Samsung q60 vs q80 vs q90

Samsung q60 vs q80 vs q90 (q60, q80, q90). Samsung is a South Korean company originally based as a grocery commercialism store by Lee Byung-Chull in March 1938. The company forayed within the industry in 1969 and its initial electronic product was a black-and-white TV.

Samsung q60 vs q80 vs q90
Samsung q60 vs q80 vs q90 2

Introduction Samsung q60 vs q80 vs q90

Soon, the company additionally started the exportation of its product and has become a major electronics manufacturer company in its home country. In 1970, the company needed a fifty percent stake in Korean Semiconductor.

Now, Samsung is one of the most important makers of electronic parts globally. It’s additionally one of the most important suppliers of electronic products like batteries, semiconductors, chips, nonvolatile storage, and disc drive to firms like Apple, Sony, Nokia, etc.

Samsung has additionally been the world’s largest manufacturer of TV since 2006 and of smartphones since 2011. In 2017, the company overtook Intel to additionally become the world’s largest manufacturer of semiconductor chips.

Samsung’s QLED TVs bridge the gap between LCDs and OLED TVs, as they don’t comprise either class. They need several QLED options but return at a perceptibly lower cost purpose than TVs with this sort of panel technology.

Samsung’s Q70, Q80, and Q90 are excellent samples of this, as they provide premium options at affordable costs.


This TV has an excellent style. It’s a stand that supports the TV well, however make a small amount of tilting if you erroneously push the TV. The build quality is tight and you shouldn’t have any problems with this TV.

The borders are slender and don’t seem to be distracting in any method. The Samsung Q70 has a mean thickness and might sag slightly as you wall-mount it. The overall style for this TV feels premium.

SAMSUNG Q70:Display and Design

The Samsung Q70 TV is predicated on a QLED VA panel and a good TV. It’s HDR10+ prepared and encompasses a Screen Resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels with a 16:9 screen ratio, sixty-eight PPI screen n picture element density, and a 91.73 percent screen-to-body ratio.

This TV encompasses a wide color gamut and powerful HDR brightness. The movement seems swish and smooth because of virtually instant latency. The TV features an interpolating tool, which may facilitate cut-back motion stutter while watching movies.

SAMSUNG Q70:Performance

This is an excellent mix-use TV. It’s a nice performance because of its display and design. It delivers amazing swish motion and wonderful gray uniformity and wide viewing angles build it an ideal selection for family and a group of friends to watch movies, watch sports,  listen to the news and play games with the PlayStation or the Xbox.

This TV has Vesa Mount Support with a VESA Interface customary Size that’s removable.


The price of the Samsung Q70 is estimated at $1,819


  • Large soundstage for immersive listening
  • Subwoofers that are blocked up
  • It’s nice with movies and video games
  • It appearance nice and is superior


  • There are solely some connections
  • Only one HDMI input


The Samsung Q80 QLED TV is a wonderful jumping-on purpose if you wish one amongst the most cost-effective full array backlight QLED TVs within the Samsung TV varies. When it comes to 2olutely it was strategically positioned slightly below the Q90, with that its shares a variety of advanced options, and is higher than the edge-lit Q70. 

This implies the Q80 sits well within the mid-range; however, its performance is way from average. We still rate the Samsung Q80 QLED TV even supposing it is a few years recent, it’s been taken by newer models in our greatest Samsung TV guide and our greatest TV guide.

Display and Design:SAMSUNG Q80

The Q80’s secret best feature, however, is its glare-resistant screen. Even in a bright space, you’ll get virtually no reflections on the show. This ensures that you just will see each detail during a game even in the middle of the day. Samsung conjointly has some pretty smart native dimming that allows some sharp variations in distinction.

You’ll notice lightweight unseaworthy objects around bright objects due to the sizable local-dimming zones. Samsung is doing an honest job of minimizing that with a good software package though, it’s nearly as good as OLED or a TV with considerably a lot of local dimming zones. 

It’s inevitable that the Samsung Q80T QLED TV, which has a FALD (Full Array native Dimming) backlight, isn’t planning to be the slimmest flat screen on the shelves; except for most patrons the additional bulk goes to be worthwhile.

The Samsung Q80 has tight quality; the rear panel does not connect properly to the borders on the higher left-hand aspect, exposing the interior of electronics physics. Even swing glue does not solve the difficulty as a result it melts with the TV on.

This is often the largest concern with our unit, therefore if you have the same issue, allow us to apprehend it. The rear panel is solid with solely a touch of flex, the stand wobbles perceptibly. Samsung’s designers have gone how to mitigate this further depth by framing the panel with a ludicrously nominal edge, making the illusion that the pictures as the magic hanging within the air. 

