Which whiskey is better Chivas, Old Parr or Buchanans?

Which whiskey is better Chivas, Old Parr or Buchanans? Whiskey is one of the most exquisite drinks that is consumed in hundreds of countries around the world. Currently, there is a wide variety of whiskeys, and in this line, a variety of people who opt for them. This situation raises an interesting question: Chivas, Old Parr or Buchanans?

Which whiskey is better Chivas, Old Parr or Buchanans?
Which whiskey is better Chivas, Old Parr or Buchanans?

Which of these three whiskeys is the best? In this article we are going to get to this answer, collecting information from the latest ranking of the best whiskeys in the world. So if you want to know which one you should take to your next celebration, continue reading in the sections below.

The first thing we need is to know each of these drinks before giving an answer. To do this, we go with some biographical information about the opponents to understand a little more about their popularity in the market and some of their qualities related to their flavor.

Chivas Regal: The great of Chivas Brothers

Chivas Regal: The great of Chivas Brothers
Chivas Regal: The great of Chivas Brothers

One of the forts in Europe is the Chivas Regal, also known as Chivas. This drink of Scottish origin has been on the market for more than 200 years, and is currently one of the most prominent premium brands in terms of sales. Since 2015, it has experienced a growth of more than 35%, being the favorite option of at least 200 countries in the Far East and Europe.

It is a blend of different grain and malt based whiskeys, all from Scotland respectively. It stands out as one of the most refined, while offering a dark chocolate flavor that provides a unique sensation as soon as it reaches the palate. It is a drink of potential, capable of granting great duration in the mouth who drinks it thanks to its complexity.

Old Parr: The perfect combination made whiskey

What characterizes this drink is the combination of the most exquisite whiskeys from Scotland, which has given rise to one of the most valued whiskeys in the world, with an essential and totally unique flavor.

The name of this drink is in honor of Thomas Parr, a very important figure of English origin, who stood out for his human and intellectual quality during his years of life. It is said that this person lived for 152 years, one of the reasons why it was attributed to him in the name of whiskey.

Old Parr: The perfect combination made whiskey
Old Parr: The perfect combination made whiskey

In this regard, Old Parr has managed to stand out in the first place of hundreds of rankings. A drink that provides a unique experience, demonstrating the Scottish potential for the preparation and production of whisky.

Buchanans: A mild flavor, but exquisite taste

Among the three contenders, Buchanans is the youngest brand, but not because of that, of lower quality. We are facing one of the most successful combinations as far as whiskey itself is concerned. The user can access a very complete drink, thanks to the fact that it is made up of grain and malt.

Buchanans: A mild flavor, but exquisite taste
Buchanans: A mild flavor, but exquisite taste

Buchanans thus highlights one of the most creative proposals in terms of its combination. The result, a smooth and very defined flavor, which has been on the market for 135 years. Its creator, James Buchanan, created his own brand of Whiskeys, currently known as one of the most important.

Its sales stand out in Europe, presenting itself as one of the most demanded options in Spain. It is a product of great value, not only for its quality, but also for its quality-price balance, offering a liter of exquisite flavor to all its users.

Which of these three drinks is the best?

To answer our main question, we cannot resort to personal judgments. In these cases, it is necessary to speak in statistical terms, and this is how we are going to express the answer to our research. In this case, we will consult the ranking of the best whiskeys recently evaluated.

Old Parr leading

Old Parr has proven to be the drink par excellence and the one preferred by consumers. It is known that 7 out of 10 people opt for this one, which places it, with respect to our other two options, in the first place of our comparison.

Highlights are the great Old Parr 12 years and Old parr 18 years old.

Chivas in second place

Next, we come across Chivas in second place, registering that 5 out of 10 people select this drink as their preferred option. Chivas presents 12 years to obtain a minimum maturation. Its flavor is made up of hazelnut, vanilla, caramel and a slight essence of apple.

Chivas Regal 12 years old, a reference to consider, with a bit of honey and fruit in its flavor, although the 18 year old has some caramel and burnt citrus, which could make more than one stagger.

Buchanans in third place

This drink has the support of Latin America and Spain as one of the most valued options for celebrations. In this case, this whiskey ranks third, or in other words, 3 out of 10 people would choose to drink Buchanans respectively.

Of this particular brand, Buchanan’s 12 Year Scotch is considered by some to be the best blended whiskey in the world (especially in English speaking)

Does age affect the quality of whisky?

Indeed, age is one of the most important points in the quality of whiskey flavor. In fact, the best whiskeys stand out for at least three years in the maturation process in wooden barrels.

The alcohol contained in the whiskey is filtered through the cracks in the barrel, and in parallel, it will evaporate, obtaining a light and smooth taste. In this sense, the more time passes, the better quality flavor will be obtained. This is the criterion that warns the quality of a whiskey according to its age, and hence many of these are classified according to their age.

A selection based on criteria

The information reflected in this brief summary is based on the trend that consumers have shown against these three options. However, each of these drinks have proven to be quality products, so this ranking, beyond quality, is based on trends.

Our answer places the Old Parr as the best option of the three. This drink with more than 150 years has become the favorite of multiple countries in Europe and America respectively. One of the most outstanding whiskeys, with an incomparable flavor, which can make anyone opt for said drink.

Google trends

12 months, worldwide as a search term, as of June 7, 2022, Chivas Regal surpasses Buchanan’s (second place) and Old Parr in third place.

Old Parr generates a lot of curiosity in Brazil, while Chivas Regal is highly sought after in Turkey, Cyprus, Sri Lanka, Romania and the United Arab Emirates, for example. In the case of Buchanan’s, in the United States and Mexico.

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