Will Massage Reduce Cellulite

Will Massage Reduce Cellulite? We’re all oh-so-familiar with it. The little lumps of flesh around our thighs and our derriere – wherever there’s a little extra cushion.

Will Massage Reduce Cellulite?
Will Massage Reduce Cellulite?

You’ve probably noticed it more as you’ve rounded each new decade and birthday year. That’s cellulite. It’s natural. Your body is constantly changing, and cellulite is just one of the parts.

In this post, I will present what cellulite massage can offer and what it cannot, and analyze each of the cellulite massage techniques mentioned above.

Is massage effective for cellulite?

That’s not true. But you can use massage to minimize the appearance of cellulite on the body.

About Cellulite: Will Massage Reduce Cellulite?

It is very common for people to have cellulite. About 80 to 90% of women suffer from this condition.

Fat tissue tends to accumulate in areas with greater fat content (hooray for the thighs). The accumulation of fat tissue is not an indication of ill health. A person’s chances of developing cellulite increase as they age, gain weight, and become less active, especially if they have a family history of the condition.

The American Society for Dermatologic Surgery states that cellulite cannot be prevented despite misleading promises. (Although it may seem tempting, 20 minutes of squeezing won’t erase your cellulite.)

Relaxing massages are one option for reducing the appearance of cellulite.

Is it possible to massage your cellulite away?

Not really.A qualified massage therapist says that massage improves skin tone, which can stretch out cellulite dimples.

Stretching skin tissues, redistributing fat cells, and improving circulation and lymphatic drainage all contribute to cellulite reduction.

Although a decent massage can temporarily reduce the appearance of cellulite, it is not a long-term solution. Treatments should be repeated several times.

How to use massage for cellulite?

You can perform your own massage at home if you follow the right methods. Although scheduling an appointment with an expert is the ideal choice, you can also perform it yourself at home.

You can also purchase massage creams to use during your at-home massage. Nevertheless, it’s important to note that it’s the approach rather than the cream that works.

Keeping up with your sessions on a regular basis is essential to long-term improvements.

Massage tools for cellulite

There are several tools you can use to enhance your at-home cellulite massage. We suggest the following:

Foam rollers promote lymphatic drainage in key areas of cellulite accumulation.

Handheld massagers Massage may be enhanced without straining your hands. Do your research and select the best product for you.

Endermologie (also known as deep tissue massage) lifts and stretches the skin around the areas where cellulite usually appears.

Dry brushing is also thought to treat cellulite, which is a common misconception. Despite the fact that dry brushing stimulates blood flow and removes dead skin cells, there is no evidence to support the claim that it can treat cellulite. Avoid!

Deep tissue massage for cellulite

Massages that target deep fascia and muscles are known as deep tissue massages or remedial massages. Deep tissue massage attempts to restore musculoskeletal system harmony by affecting these tissues.

There is a belief that deep tissue massage can improve cellulite more than Swedish massage because it is a stronger sort of massage (normally it’s not all that strong, but that’s another story…), compared to the Swedish/relaxation variety.

As deep tissue massage aims to work with a lot of pressure on muscles, it does affect the hypodermis, but it is not specific enough to work against cellulite, so it is not an effective cellulite reduction technique. It has great effects on the muscles and general circulation/lymphatic drainage, but not so great on cellulite.

Swedish massage for cellulite

Swedish massage is simply too light to have even a half-decent effect on cellulite.

Swedish massage is great for mental relaxation for some people (but highly irritating for those who like deeper massage), decent for circulation, helpful for muscles, but generally pointless for cellulite.

There is a need for a much more vigorous and specific treatment.

Thai massage for cellulite

Thai massage relies on point pressures and stretching. Just too many points are pressing on the cellulite surface to affect the entire surface. The hypodermis is not specifically affected, either.

Stretching is good for your muscles, but it won’t help you with cellulite.

In addition, both point pressures and stretches would increase circulation to some extent, but not to a great extent, and neither in a specific way that would reduce cellulite.

Overall, Thai massage may be a nice type of bodywork/massage for mental and muscular relaxation, but not to remove cellulite.

Cellulite self-massage at home

It is possible to apply a pretty good cellulite massage to your legs if you follow the above guidelines.

The problem, however, is twofold:

  • Women cannot apply a strong massage for the required 20-30 minutes on the front or, more commonly, the back because of fatigue and boredom
  • Massaging the back of your thighs and buttocks, where cellulite is usually found, is quite difficult

The front, outer, and inner thighs should benefit from a light massage at least three times a week if combined with healthy eating and vigorous exercise (if possible). Set aside one day in between each massage to allow your muscles to recover.

The bottom line

Cellulite affects 80 to 90 percent of women. That’s just how our bodies work, and it’s not an indicator of poor health.

There’s no cure for cellulite, but there are ways to limit the appearance of dimples. It can be helped by regular massages, exercise, and lifestyle measures such as drinking water. If you choose to undergo treatment, repeat it frequently for best results.

If you’re interested in trying massage to treat cellulite, be aware of its limitations. It isn’t possible to cure cellulite by massage, but it might temporarily improve the appearance of the skin and make cellulite less noticeable. Many health benefits can be gained from massage, so it may be worth including in your wellness routine.

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