Second generation of computers, Transistors (1956-1963)

Second generation of computers, Transistors (1956-1963). The second generation of computers refers to the period in the history of computing that took place from the late 1950s to the mid-1960s. This era was characterized by significant advances in computer technology, including the use of transistors as electronic components, which replaced the vacuum tubes used in the first generation of computers.

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Fifth generation of computers

Fifth generation of computers, 1980 onwards, features. The fifth generation of computers is a term that refers to the current and future development of computer systems that use artificial intelligence techniques and technologies.

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Samsung q95 vs LG cx

Introduction: Samsung q95 vs LG cx. The Samsung Q95T is a comprehensive 4K QLED TV with an inspiring image quality cheer to its high intensity and QLED screen.

Once it comes to sound, the TV doesn’t complain either. The profound bass exists, and the sound isn’t distorted at a high volume.

Let’s know more about Samsung q95 vs LG cx

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