Importance of international marketing

Importance of international marketing: what is international marketing, in companies , Globalization and adaptation, Sustained development, Growth of a brand, Profits-advantages, Favorable target, Increase in income, Enter other markets, Positioning, An essential element for the business area.

Importance of international marketing: what is international marketing, in companies , Globalization and adaptation, Sustained development
International marketing


Many businesses focus on marketing their products in their countries. What they do not know is that the global market presents the largest number of consumers capable of buying their products. Globalization, which is the expansion of businesses to the global market has become one of the most common factors in most industries. 

These industries have realized that the global market presents a ready market for their products hence the need to expand into other countries. Expanding a company is not always easy. It requires a lot of research to determine whether the expansion is worth it.

If the country you plan to expand in has other companies operating in your industry, you are likely to face a lot of competition. The good news is that international marketing will make it easy for you to operate in such countries. 

International marketing plays an important role in increasing the consumer’s awareness of your business. If your business is widely known in other parts of the world, you are likely to get more sales through a positive word of mouth from the consumers. If you do not market your business, the chances are high that you will not get a large number of consumers. 

The long run lack of consumers is that your business would fail in the future. Therefore, you need to focus on the international market to ensure that your company stands a better chance of developing sustainable competition that would keep it running in the market for long. 

What is international marketing

Basically, International Marketing is to attempt advertising exercises in more than one country. It is frequently called Global Marketing, for example planning the promoting blend (viz. Item, value, place, advancement) worldwide and redoing it as indicated by the inclinations of various country individuals. 

Once the marketing mix has been rearranged, it would be less challenging for an organization to operate in global marketing. The rearranging of the product mix is to ensure that consumers understand what your company is offering in the global market and how they can access your products.

This is the most important section of global advertising. If consumers do not know your product or where to buy it, it would be challenging for them to buy or access your products. This means that you will not stand a better chance of competing in the global market. 

The chief choice that any organization needs to make is whether or not to go worldwide. The organization probably shouldn’t globalize due to its colossal piece of the pie in the homegrown market and don’t have any desire to gain proficiency with the new regulations and rules of the global market. However, the global market is known to present a ready market and this makes it a good choice to expand your business to the global market. 

Global marketing is all about making your products known in the global market. Regardless of the stiff competition you might face in global marketing, you can always maneuver it through aggressive advertising. All you have to do is study the global market and identify a niche that is likely to consume your products.

In companies

Global marketing in companies occurs in a situation whereby a company has expanded into the global economy or plans to expand into such an economy. If a company has already expanded into the global market, it means that it has done a lot of research regarding the market. In turn, the company will have minimal challenges in identifying a reliable niche to which it markets its products. 

The company would also understand all the challenges associated with marketing a similar product in the foreign country. This is a privilege that companies which do not operate in the global markets have to face in marketing their products. Therefore, the best way to market in the international market is by launching your products in the country then focusing on how to market a product which is already in the right place.

If you have not yet launched your product in the global market, you can still market it in the foreign markets. This would create awareness about the products before you even launch them in the market. Once you have launched the product, the chances are high that your business will do well because the consumers are already aware of your products. 

Such consumers were only waiting for the product to be in the right position so that they could purchase it. There are various factors that you need to know before you launch your company in the global market.

These factors will help maneuver the stiff competition you will definitely meet in the foreign nations. However, if you have the right information and how to maneuver the challenges in these countries, you should have minimal challenges in marketing and selling your products in the global market. 

Globalization and adaptation

Adaptation is the key skill in the global world. The global world is characterized by various factors that make it challenging for people to run businesses in the global economy. If you plan on expanding or running a business in the international markets, it is important to ensure that adaptation is key to the success of such a business. 

Adaptation involves all the activities that you can do to maneuver the international markets. In short, adaptation refers to “getting used” to a particular situation.

For instance, if the consumers of the particular foreign country prefer buying cheap products, your business has to adapt to lowering prices. If the prices are not lowered, your business would find it challenging to thrive in the global market. The other companies operating in such a country would offer low prices, thus offering you a stiff competition that can only be overcome by lowering prices. In such a case, the only adaptation is to lower your prices.

