What are the massages to increase the bust?

What are the massages to increase the bust? There are many incredible benefits that we can find through massages, because contrary to what is typically thought, massages not only stand out in treatments for stress and muscle contractions. There are interesting effects that we can obtain with the use of this technique. Among these, do you know what are the massages to increase the bust?

As we have read, there are massages that can be used to increase the size of the bust, and not only this, but also favor other features such as circulation. In this regard, we will know everything about these massages in the next sections. Read on to find out all this information. To begin, we are going to give a short introduction.

What are massages to increase the bust?

It consists of a technique that is performed by applying light touches and glides on the area of ​​the nipple to the breast –and vice versa-, which are capable of causing an effect of increase in the size of the bust. This result gives a much larger appearance to this area, greatly affecting the breasts.

These massages are beneficial for the health of the breasts, even reducing the chances of suffering from breast cancer. In turn, they significantly improve their appearance, being considered valuable to even prevent flaccidity.

How do massages work to increase the bust?

The movements that take place in the breast area and its adjacent areas are responsible for a set of effects that highlights, first of all, an increase in its size. But not everything is thanks to the application of these movements. These massages are usually applied with the use of compound creams, which provide different nutrients for the bust.

These nutrients are responsible for the increase in breast volume, which makes them, more than a supplement, an essential substance to obtain the desired result. Typically, they are applied minutes before the massage session. Once the massages have finished, the nutrients will be absorbed until they reach the mammary glands.

Once there, the circulation -stimulated by the massage-, together with the nutrients in the creams, will be responsible for expelling, through the intercellular fluid in the breasts, all the toxic and residual agents found in the breasts. This will be possible thanks to the lymphatic vessels. The result, the purification of the breasts, together with the increase in their size.

Thanks to these results, massages to increase the bust become an ideal resource for the health of the breasts. Their appearance and circulation will improve, which will allow them to have a much healthier life.

These massages have an average time of 15 to 20 minutes, and in addition to the benefits already mentioned, it is known that they also promote the release of prolactin, a hormone responsible for stimulating the size of the breasts. The secretion of this hormone also helps to combat the sagging typically present in the breasts in advanced ages.

Likewise, the secretion of prolactin obtained through these massages results in a great contribution to the production of breast milk during pregnancy, thus facilitating the feeding of the newborn.

Massages to increase the bust

Among the most popular bust massages, it is possible to find:


It consists of applying light pressure to the sinus area using the hands in a clockwise turn. To do this, each breast will be taken with both hands and will maintain a position inclined towards the chest for a few minutes while light pressure is applied. Finally, the hand should be brushed from the mid armpit to the breast without touching it.

4 Techniques Massage

This massage will begin with slight movements, which will start from the area of ​​the nipples to reach the surroundings of the breast. These movements must be carried out with the fingers, and it must travel its path in a straight way. When finished, kneading movements should be applied, which should then be continued with lifting movements. Finally, very carefully move the breast counterclockwise.

Light pressure

This simple massage only requires that the left hand is on the left, while the right hand on the right breast. Then, you will have to make circular movements that surround the breast and gradually approach the nipple without touching it. When finished, light touches should be made with slight pressure around the nipple.

Benefits of massage to increase the bust

Massages to increase the size of the bust provide different benefits to the body, so that the patient who performs them, will be able to enjoy:

Inflammation control

Massages for the bust are of great help to mitigate inflammation in the breast area. Whatever the causes of this may be, they can be treated through these massages.


The application of massages has also shown important contributions to treat pain lodged in the sinuses. Either due to impacts, bad posture or sustained pressure, these can progressively alleviate the sensation of pain.

Fibroadenoma treatment

Although massages are not the default method to treat these benign tumors typically present in the breasts, it is true that they allow to control the development of these types of tumors in a significant way.

Treatment for cysts

Massages to increase the bust can also be helpful in treating cysts. However, they are mostly recommended for microcysts, since they are the smallest, since the largest ones require more invasive treatments to heal correctly.

Diagnosis and checkup

Massages for breast augmentation are used for breast check-up processes, in order to be able to detect and diagnose, in a timely manner, the appearance of any pathology.

Recommendations for breast enlargement massages

In conjunction with the application of massages, it is important to assess the diet that the patient is following. In this regard, the most recommended are foods rich in estrogens, which can contribute to breast growth. However, the most ideal thing will always be to consult a professional who prescribes the most appropriate foods for this process.

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