartphones and are not presented in the M series. M series smartphones have Mono speakers.

On the other side, Dolby Atmos is a software-based feature available on nearly all A series smartphones; nonetheless, it is not available in all M series smartphones.

But newly launched M series smartphones also have Dolby Atmos features for sound improvements.

Internal storage

Galaxy M02s and A02s have similar inner storage configurations, 32GB 3GB RAM or 64GB 4GB RAM.

We can buy the M51 in two configurations, 128GB 6GB RAM or 128GB 8GB RAM. However, A51 only has a 128GB 6GB RAM outline.

A21s has numerous alterations likened to M21s. M21s has two variations, 64GB 4GB RAM and 128GB 6GB RAM. However, A21s has eight variations, from 32GB 2GB RAM to 128GB 6GB RAM.


Galaxy M51 has the top battery we have ever realized on any phone. It has a 7000mAh non-removable battery. In conclusion, M02s, A02s, and A21s have the same 5000mAh battery.

Conclusion: Samsung a vs m series

So, as we saw, this article breaks down detailed info via which you can select a better option between Samsung Galaxy M vs A. We also clarified the modification between the Samsung A and M series and what makes one better than the other.

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