Becoming a Buddhist

Introduction: Becoming a Buddhist. Buddhism is the teaching of the Siddharat Gautama, which specifies the life and universe relationship. His education includes the four fundamental noble truths and karma. It also consists of the truth of rebirth, which helps liberate ourselves from life’s suffering and problems and move on.

It is a whole school of teaching called dharma, which is much older than the religion. Buddhism is still a popular religion among millions of practitioners. The first and most crucial step in becoming a Buddhist is to know about the beliefs and facts of Buddhists.

It will help you to know that Buddhism is the right religion for you are not. Here, you will learn about Buddhism’s basic steps, beliefs, facts, and centuries-old traditions.

Buddhism is a religion which is spreading from East to West. To become a Buddhist, you must take the refugees from the Triple Gem. The triple Gem consists of the dharma, the Sangha, and the Buddha, which reduces the suffering of life and meets enlightenment.

Becoming a Buddhist
Becoming a Buddhist 2

A: Understanding of the basic Buddhist concepts

There are following steps and beliefs to know before you become a Buddhist.

1: Learn basic Buddhist terms and language

The knowledge about the basic terminology of Buddhism will make you understand and learn everything you will read. Buddhist term is unknown to people of the West. There are the following terminologies used in Buddhism.

Arhat :

A man who has attained the Nirvana.


A state of being in which man is on the way to enlightenment.


It is the state of an awakened man who has achieved perfect enlightenment. Becoming a Buddha is the only way for Buddhism to know about the Buddha.


This term is complicated and usually refers to the teachings of the Buddha.


It is spiritual bliss that transcends beyond duality, language, time, space, and perception. The Shakyamuni Buddha often defined it using the metaphor of a mirror. This is a mirror that reflects images of all objects without any differentiation. It is a result of achieving enlightenment.


It is the Buddhist community where they live together.


It is a sacred Buddhist text which they often use for secrets.


It is the title of Arhat.

2: familiarity with different Buddhist educational institutes.

Today, The two most popular Buddhist schools are Theravada and Mahayana, which are most popular and reliable for education. These two institutes have the same fundamental beliefs, but there are many differences in the teaching strategies.

Mahayana focuses on becoming a bodhisattva and its knowledge. While Theravada focuses on practicing the dharma and its ability. There are also many other schools of Buddhism, such as Nichiren Shoshu, Zen, Pure Land, and Esoteric Buddhism.

All the Schools of Buddhism are far from the same in beliefs and teaching strategies. There are similarities to the degree they provide, but many schools of Buddhism have gone off on tangible over time.

Buddhism is such an old religion; many ancient differences between all the schools cannot be covered in detail. It would help if you spent time researching Buddhism to learn more.

3: knowledge about the life of Siddhartha Gautama

Siddhartha Gautama pioneered Buddhism, and many books discuss his life and knowledge. Many research papers will reveal many articles about his life. Siddhartha Gautama, a prince of his time, left his palace and luxury lifestyle to seek enlightenment and notification, which he was not enjoying in his luxury home.

It is not to believe that he is not the only Buddha in existence, but he is the historical founder of Buddhism and opened the gate of knowledge about it.

4: Learn about the Four Noble Truths of Buddhism

One of Buddhism’s most essential and foundational concepts is the knowledge of a teaching called the Four Noble Truths. The first truth is suffering, the second truth is the cause of suffering, the third is the end of suffering, and the fourth is the path that leads to many problems and suffering in your life.

In other words, hell exists; it always has a chance and an end, but there is a way to bring about a future of suffering and satisfaction.

5: Learn about rebirth and life

Buddhists believe that sentient beings live many lives and get rebirth. Once Buddhists die, they are born into a new life, and this cycle of living and dying always continues. Buddhists can be reborn in a variety of forms and conditions of life. One of the essential goals of Buddhism is to stop rebirth and meet disappearance.