Performance:SAMSUNG Q80

Samsung’s Q80 supports HDR10 and HDR10+, and it undoubtedly gets super-bright. Peak brightness goes over the 1,000 nit’s threshold, which may be an activity of luminescence among a precise area.

However, whereas the brightness is spectacular, the distinction doesn’t pop the maximum amount as I would like from HDR. The QLED panel will portray blacks and whites very well on their own.

Once it’s to affect each at an equivalent time, the HDR impact comes up short. In those styles of scenes, the blacks will feel too dark and therefore the highlights appear washed out. Connectivity is great, too, with four HDMIs that provide advanced and ranging specifications. 

It is 4k at 120fps support on HDMI 4, and eARC on input3. Rounding things out are 2 USB ports, digital optical audio out, a local area network to support Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and a typical Interface slot, for all those territories that need one.

You virtually actually won’t want everything on supply, it’s nice to possess them in reserve. The Q80 secret best feature, however, is its glare-resistant screen. Even in a bright space, you’ll get virtually no reflections on the show. This ensures that you just will see each detail during a game even in the middle of the day. 

The Samsung Q80 QLED TV features a mediocre native distinction magnitude relation, even with the native dimming enabled. Blacks look gray within the dark, and it’s a visibly worse distinction in real content than the Samsung Q80/Q80A QLED.

Models have VA panels with far better distinction. Also, note that you just cannot simply disable the native dimming on Samsung TVs, as you wish to try and do it through the service menu. 


The price of the Samsung Q80 is calculable at $1,149.99 


  • AI-enhanced 4K Quantum image processor
  • Ultra-low image 
  • lag Superior OTS sound 


  • No electrical engineer Vision 
  • No Free view Play 
  • Not the prettiest QLED you’ll get:

Samsung Q90

The Samsung Q90 is the amazing 4K TV Samsung offers, and it shows. The quantum-dot-enhanced show offers very good color and wonderful high-dynamic variety performance with made black levels and bright highlights.

From the sharp resolution to the complete array backlight with 400+ individual dimming zones, the Q90 packs each technology Samsung has got to bring you wonderful viewing expertise.

Display and Design:Samsung Q90

Samsung’s Q90 could be a gorgeous-looking TV, representing the foremost refined version of the trendy QLED aesthetic. At this time, Samsung’s overall style contains a distinct signature look, with a close-to-black metal like end and rough-textured surface across the rear of the cupboard. The whole TV measures 57.1 x 32.7 x 1.6 inches while not the enclosed stand, and weighs 62.4 pounds.

The Q90’s overall style contains a comparatively slim profile, thanks partly to Samsung’s approach to coming up with its premium TVs rather than making an attempt to suit the ports and elements into the TV chassis, Samsung pairs the Q90 with the One Connect Box, that homes all of the processor hardware and A/V connections.

Watching scenes from Blade Runner 2049 drove home the standard of the show. A murky conduit offered deep black shadows, the Q90 managed to stay the brightly lit faces of the actors wanting dating while not abundant even into the encompassing parts of the show.

High-dynamic (HDR) content appears wonderful on the show and is increased by the mix of bright backlighting and deep black filtering of the QLED show.


The whole connects to the TV by using Samsung’s proprietary One Invisible connection, the 8-foot long semi-transparent cable that connects to the TV and delivers all of your power and property no matter what house devices you have got connected to.

It makes it extraordinarily simple to scale back the number of ugly cables returning from the TV, giving the set a clean look even after you cannot have it professionally put in with cables running through the wall.

Samsung’s One Connect Box could be a sleek, black, rectangular box that homes all of the connections for the TV. And since you’ll be able to move and reposition the box, the Q90 offers a number of the best choices around for connecting and disconnecting.

The Q90 additionally sees some enhancements over the 2018 Q9FN, which saw some minor color problems sneak in once viewed at a steep angle. The Q90 edges from Samsung’s new “Ultra Viewing Angle technology, which will sort out even this tiny issue.

Price:Samsung Q90

The value of the Samsung Q90 is calculable at $2,699.99

Pros:Samsung Q90

  • Fantastic image quality with bright colors and deep blacks
  • Clean style with Samsung One Connect Box
  • Rich, sensible TV platform with an exclusive Apple TV app

Cons:Samsung Q90

  • Bixby voice assistant isn’t nice
  • Standard HDMI is a pair of 2.0 ports
  • No love for electrical engineer Vision

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