What does the IT department actually do?

What does the IT department actually do? The IT department: what they do versus what everyone thinks they do. With the level of technological integration in almost every facet of life and business, it is practically essential that companies, large or small, have an Information Technology or IT department to handle all the technological problems that arise.

What does the IT department actually do?
What does the IT department actually do?

Most of us probably don’t know much about the IT department beyond the fact that they are the ones who occasionally come in to install new software or troubleshoot computer-related issues. And while those are some of IT’s overall responsibilities, that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

What does the IT department actually do? Technology advances and it is necessary to have professionals who understand it. The Technology and Information (IT) team are responsible for managing all the technological part in a company and, thanks to them, many companies have managed to advance and stay at the forefront of innovation.

The IT department is responsible for the management of the technological resources that the company has. At first glance, it is thought that they only solve technological problems but their tasks go much further. Today we show you the importance of this team and everything they are capable of doing in a company.

Overview of IT Department Responsibilities

At an even more basic level, by implementing governance for network and operating system usage, it enables company employees to communicate, collaborate, and automate routine tasks, and generally provide teams with the functionality they need to perform their tasks.

It is important to note that although the IT department implements and facilitates the flow of information, it does not create the policy that defines what information is correct or accessible to others.

Here are some of the things the IT department does besides restarting your computer:

Welcome to the IT Department

One of the main engines of this team is to support the routine tasks of the company. Everything that can be automated by means of a machine is a trea that is left in charge of a Technology and Information team.

Among its most outstanding tasks you can find:

  • Software and Application Development: The functionality of the company is an important part of this team so they always look for a good operational functioning of the company.
  • Data Storage: All the information that must be saved by the company is in the hands of the IT department. They, at the digital level, organize it and make it accessible to those who wish to consult it later. They also manage employee data.
  • Infrastructure: The maintenance of the hardware, network, equipment and circuits operating within the company are under the supervision of the IT department. They also decide when it’s time to upgrade equipment and which programs should be added to improve features.
  • Cybersecurity: The implementation of measures to protect the company’s data and its connections are within the evaluation of this department so they must also generate standards that guarantee the protection and correct use of technology within the company.
  • Systems and Equipment Update: Technology is advancing rapidly and that means it teams must decide when is the best time to update the company’s devices, systems and circuits in order to adapt to new technologies.
  • Systems Integration: The company can succeed if all its systems are well integrated and this is the responsibility of the IT department. They can develop, operate and maintain smooth functioning between various systems.
  • Platform Maintenance: The IT department must constantly maintain all systems so that they can function optimally. Clearing cache and outdated information is crucial so that the server does not collapse. At the hardware level, they must also do periodic check-ups.

Benefits of the IT Department in a Company

Having a Technology and Information Team can help a company in many ways. This means that you can benefit in the long term thanks to them and also give a better experience to customers at a technological level.

For example, for virtual stores, a good IT team is vital for the virtual store to generate a good shopping experience in its customers as well as the apps that must work optimally if they want more people to download and recommend them.

Some of the benefits are:

  • Reduces Long-Term Costs

A company that has good computer systems can automate many processes both in the present and in the future. This saves you a lot of money in terms of materials and personnel as technology can perform these tasks.

  • Create a Better Customer Experience

The digitalization of companies means that customers must interact with them through digital platforms and this is where the IT department must be attentive and maintain all digital spaces. Customers use different service channels and must function optimally for the experience to be quite pleasant. A satisfied customer becomes a recurring customer who will always hire the services of the company and use its products.

  • Identify Business Opportunities

We know that the world is beginning a digital stage, therefore, it is necessary to always be at the forefront of information and be able to identify digital spaces related to the company where new income can be generated. New products can even be developed thanks to the technology studies that the IT department develops.

In addition, IT teams have a high capacity to analyze statistics based on the results evaluated by the same digital platforms. This helps to identify the buying trend or the request for services to different users and how to convert them into customers or even improve their entire experience.

  • Improves company operations

The biggest advantage of technology is that it simplifies tasks that were previously tedious. The IT department is in charge of improving the operations of the company and automating those that are repetitive or that a machine with good software can assume.

How does the IT Team work?

You might imagine them as techies spending their office hours in front of a computer reading codes or checking wiring. The truth is that this team is divided into different branches and each one has a very interesting work, some of them are:

  • Operations Team: They focus purely on the infrastructure that involves the technology. They install and manage the company’s networks, data, and web services. The intranet of the company is under their supervision so the basic technological operation of the company depends on them and their good work.
  • Support Team: It is a permanent team that is responsible for helping to avoid and solve technological interruptions that may exist. They address specific problems and prevent them as well.

Project Teams: They solve specific problems with new solutions such as innovative systems that must be adapted or changes that need to be implemented. Their initiatives can be temporary or permanent if they become successful.


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