There are many factors in the global markets that require you to adapt to them. The failure to adapt to such changes would make it challenging for the company to operate in the global economy. You do not want to launch a business in the international markets only for it to close because you could not keep up with the competition. 

All that you do is aggressive market research to identify the factors that you need to adapt to. One of the main factors is consumer behavior. Consumers from different parts of the world have varied behaviors. The consumer is the key member that will determine the success or failure of your company. Therefore, if you learn their behavior, you will be able to adapt to it, thus enhancing the chances of success for your business. 

Sustained development

Sustained development is another important factor that needs to be considered when it comes to global expansion. Sustainable development focuses on ensuring that a company would operate in the business. Have you ever heard of companies that ran out of business due to stiff competition or the sale of a product whose future market was not guaranteed? 

If you do not want such a situation to happen to you, the best thing to do is learn ways of creating sustainable development. Such development would ensure that your company is able to meet the market competition regardless of how challenging they are.

For instance, if you face stiff competition from local companies in a foreign country, you might be tempted to give up on the company. However, this is not the most ideal solution because you can always overcome such competition through marketing

Sustainable development is created by identifying the unique factors in an organization that other companies do not have. Such factors could be the personnel or the production processes. Other companies do not have such factors and therefore, you can utilize the opportunity to create a sustainable competition. It is through sustainable competition that a company is likely to achieve sustainable development. 

If a company has known how to create a sustainable competition, it is likely to stay in the market for long without facing stiff competition from other firms in the industry. Sustainable development is a guaranteed situation that a company would succeed in the global markets. However, if sustainable development is not created, the company would face a lot of challenges that would eventually result in its failure. 

Growth of a brand

The growth of a brand is another factor that needs to be considered when expanding in the global market. Consumers have varied behaviors which determine whether they would buy a particular product or not. Some consumers prefer to buy cheap products while other consumers prefer to buy expensive products. 

Other consumers would also prefer to buy products from well-known brands while other consumers would prefer to buy any product without considering the manufactures.

To be on the safe side, it is important to build a strong brand that will attract a large number of consumers. A strong brand is associated with the sale of good quality products and therefore, many consumers would be willing to buy your products. A strong brand is a key factor in maneuvering the strong competition of the global markets. 

The creation of a strong brand requires an organization to carry out aggressive advertising. The more consumers talk about a particular brand, the stronger it would become. Therefore, the goal of the advertising is to ensure that consumers send a positive word of mouth regarding your company. The strong brand can also be created by ensuring that the company sells good quality products. 

The good quality products would enhance consumer satisfaction, thus enabling them to spread a positive word about the company’s products. If you sell poor quality products, consumers will send a negative world about them and this would ruin your reputation.

If the reputation of your company is ruined, you will have challenges beating the market competition because your consumers would prefer buying products from well-known companies. Therefore, it is important to consider all the factors needed in the creation of a strong brand to ensure that your company is well-known in the market. Such would make it easy for you to sustain a business in the global markets. 


The profitability of a company plays an important role in determining whether it would continue operating or not. The money obtained through profits is used in financing the company’s activities, thus enabling it to continue operating for years. 

Therefore, if a company is not making enough money to finance its operations, the chances are high that it would collapse in the future. Running a company in the global market requires the owners to focus on profit maximization. Through profit maximization, the company can expand its operations to ensure that it stays in business in the long run. 

The best way for a company to focus on making profits is by ensuring they offer good quality products. If they offer good quality products, consumers are likely to make repeat purchases or send a positive word of mouth to other consumers. In turn, the company’s market share would increase, thus facilitating an increase in the number of sales that the company makes. Another way of maximizing profitability is through aggressive marketing. 

An aggressive marketing would create awareness about the company’s products, thus increasing the number of people willing to purchase products from the company. In turn, the company would make more profits and be able to create the sustainable development needed in maneuvering the global economy.

