Historical Goalscorers UEFA Champions League

Historical Goalscorers UEFA Champions League, The UEFA Champions League, is one of the most important celebrations for the football union, where all the European football associations (clubs) meet to measure themselves in a series of matches in which their best players from all over the world will be put to the test.

In its translation into Spanish, UEFA, UEFA Champions League, was previously called the European Cup. Its final match has been one of the most important events for the world of sports, which is tuned in by more than four hundred million viewers and viewers around the world.

Historical Goalscorers UEFA Champions League
Historical Goalscorers UEFA Champions League

UEFA was born in 1954, after a media dispute by multiple journalists, who, in particular, claimed to have reported on the best soccer teams, finding disagreements between which of each team had really been the best. Due to this controversy, a championship where European clubs participate is proposed: The European Cup.

This is how, since 1955, the European Cup has become one of the most important events for football until today, where large crowds eagerly await to enjoy the variety of matches between the different clubs.

All-time goalscorer list

Historical Goalscorers UEFA Champions League. Historic Goalscorers UEFA Champions League, During its tradition, UEFA has registered the most outstanding goalscorers, in what is called the list of historic goalscorers in the UEFA Champions League. Next, we are going to meet the best players in this cup, based on the number of goals they have scored respectively.

Cristiano Ronaldo: 140 goals

Cristiano Ronaldo tops the list of goalscorers, reporting a total of 140 goals so far, during his collaboration with Real Madrid, Por, Manchester United and Juventus. The Portuguese has been recognized as one of the most outstanding players, being the first to achieve more than 100 goals in the Champions League since 2017, specifically, on April 18.

CR7 did not start his career as the striker he is today, since it would not be until goal number 27 that he would be ranked as one of those responsible for scoring at Manchester United. It is here where he begins to report, in a very unique way, the figures that today allow him to lead as the main goalscorer in UEFA.

His marking is a record, being the only player who has been able to score three finals in the Champions League. Likewise, he has obtained five victories, of which one would be with United and four with Real Madrid.

At the national team level, Cristiano Ronaldo has stood out as one of the most important players, which translates into one of the most outstanding careers of all time in European football.

Lionel Messi: 129 goals

With 129 goals, Lionel Messi is second on UEFA’s top scorers list. His astonishing record would be immortalized by the year 2021, where he reported a total of 129 goals for Barcelona, overwhelmingly surpassing Cristiano Ronaldo’s then 105 for Madrid.

Among other of his brands, we can highlight his goal against Haifa Maccabi, in the 2022/2023 second group stage, making him the first soccer player with a total of 18 consecutive editions in the competition. In turn, he would have marked 16 consecutive campaigns in European competition with the same team.

Lionel Messi joined the lines of Barcelona in 2001, at the age of 13 years old. There he would remain for the next 20 years, obtaining four victories in the UEFA, as well as seven editions of the Copa del Rey, ten League titles and the three super super cups obtained in the UEFA.

Robert Lewandowski: 91 goals

This is a footballer of Polish origin, who has served as a striker for Barcelona, responsible for multiple feats as the top scorer for the first time with 15 goals, even surpassing Messi and Ronaldo. Among his most important victories, we find that of Bavarian for 2020.

His record of his first 80 goals was achieved during UEFA, during 100 games. For his part, Lionel Messi required 102, while Ronaldo recorded 116 games respectively.

Robert Lewandowski is also an absolute international in the Polish team since 2008, where he is recognized as the all-time top scorer, and also serves as the capital of said team.

At present, he is considered one of the best scorers in history, with more than 130 international matches at 34 years of age. He has obtained different recognitions as top scorer since his first games, which is why he is valued as a category player. He received, in 2020, the Grand Honorary Prize of Sport from the Polish Olympic Committee.

A total of 13 all-time scorers reported

The list extends to the thirteenth position, where Filippo Inzahagi, from Italy, appears with a record of 47 goals. The players presented below are part of UEFA’s all-time top scorers, all with unique careers as members of multiple clubs.

Karim Benzema (France): 86 goals

Raúl González (Spain): 71 goals

Ruud van Nistelrooy: 56 goals

Thomas Muller: 50 goals

Thierry Henry: 50 goals

Alfredo Di Stefano: 49 goals

Zlatan Ibrahimovic: 48 goals

Andriy Shevchenko: 48 goals

Eusebio Da Silva: 47 goals

Eusebio Da Silva: 47 goals

UEFA is an event that has managed to transform the enjoyment and exercise of football itself. Here it has been possible to expose the different talents from around the world, all gathered on the same playing field, to test and measure themselves.

The result, a peak moment in which people from all over the world get ready to enjoy the sports dispute between category players, which compete to obtain the blame that, with more than 50 years, has given a unique moment to lovers and practitioners of soccer itself throughout the world.

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