I cheated on my husband, but never told him

I cheated on my husband, but never told him: Does cheating ruin a relationship, should I cheat back on my husband.

I cheated on my husband, but never told him: Does cheating ruin a relationship, should I cheat back on my husband
I cheated on my husband, but never told him


It’s challenging for a woman when she first enters into married life. She ultimately enters into a new phase of life. When I got married in the start, we were delighted with each other, but we went away with each other with time. My husband was busy with his work, and he started spending most time out of the house. 

I, along with my children, started missing my husband. Then to fulfill my needs, I start spending time with other guys. I like to play with different people, gradually my relationship with that person goes to sexual appetites, I start sexual contact with another person.

Sometimes, my husband knows all the situations, but he said he trusted me when I directly asked him. I realize that I am doing wrong things, but this feeling of shame did not restrain me from having relationships with other people.

Due to my husband’s destructive and aggressive nature, I want to leave him. So, I always think about how I can get divorced from him. 

Some women believe in an open relationship, and they don’t want to live in monogamy. That’s why to fulfill their sexual desires from other persons, and they keep relationships with many people at a time.

These women know that their husbands will get furious after learning about the chatting. So, that woman keeps their relationship secrets. 

They cheat their husbands by spending time with others. This woman wants to leave her husband. I also cheated on my husband many times and never told him in life. I cheated on my husband as he did not give me proper time and did not fulfill my sexual desires. 

By law, it is wrong to cheat husbands, but besides this, many people cheat their husbands. When I entered my married life, I changed myself; I became relaxed and calm to live a happy life, but he did not change himself; that’s why I got upset by his lousy behavior, so I decided to cheat him. I am not guilty of what I have done because it’s right for me.

Does cheating ruin a relationship?

Disloyalty in any relation can destroy this relation. A healthy relationship depends on trust and loyalty, and whenever infidelity comes into any relationship, everything goes to ruin.

In some relationships, if one person cheats, then compromising that relationship can go on for an extended period. But after your infidelity, your spouse will start disliking you, and your life will become more destructive than before.

After cheating, your partner doesn’t want to look again in many relationships, so your relationship would destroy automatically. 

For some people, if their partner kisses someone, then it’s okay for them, but at the same time, some people will leave their partner as they cannot bear even a little bit of cheating.

When you start your relationship, then see your boundaries. If you feel that kissing someone is expected, you think you have not made any mistake; this will cause your relationship to be tricky as you don’t admit your mistake; you feel perfect, and your partner is wrong. 

When you break your partner’s trust, then it’s difficult for him to trust again in you. If your partner is aggressive and furious by nature, then he will not bear your disloyalty; it will take a long time for your partner to build trust again.

It is difficult for you to talk frankly with your partner at that time. So, try to assure your partner that you will never repeat that mistake in your life. 

Your partner will not trust you at the start, but you continuously assure him that you will not cheat your partner again. Your assurance can make your relationship perfect again. But if cheating ruins the connection, your partner will not be able to trust again on anyone, and indeed he will hate anyone. Your partner will think that everyone will cheat him in future. 

Through counseling, you can save your relationship. If you have a perfect time with your partner, then your partner will not leave you by one mistake because your partner will remember the good time with you. In some situations, you cheat your partner many times, and then at this time, it isn’t easy to build your relationship. 

As you break your partner’s trust many times, he will not trust you again in his life. If your partner is possessive and aggressive, your disloyalty will hurt your partner; he will feel it is a decisive blow to his self-esteem.

Should I cheat back on my husband?

Relationships build on trust, loyalty and faithful nature. When your partner trusts you and gives you a lot of love to spend a happy life with your partner, after all, care and respect if you cheat your partner, then it’s not good for you and your partner.

Your partner breaks totally from the inside, and maybe a partner is not accepting cheating from you. Sometimes, your partner takes this pain deeply and becomes patient.

Your partner tries to give you an ideal life, but your partner starts hating everyone after your loyalty. Your partner thinks everyone will deceive him. So we suggest that as your husband is loving, caring, and loyal to you, you should also give respect and love to him.

When you give love in return, he will take care of you. It would be best if you remained loyal to your husband, as your husband supports you in every work in front of all family, so when you cheat him, everyone will poke him.

If you have any problem with your husband, try to communicate with him but not deceive him. If your husband is angry by nature, your relationship will automatically end as he will not bear that anyone cheats with him.

For a healthy and robust relationship, try to understand each other’s nature very well. So we suggest that you should live with him happily without any cheating. You will feel paradise in the world by remaining loyal to your partner.

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