Aquarium under the stairs

Is having an aquarium under the stairs good at feng shui? When designing interiors, dead corners, such as the corner of the wall or under stairs, are often skillfully transformed into an area with a utility function and even become a highlight of the house.

Aquarium under the stairs
Aquarium under the stairs

Under the stairs is where much of the house is stored, so people usually take advantage of this space, one of the ways is to make an aquarium.

To increase sophistication and originality, you’ll always want to put an aquarium in your beloved home. Many people always want to put the fish tank under the stairs. So should you take advantage of the stairs to create a “paradise” for fish to roam?

According to feng shui, there are no “contraindications” to placing an aquarium under the stairs of a house. However, each house has a different distribution, so when deciding to build an aquarium, it is necessary to take into account each specific case.

It is necessary to carefully consider before deciding where to place the aquarium.

In general, under the stairs is located in the negative, dark, dusty and stagnant area. The diagonal line under the stairs belongs to the Fire element, which is not convenient to arrange spaces for daily activities, which are positive and need to be open.

Therefore, in the house, if the space is narrow, it is possible to take advantage of the space under the stairs to make a warehouse or a cloakroom (also in negative) or a bathroom (of course, the space under the staircase should be calculated and only auxiliary hygiene).

Making an aquarium under the stairs easily leads to this place becoming more and more humid, and also difficult to clean, difficult to see the landscape in its entirety.

However, if the stairs are open, in herringbone or outdoors, with enough space around, enough light, it is completely possible to make an aquarium or a lake underneath.

Therefore, it is necessary to specifically consider the location and specifications of stairs to figure out how to make an aquarium – a small landscape with water that is suitable for feng shui and convenient in daily life.

Depending on the conditions of each house, you can make use of the stairs under the stairs to a small garden, rockery or aquarium. The combination of green trees, rocks, pebbles, waterfalls and animals such as ornamental fish and ornamental birds will create a living and nature-filled space in your home.

To build miniatures, you need to build a boundary with bricks, stones, or low fences. Under the stairs it is usually low, so it is advisable to plant small and succulent balls. Perennials, anthuriums, Japanese orchids, ferns… they are suitable plants that not only have colorful leaves but also live well in indoor conditions.

Conclusion: aquarium under the stairs

Many people use it as a functional room as a bathroom, a place to work, study or store things. Some families even set up a kitchen in this area.

However, in terms of the principles of feng shui, under the stairs is negative, quite dark, dusty and damp, which is not convenient for organizing daily activities, which are positive and should be ventilated.

If the area of the house is limited, you can take advantage of the space under the stairs as a deposit, closet or bathroom. Do not place the kitchen, altar, study room, bedroom, office under the stairs.

Feng shui gives us important parameters, both to maintain balance and to preserve the health of the home. Will we listen to their tips?

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