6: Understanding of karma

Karma is connected with rebirth and disappearance. It determines where and when a being will be reborn. It consists of the good or bad actions of old and recent lifetimes. Bad or good karma may immediately affect a being thousands of years from now. Negative karma results from evil activities or feelings, like killing, stealing, lying, or doubting their beliefs.

Positive karma results from good actions, thoughts, and emotions such as generosity, kindness, calmness, politeness, and spreading Buddhist rules and teachings. Neutral karma results from activities without natural effect and is not disturbed by thoughts such as breathing, sleeping, or awakening.

B: seeking refuge from the Buddha

There are following steps to take refuge from Buddha.

1: Find a temple you feel comfortable and readily available to you

Significant cities have a Buddhist temple, but each temple will be based on a different school (such as Theravada or Zen). Each school will offer strategies, services, classes, timing, and activities. The best way to learn about temples near your home is to visit there and talk to a respected or lay devotee for your requirements.

  • Ask about the services and activities the following temple offers and their timings.
  • Explore the different shrines near your home or where you can quickly go.
  • You have to Attend a few services and see if you like the atmosphere, and when you are satisfied with any temple, get your benefits from there.

2: you have to become part of the community

Becoming a part of the community is essential to understanding the knowledge of Buddhism and taking refuge. Like most religions, Buddhism has a strong sense of community, and you devote yourself to it. You are welcoming and informative when you start classes and make friends at your temple.

Almost all Buddhist communities travel together to different Buddhist temples worldwide, and it is a fun way to get involved. At first, you will feel shy or nervous, but this is perfectly normal. There is no need to is the most famous religion in many countries like Japan, Myanmar, Nepal, Korea, Sri Lanka, and China.

3: questioning about taking refuge in the Triple Gem of Buddhism

The Triple Gem of Buddhism consists of the Buddha, the Dharma, and the Sangha. You can take refuge in the Triple Gem; you will go to a ceremony whose motives are not to kill, steal, commit sexual misconduct, avoid false speech, and not consume intoxicants. The events of this ceremony will vary from temple to temple.

Refrain from feeling the order to take the Three Refuges; Buddhist morality is the most essential part of this religion. If you cannot take the Three Refuges for cultural reasons, or if you do not find a temple near your home area, you can still follow the Five Noble Truths. Once you take refuge in Buddhism, you are a Buddhist and must follow its beliefs.

How do you become a Buddhist?

You can be a Buddhist if you do not have to be “born” into Buddhism, nor do your parents have to be Buddhists. You can belong to any race, country, socio-economic background, or gender. If you wish to identify yourselves as Buddhists, typically participate in a ceremony known as taking refuge in the Triple Gem.

This is the simple act of reciting the refuge verse three times before a monastic you can do and seek shelter. The refuge verse expresses an individual’s confidence in three stones called the Buddha, the Dharma, and the Sangha. It means alleviating suffering and attaining enlightenment.

What is the meaning of taking refuge in the Triple Gem?

All Buddhists following the proper practice should take refuge in the Triple Stone as their first step. After taking refuge, you can declare you are a triple Gem disciple. It is the collective name for the Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha, which represent the alleviating of the sufferings of your life.

Bottom line: Becoming a Buddhist

Buddhism is the religion followed by Buddhism, and it was used in the East almost in the 50s before many people entered it. The Eastern world opened its arms to the Western people, who became Buddhists. Anyone who takes the path of becoming Buddhist can take refuge from the triple Gem.

A triple gem is a stone consisting of the dharma, the Buddha, and the Sangha, reducing all your life’s suffering and attaining enlightenment. It consists of the four noble truths one must believe in wanting to become a Buddhist. The first noble truth is that birth is suffering, the second one is aging suffering, the third is death is suffering, and the fourth is rebirth.

The disassociation from the loved one is suffering, and not getting the one you love is suffering. These noble truth has been thoroughly penetrated to understand the suffering. Becoming a Buddhist means changing their insight into anything happening around them.

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