What is flirting?

What is flirting?”Flirt”, a word used frequently, but do you know specifically what it refers to? It’s not just about shortening a person. It all depends on the context, because what would happen if we were talking about linking two ingredients for a recipe?

This is what it is about, and in this way, we are going to know the different meanings of this expression.


To start from a base, we can consider the etymological definition of the word bind, which, in its translation into Latin, leads us to the expression ligāre : Unite or link. It is at the very base of the word religion (re ligare). It could also mean, perfect mother and / or lying.

It is a transitive verb, to say that its meaning denotes an action necessarily narrowed to an object. For example, the word eat implies the action of ingesting a food (object). The word flirt, itself, holds different meanings.

Bind, alloy metals, bind, work, befriend, understand, confederate, unite.

Etymology of Flirting

Let’s go with the verb flirt; It is an old word in English but with the connotation of playing courtship it would only begin to be used in the 16th and 17th centuries.

It is mentioned that it may have been influenced by the French term fleureter that refers to talking nonsense, although this expression is a kind of diminutive of Flor (fleur) in the language of Descartes although it can be used as a trope, an image of the bees that go from flower to flower.

The nice thing is that flirter (flirting in French), was taken from English in the 19th century. It could be double pollination or influence so to speak.
Of course, there are also strong connections with German (don’t forget that Germanic languages and their derivatives, like English, have many elements in common related to fun and uncertainty).

Flirt in love

One of the most common contexts in which the word flirt is used is in love, specifically, to refer to the process in which two people begin to foster a romantic relationship.

Two people are said to be “flirting” when they spend time getting to know each other and trying to form a relationship. To understand it more easily, it could be said that flirting is a possible synonym for courting, but getting rid of the idea that it is a unilateral act of a man towards a woman.

Both men and women can flirt, no matter who acts first. There is also no relevance in the purpose of the relationship, since people can flirt only to have casual relationships, or also for relationships of a more formal practice.

This does not determine whether they are binding or not. Phrases such as “Fernando could flirt with that suit tonight”, “It is possible that those two over there are flirting”, “Would you dare flirt with that girl?” Are very common.

Surely it has already been clear, flirting is a way of referring to seduction, the process in which two people begin to meet with the possibility of having a relationship. What is flirting, seducing?

Flirting is a set of verbal (speech) and non-verbal (gestures, facial expressions) actions to express sympathy for a person. Flirting can serve as the beginning of a serious relationship or it can remain an innocent love game to get attention.

Flirting is beautiful because it doesn’t force you into anything, but it lifts your spirits and self-confidence.

Some people flirt to please, use sweet words to achieve their own goals. There are also people who flirt just because they are having fun, they want to have a little fun without serious intentions. For a girl that you like and want to meet, she is dating or has lived together, flirting is joking, having fun together and being naughty with no serious or important intentions, no importance. That last part is the crux of flirting, which is not taking anything seriously or taking it seriously.

If you are too serious, too rational, and only use logic, a lot of your flirting will only make the atmosphere more tense rather than fun. It’s also not flirting when you’re trying to control his reaction. When you speak ill of her in a serious and critical tone to get her attention, that is an insult, not a flirtation. So you shouldn’t say anything to get her reaction, say it and wait for her to laugh, as if she doesn’t smile, you lose a part of your manhood.


The purpose of flirting is to express emotions and create a happy atmosphere at that moment. The fun is usually the understandable, half in jest, half in truth.

The fun of flirting is not to make her wonder if you like her, but to make her wonder how much you like her .

Other serious goals like making a follow-up date, getting into bed, or establishing a relationship are just extension purposes.

The art of flirting is basically like going to war. Your objective will be the fortress and your objective in flirting is to successfully conquer that fortress. There is a saying “Know others and know me, a hundred battles, a hundred victories”. This phrase applies to flirting with girls, even more accurate. So, before you implement tactics, you must understand the psychology of girls.

Note: originally this post included some headings and sections in Spanish that were not transferred to the other languages due to special situations that take the wording in the initial text out of context.

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