Tui na massage fertility

Tui na massage fertility: Principles, How does it work, how Tui na massage can help. Introduction. It is hard to believe but Tui na massage helps in fertility. Acu-pressure massage or Tui na has been commonly used in Chinese medicine and trend for 2000 years.

Tui na massage fertility: Principles, How does it work, how Tui na massage can help
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This massage is reasonably simple, and people can use it on its own or from specialists in treatment form. This massage therapy relieves stagnation and removes obstructions in the whole body. According to the need, different forms of pressure in various tunes reduce discomfort and provide a calming effect.

For fertility, massage is given in particular areas such as acupoints or along the meridians to rebalance the internal energy of the human body. While 30 times pressure on guan-yuan and palm root on the qi-hai affects positively.

Then Rub with palm 30 times forward and backward from the shen-que to dan-tian, Wipe hand side on the Yao-yan point, sacral bone 30 times and lastly press with a finger on the Zu-san-li and san-yin-jiao points fortifies the lower burner and enhances kidney yang. These massages fight menstrual irregularities and infertility.

Many people use Tui na massage for many fertility situations. Thus, massage increases blood flow to the uterus, leading to a more balanced menstrual cycle. If a lady cannot conceive within 12 months, it is infertility. Many people face this issue and don’t know how to deal with infertility.

Tui na massage has been used for thousands of years in China to treat infertility. If anyone wants a healthy pregnancy, it will be an effective therapy. When this massage works with Western IVF therapies, it causes 40-60% of live births. 

Chinese medicine Naturally balances your hormones. This massage normalizes ovulation, regulates menstrual cycles, improves FSH and Estrogen and other objective levels, while enhancing the thickness of the endometrial lining.

Besides this, it calms the nervous system by reducing stress hormones. In a lady who remains under constant stress, the hormones secreted and said “infertility causes infertility”, and this stress causes lower pregnancy rates. This massage improves blood supply to the ovaries that causes stimulation of follicles, and a higher quality of eggs is released.

Besides this, Tui na massage Improves the odds of IVF success that increase blood flow to the uterus. It caused more successful implantation and improved thickness of the endometrium. In men, the Tui na massage improves sperm quality and quantity.

Principles of Tui na massage

The principles of Tui na massage are based on traditional Chinese medicine. It focused on physical and emotional components for the well being of humans, improvements in diet, climate and relationships. The philosophy of Tui na massage shows you can achieve proper health if you have a balance of energy of hormones and power in the environment and humans.

The Tui na massage creates harmony and balance in the yin and yang of the body, resulting in removing disturbances and blockages that are causing disease, tiredness, illness and emotional issues. The Tui na massage uses a perfect energy system on meridians and acupoints to balance the blood flow and qi or energy, causing health improvement. If energy flows incorrectly, it causes a blockage, improper health, swallowing and poor blood circulation in the affected area.

The Tui na massage goals remove that blockage in the energy pathways, causing qi stagnation. The Tui na massage lasts for thirty minutes and one hour on the massage table. It is relaxing and refreshing. Most Tui na massage techniques are kneading, rocking, pulling, Swedish massage, gliding, rolling, and friction.

How does Tui na massage work

The Tui na massage works with pressure techniques and oscillating by practitioners with different forces and methods. The tui massage treats in energetic, gentle, and a more vigorous deep-tissue massage tp great the body.

Some techniques of Tui na are passive, meditative, gentle and more yin. The yinog approach of Tui na are dynamic, physical, more active and creates a more intense sensation to stimulate deep blockages and knots. It includes manipulation techniques and practitioner massages on the muscles and tendons to realign the body. The massage helps the passive movement of joints to restore the function of joints and muscles.

The massage depends upon your needs, your practitioner, and different techniques in a session. It does not limit massage; instead, lotions, herbal poultices or compresses, salves and other treatments are included. The massage techniques like reflexology, myofascial release, and acupressure are used in Tui na massage. Besides this, stretching and joint mobilizations, chiropractic and osteopathy 

techniques are also used in Tui na massage. These all methods promote balance and harmony in the body with the same principle of acupuncture. It affects specific acupoints with the help of fingers instead of needles for inserting pressure on different points. Most people use Tuina massage with acupuncture.

How Tui na massage can help

Boosts blood circulation

The main intention of tuina massage is it stimulates the body’s energy flow and boosts blood circulation. If you apply Yi Zhi chan tui na on BL 56 acupoints, your blood will start the best flow system. Using medium force for 10 minutes or heavy pressure for a short time is most effective.

Reduces neck pain

If your neck has irritation, tension and tightness, Tui na massage will relieve it. The cure of neck pain is always costly, but Tui na massage is a significantly less expensive way to treat people with chronic neck pain. If you receive a Tui na massage for three weeks, the neck pain will go for a long and hardly return.

Relieves low back pain

The most effective result of Tui na massage can be seen in lower back pain because it contains core exercises. It treats the blocked paths of energy and allows proper blood circulation and energy flow, resulting in finishing back and sciatica pain.

Treats depression

The effects of Tui na are not limited to internal pains; instead, it cures depression, physical and emotional disease effectively. It works as therapy on our mind, opens the internal blood flow to the mind, diverts depression, improves sleep, and soothes our senses.

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