Types of breast cancer

Types of breast cancer: symptoms, lumps, surgery, treatment.Introduction. Breast cancer is evident with its name (breast), is a cancer of the breast commonly occurs in women. In this disease, breast cells of the patient grow out of control.

Types of breast cancer: symptoms, lumps, surgery, treatment
Types of breast cancer: symptoms, lumps, surgery, treatment

It is a very harmful disease as many women worldwide die from this every year. Especially in the USA, it is the most common disease which affects many women every year.

According to health experts, breast cancer can spread to other body parts through lymph nodes. It is common in women, but in rare cases, it may occur in men. After skin cancer, breast cancer is considered the most dangerous and common cancer in the United states of America. There are two famous kinds of breast cancer, invasive lobular carcinoma, and invasive ductal carcinoma.

Invasive ductal carcinoma           

Invasive carcinoma is a kind of breast cancer in which abnormal cells extend in the bond of milk tubes and can expand towards the duct walls. This process can happen again and again.

Invasive lobular carcinoma

The second kind of breast cancer in this, the cancerous cells produce in lobules, and these cells can quickly spread to the other parts of the body. This kind of cancer is hazardous.

Types of breast cancer

Breast cancer have the following seven types; let’s explain them, 

Ductal carcinoma in situ   

The cancerous cells in the milk duct are called ductal carcinoma. It is known as the first type of breast cancer, and in this type, cancerous cells do not come out from the milk duct. In this type, the survival ratio for 98% of women is a maximum of ten years. It is the early stage of breast cancer so we can cure it quickly, and radiation therapy is the best cure for this dangerous disease.

Though radiation therapy is not a painful process, it has a lot of side effects, and there are many chances that you can lose the growing cells of your body, especially your hair. You can also lose weight due to low appetite, loss of taste, and dry mouth and neck. 

Invasive breast cancer is the second type of breast cancer in which the cancerous cells spread to the other parts of the body and the surrounding area. This type is caused due to advanced mutation in the DNA. If cancer or tumor is diagnosed at the early stages, it can be cured easily. Its common type is invasive ductal carcinoma, and it takes two to five years to grow the cells in the human body.

Triple-negative breast cancer.

Triple-negative is the third type of breast cancer. There are no proper receptors for this disease; The Only receptor is the female hormone estrogen. It first spreads toward the lungs, bone, and liver. Triple-negative breast cancer can be cured by chemotherapy, and there are great chances that patients can heal quickly. It is said that a woman can live for five years after diagnosis.  

Inflammatory breast cancer. 

Inflammatory breast cancer is the fourth type of breast cancer; as is shown by its name, this causes swallowing in the lymph nodes. And in this type, the color of the breast becomes red. It is considered the rarest type of breast cancer, which grows very fastly than any other type of breast cancer.

This type of breast cancer has only 40%chances of survival for the patients, and the ratio can be altered due to advances in technology. Patients feel pain in this type of breast cancer. Its early symptoms are itching and an increase in one or both chests. It takes only three or four to six months for growth and grows very fast.

The survival rate for cancer is only five years. Fatigue is a common problem for all cancer patients and survivors. In this, the patient can gain or lose weight. After treatment, there are chances of recurrence, and it can spread to bones, lungs, and liver. 

Breast Paget disease

It is the fifth type of breast cancer; in breast Paget disease, the color of the nipples and the color of the place around the nipples changes. It is a vital sign of having a breast cancer tumor behind the nipples. Its symptoms are changing the color of the nipples, itching, redness, and burning sensation. A mammogram is the best way to diagnose this disease.

Unfortunately, there is no proper cure discovered for Paget disease. Due to the increase in the size of the tumor, when it passes through any bone from another part of the body, it causes pain that disturbs the patient.

According to experts, the survival rate for patients suffering from Paget disease is only 5 -7.5%. five stages of the Paget disease are given below One lytic, two mixed, three lytic, four sclerotics, five and blastic


Angiosarcoma is the sixth type of breast cancer. It is grown under the inner side of the blood vessels and lymph.

Although it can occur anyway, its favorite places for growing are the breast, spleen, liver, and skin. It is a hazardous cancer, and only 35% of patients can survive, while its recurrence ratio is 75% in just twenty months after initial treatment.

Its symptoms are an upward raised part of the skin that looks like a wound that increases in size with time and swelling in the nearby skin. This cancer grows very fast, so chemotherapy is the best option for its cure.

Phyllodes tumor

Phyllodes tumor is the seventh and last type of breast cancer. It occurs during the connective tissues of the breast. These tumors are not too dangerous, but they grow very fast.

Health experts do not know how it causes. These tumors can be easily diagnosed by ultrasound or mammogram. The death ratio in this tumor is only 20%, and 80% of patients survive easily. This type of tumor can reach 40 cm in size and can be cured easily by radiation therapy. 

Symptoms of breast cancer

Breast cancer has various symptoms in various people. In some cancer patients, these symptoms do not appear.

Till known symptoms of breast cancer are given below, a rise of the new black bile under the armpit, swelling of the breast parts burning sensation in the chest, denting the appearance of redness in the breast or the area near the nipples,  continuous pain in the nipple area, discharge of the blood or any other liquid then nipples from nipples, change in the size or structure of the one or both breast for a short or long time.

Loss of weight and appetite continuously is also a common sign. But you should keep one thing in mind: these changes or symptoms can appear in any condition, so do not worry and first meet with your doctor because the chest size may vary from one to the other women and is also affected by periods and children.

Fibrocystic breast conditions occur due to medicines; these changes are non-cancerous and harmless. Cysts are small anatomical pouches that can enlarge or evolve in the breast. You can personally check these symptoms at home, stand in front of the mirror and check variations in your body like dimples and breast color. 

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Lymph in breast cancer

The lymph is the first place where breast cancer can spread. This lymph presents on the armpit, collarbone, and breast. According to the experts, if breast cancer spreads to the lymph nodes, the survival rate is 86% in women.

In lymph nodes, stage iv is considered an advanced stage for cancer. According to the experts, after the diagnosis of the lymph nodes, they must be cured in 90 days; otherwise, it may spread to the other parts of the body. On-time surgery can reduce the risks of cancer spreading. 

Surgery for breast cancer

Surgery is a medical technique to remove diagnostic parts from the body. In the case of breast cancer, surgery is the best way to remove it. Physicians adopt surgery according to the situation in several kinds of breast cancer.

Having pain +during surgeries are a common problem, but this pain goes away after treatment; only 20% of people feel pain after complete treatment; following surgeries are primarily used in the treatment of breast cancer,

  1. partial mastectomy; in this situation, radiation therapy is the best option for cancer. It is benign and null. 
  2. 2 Mastectomy, in this surgery the internal part or affected part of the surgery is removed if the cancer is affected by nearby cells, then they are also removed. Mastectomy is considered the best way to cure breast cancer.           
  3. Lymph node evaluation Four double mastectomies, in which both parts of the breast are removed from the patient’s body   
  4. Treatment of breast cancer

Breast cancer is a dangerous disease. For its control, proper treatment is essential; in breast cancer treatment, radiation therapy is the best way, but some women also use medicines that travel in the overall body and control the disease.

But therapy is done according to the situation of cancer. Mastectomy is used in the first stage, and in the third stage, we use aggressive treatment. Stage iv is the most forceful and untreatable stage of breast cancer. It can not be cured but is slow for some time by shrinking through radiation. The price of treatment varies from location to stage of cancer.

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