Xiaomi vacuum robot mop

Introduction: Xiaomi vacuum robot mop. Xiaomi is a company in Beijing, China, with significant electronics skills. Lie Jun launched it in 2010, and in 2014 Xiaomi became the largest smartphone company in China.

It has spread to more than 100 countries and regions. It is the top 5 smartphone company in the world, and It has launched a fast vacuum robot cleaner.

Xiaomi vacuum robot mop
Xiaomi vacuum robot mop

Now it is moving toward Europe because of its versatile features. This device has self-emptying properties and drying the mop head. It has an ultrasonic sensor that detects dust particles on carpets and floors and cleans them. It has a 4000p dust suction capacity.

Xiaomi robot vacuum mop is a fast cleaner that can remove heavy stains and dust particles. It has an ultrasonic sensor that detects dust particles in restricted places and cleans them.

It has more suction power and a large capacity of about 4000p. It has standard vibration moping with 5000 beats per minute.

Let’s know more about Xiaomi vacuum robot mop.

Features of Xiaomi robot vacuum

Below are some Xiaomi vacuum robot mop features.

Moping power 

It has standard moping with 500 vibrations per minute. It is best when the frequency of the operating system is low. It becomes difficult to clean when the frequency of the operating system is inadequate. So it has partial vibration than the advanced type. 

Professional cleaning expert 

When you need a professional cleaning expert to clean your floor with the most significant result, bring a Xiaomi robot vacuum. It has a 2700p power suction fan blower and consistent cleaning. 

Upgraded Features 

It has upgraded features and an automatic zone, and it is clear where you tell it to go. You can walk with comfort and confidence on your floor with bare feet. You have no risk of pathogen attack and sickness. It has intelligent and interactive features.

Battery life 

It has a 3200mAh battery that can run for about 2-3 hours and clean your room with one charge. 

Xiaomi home app

This app provides actual-time status, quick monitoring, and scheduled cleaning. It also has the feature of remote control. You can clean your home through it even when you are not home.

Security and privacy

It provides you with complete security and protection of your home. Security chips in the device manage its authenticity. It offers all-around security for the user and holds their privacy secret.

Deep cleaning

2700p powerful suction fan blower can remove dirt and dust particles. It removes dust and has 550ml Dustin for debris and four suction modes.

Cleaning in corners and gaps 

It has many meetings when you allow more brushes to clean the hidden corner and gaps on the floorboards. It will clean with full coverage on every side and super dense fiber of 0.1mm. It’s full coverage hex side brush clean deep in every gap and corner.

Scan the entire home layout. 

Robot vacuum scans the entire home structure and cleans it with the assigned route. It has a high-speed visual navigation system, and It examines the home environment and creates a cleaning plan. You select your favorite way, and it will clean it.

Benefits of Xiaomi Robot Vacuum

It has the following types with more features and enhanced power and capacity.

Robot vacuum mop pro 2

It has 1000 vibrations per minute with more exceptional cleaning power. It is an upgraded version of the robot vacuum mop with more advanced features.

Moping power 

It has more moping power of about 1000 vibrations per minute. It has high-frequency sonic vibration. It is easy for stain removal. It has a Full floor covering with no stains. Its entire unit moves when moping.

Clean stubborn stain 

It has a high moping frequency, vibrates 1000p per minute, and removes all stubborn stains of coffee, oil, and soy sauce. Its entire unit move, which boosts the cleaning power.

Microfiber for powerful stain 

The mop features microfibers to ensure water penetration, effective penetration, and drying power. Robot provides no watermarks on the floor. The equal absorbance of water and quick drying of the base makes it unique and versatile.

Advanced moping route design

It has an advanced direction design and moves the restricted place and removes the dust. It moves in a manual direction and wipes from left to right. It has combined with a water tank and ensures it can remove all the floor stains.

Customized cleaning of a home 

It ensures the customized—cleaning of every room of the home. You can select the order of cleaning the bedroom, dining room, washroom, and kitchen.

It depends on you to choose your desired route and ensure the dirt in one room can’t move to another. You have to manage suction Power, water supply, and the type of floor which need to clean.

Control to the clean palm of your hand 

By using Xiaomi Robot mobile app, you can control the cleaning of your room. You can use the remote control feature and give instructions through the app to clean your home.

Scheduled cleaning 

In this cleaning, it is up to you to clean whenever you have the best time. You can clean at your favorite time.

Specific point to clean

In this cleaning, you select the area you want to clean. The Robot will clean it as per your instruction.

Zone cleaning 

In zone cleaning, you choose a specific zone to clean.

Virtual wall 

In zone-out cleaning, you choose the area you don’t want to clean.

Supports OTA upgrades 

You have to support the optimization and update of the app and its features. It will release the Robot’s smartness and improve intelligence.

Battery capacity 

It has almost 5200mAh battery capacity and will run for 8-9 hours.

Voltage power 

It has about 20V charging capacity. 

Net weight 

The product’s net weight is 3.6 kg, and you can manage it.

Conclusion: Xiaomi vacuum robot mop

Xiaomi robot vacuum can clean your home with a single charge in 110 minutes, and China’s invention is now spreading in Europe and other countries.

It has a 2700p suction fan blower which cleans the stubborn stain with accurate results. It has an ultrasonic frequency of 500 vibrations per minute.

The robot battery has a 3200mAh capacity with a 2-3 hours lifetime, a 250ml water tank capacity, and 550ml of dustbin for debris. It has full coverage with a hex side brush design.

An advanced prescribed moping model and provides an app facility. Xiaomi vacuum robot offers security for the home and has a navigation system. It can clean the room with controlled zone mapping.

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