Profits play an important role in an organization because they ensure that the organization has enough funds to keep running its activities. The following are some of the profit advantages in organizations. 

Favorable target

The main way to gain from profits is by identifying a favorable target. The target market is one of the main factors that determines whether your company will make profits or not. The choice of a target market begins by identifying the type of products you wish to sell in the global market. For instance, if you wish to sell baby diapers, then your favorable target would be mostly mothers. 

Therefore, if you create an advertisement directed to men, you will definitely make less sales. In such a case, you need to understand that mothers have a higher chance of buying the product than any other population.

Therefore, your advertisements should include content relevant to mothers. Such content would increase their chances of buying the product. Regardless of where your business is located, identifying a favorable target population will always be the key to profit maximization. 

After the identification of a favorable target population, it is important to understand their needs and what they are likely to buy or not buy. Such information would guide you into manipulating the appearance and quality of your products to match the needs of the target population.

If your products match the needs of the target population, they will definitely buy it and this will contribute to your profit’s advantages. 

Increase in income

An increase in income is the goal of every organization operating in the global markets. Such increase in income plays an important role in facilitating expansion. It is through such expansion that a company would become one of the well-known brands in the global economy. This can be explained by looking at the example of Walmart.

The company started as a small convenience store. However, after strategizing on how to increase profits, the company has been able to expand its operations in different regions across the world. Therefore, as you run a company in the global economy, your goals should not only be about making profits but you should rather focus on increasing the number of profits that you are currently making. 

Increasing profits in the global market might seem like a simple task but it is more complex than you can imagine. The process will require you to identify means of making more consumers purchase your products. New consumers play an important role in increasing profits especially if the old consumers are already making repeat purchases. 

This explains why it is important to focus on retaining consumers rather than getting new customers. If you retain the old customers, you can always be assured that your company will make a particular number of profits. In such a case, you can easily increase profits by getting new customers. Global marketing is among the best strategies to get new customers in the global market.

Enter other markets

The key to ensuring other markets is by carrying out a thorough market research. The other markets present an opportunity for growth. Therefore, making more profits is important because it would enable a company to venture into other markets. It is through such a strategy that companies end up becoming multinationals. 

If a company is not making enough profits, it would be challenging for it to expand to other markets due to the lack of capital. such a factor explains why it is important to make as much profits as possible.

Expanding in other markets is a guaranteed way of creating sustainable development. Once a company has opened branches in different parts of the world, it becomes challenging for such a company to fail. 

The reason behind this is because the different markets have different market conditions. Hence, if one branch in a particular market fails, it does not mean that the other branches will fail. Therefore, the company would continue operating in other markets as it seeks for strategies to revive the collapsed branches. 


Product positioning is another factor that would contribute to a company’s success or failure. Product positioning is a marketing strategy that ensures that your product has access to the right consumers. 

When carrying out product positioning, it is important to identify the target audience. Once the target audience has been identified, the firm would be able to understand the audience’s particular needs to ensure that it offers the right products. Through the market research, you would be able to identify the customers’ alternatives and use such information to persuade customers to purchase your products. 

An essential element for the business area

An essential element for the business area is the identification of a product and choosing of a target audience. Without a target population, a product would not be worth making because there will be no one to buy it. 

Therefore, you need to identify a target audience and know their needs. This information would make it easy for you to manipulate the products quality to suit te needs of the consumers.

The business area needs to be strategically positioned to ensure that it can attract walk-in clients. You also need to market it online since a substantial number of clients are online. Given the current technological advancements, many businesses offer their customers the chance to shop online and have their goods delivered to them at their doorsteps. 


Now that you have known the basic s of global marketing, you should not be afraid of launching your company into the global economy. The glob al economy provides diversification for your products. Such increases the chances of success for your business. All you have to do is understand the needs of your target audience.

Once you have identified such needs, it would become easy to adapt to the global market and market your products. In turn, you would be amazed by the number of profits you will make from a market you used to fear. 

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