Ethical Dilemmas in Business

Introduction: Ethical Dilemmas in Business. An ethical dilemma in business is a complex situation where individuals or organizations choose between conflicting moral principles, values, or interests. These dilemmas often arise when pursuing profit and business objectives clash with ethical considerations, societal norms, or legal obligations.

Trust plays an important role in how the public views a company—and that perception can make or break an organization. This is where business ethics come into space. 

A 2021 survey by PwC found that 49 percent of consumers started buying more from businesses they trusted. Issues such as data protection and cybersecurity, treating employees well, ethical business practices, and admitting mistakes were key drivers of consumer trust.

Ethical dilemmas can occur at various organizational levels, from top executives making strategic decisions to employees facing day-to-day operational choices. This article will thoroughly explore the conception of ethical dilemmas in business, examining their causes, consequences, and possible solutions.

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