Importance of Microbiology in Nursing

Importance of Microbiology in Nursing: To prevent spread of infection, To maintain sterile field, To collect specimens, To implement immunization schedule in hospitals, Implementation, To combat infectious diseases, To implement Asepsis, To dispose of biomedical waste.

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What is a molecule?

What is a molecule:in biology, in chemistry, in science, example. Molecules consist of two or more atoms of the same or different elements substituting for one another. In molecule form, atoms can be homonuclear, which is composed of an element of one type, like oxygen (O2), or heteronuclear is composed of an element of more than one type of element, like water (H2O).

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Importance of Microbiology in Medicine

Importance of Microbiology in Medicine: Veterinary medicine, Laboratory medicine.

The field of microbiology is one of the most important sections of biology, despite its relatively small size. Studying microbes closely can prove to be helpful in fighting diseases, developing agricultural chemicals, and even in maintaining the health of the planet.

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