Feng shui fish tank

Feng shui fish tanks look good and are a potent feng shui cure that attracts wealth and health. Aquariums bring a Harmonious combination of wealth, drawing feng shui factors.

Feng shui is a practice that has been introduced in china. You can live more in harmony when you connect to nature. It makes clear that one of the most crucial signs in Feng Shui is fish. Fish and rice are food staples and a good source of economy.

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Subduction and obduction similarities and differences

la subduccion

Subduction and obduction similarities and differences. Subduction is a process in which a lithospheric plate sinks under the edge of another, the product of a collision between them. The obduction presents a totally opposite effect, where the collision of the plates does not end up sinking them because they are relatively similar. Subduction is responsible for magmatic activity, while obduction of mountain formations.

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What is subduction?

subduccion geologia

What is subduction? Subduction, from Latin for “carried underneath,” is a term used for a specific type of plate interaction. It occurs when one lithospheric plate meets another, that is, in convergent zones, and the denser plate sinks into the mantle.

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