Mandala Tattoo Meaning

Mandala Tattoo meaning: sleeve, men, ideas, women, appropriation, breast, face, foot, history, on arm, knee, Christian, family, love, moon.

Mandala Tattoo meaning: sleeve, men, ideas, women, appropriation, breast, face, foot, history, on arm, knee, Christian, family, love, moon
Mandala Tattoo meaning: sleeve, men, ideas, women, appropriation, breast, face, foot, history, on arm, knee, Christian, family, love, moon

Mandala in Sanskrit is used for a circle and if talking about a tattoo it is composed of symbols and shapes that moves from circle outwards in a circular pattern. Just like a circle mandala is meant to reflect entity, balance, and perfection. The mandala represents a unique design that follows the sense of harmony.

You may see mandalas in religious sites like prayer rooms and churches. Their existence was long before tattoos in the Hindu artwork, Buddhist, and Christian religions. In Hinduism, a mandala is often included in the design of a room for meditation or prayer because it connects with focus. Buddhists also set up a special place for mandalas in rituals and meditation. 

Mandala tattoos are known for their undeniable mesmerizing beauty. The spiritual origin that defines the origin and substance of mandala gives even further depth to them and its aspect makes mandala tattoo a very interesting prospect.


Passed those days when mandala tattoos were a symbol for the representation of a very small group of people. Now their popularity is increasing making them one of the most popular tattoo designs in the world. 

A mandala is a very simple and beautiful design that can vary in meaning. They can be made on different body parts such as arms, sleeves, face, and foot. Let’s know about the meaning of mandala tattoos if they are made on sleeves.

You can get a mandala tattoo on your sleeves but the more appropriate option is that you may consult a tattoo expert as it is believed that if tattoos are made on curvy areas of the body then can spoil the alignment and shape of the mandala tattoo design as it requires to be circular.

To consult an expert can satisfy you regarding the best part to design the tattoo. If you are thinking of getting a tattoo on your arm, then keep in mind that with one arm you can make the use of three possibilities to get the desired design. And each of the three will represent a different look and feel.


An amazing ability of a mandala tattoo is that it can easily combine with any other tattoo design. The concentric structure of the tattoo is the translation of harmony, fact, and unity. It is also thought that it represents the search for a dreamer for wholeness and self-unity. Mandala being versatile can include the different meanings of the same and it also depends on the perspective of the person observing it.

Nowadays mandala tattoos are getting popular among boys and girls. It means that men are allowed to get mandala tattoos. If men wish to have them on their bodies they will become more vocal in the hunt for a balanced lifestyle and for eliminating stress.

They are getting among boys who are looking for a geometric style along with a spiritual meaning. Men usually get tattoos to showcase their personality in a cool way. The choice of getting under the needle is easy but what type of tattoo you want can be challenging.


Thinking of getting a mandala tattoo but confused by the flow of ideas gathering in your mind. Today a tattoo is seen as one of the best ways to adorn your body. Their alluring designs attract and impress everyone as after inking a tattoo it becomes a part of your body.

You can do different things as a tattoo such as tribal designs, animals, insects, and flowers among others. Mandala tattoo falls into the category of spiritual tattoos conveying different meanings.


Mandala tattoos look great on men as well as women. Just like men, women are free to present their bodies to get a tattoo of their own choice. It is a fact to get offended by the expression of others. Women may be fond of getting a mandala tattoo as it is believed that these tattoos represent eternity, wholeness, and perfection.

If a woman represents Hinduism she would like to keep it in her mediation room or if she wishes to get them on the body they can use their arm, face, foot, and other parts. The main reason for their design is that it is connected to their culture and linked with focus.


Getting a tattoo to adorn the body in today’s world is a common act. While getting a tattoo if you are not referring to your culture it can create a problem for you. It might be possible that offense is provoked in the members of cultural groups and the bearer be accused of cultural appropriation.

What is cultural appropriation? Let’s have a description of appropriation. In short, cultural appropriation directs towards the majority of the group that is known for adopting the signs and symbols of a minority group. In different majority groups, those who wish to get a tattoo firstly consider the power lines in the hand.

Then after identification, they analyze which symbol stands to their benefit. In this way, you can erase and trivialize the oppression that the majority group experience. A tattoo is considered a lifelong commitment, not just a trend so be careful not to create a gesture that may be insensitive to any culture.


Have made up my mind to get a tattoo but was unable to decide where to get it. If you are asking this question to yourself then you are on the right page as the information covered here will solve all your problems.

Since mandalas are circular the most appropriate body part would be the back or chest. These two parts are considered ideal because they are flat surfaces and do not disturb the shape of the tattoo that you have inked on your body.

While the curvy areas can distort the alignment of tattoos the choices differ as some people like tattoos on the shoulder, hand, forearm, foot, arm, and wrist. Your tattoo expert can give you the best advice on where to get a design as they can inform you about suitability.


Those who are looking for inventions while designing mandala tattoos can consider the face and neck areas as they look great because they can be positioned in different ways. If you are 18 you can go for a tattoo anywhere on your body but you will have to wait till you are 21 or above to get a tattoo on your face or neck.

But the safer approach is to avoid the face while thinking about getting a tattoo because the skin is the most delicate part of the body but the artist goes deep while making designs. Your face lines will blend like other parts and it would feel like an open wound.

Getting a mandala tattoo on foot is one of the most popular options. Foot covers a small area of the body and just like sleeves they curve also but still, there are many options where a tattoo can be designed. Mostly, mandala tattoos are designed around the ankle. Some ankles even represent a pendant placed at the foot.


Mandala designs are of great significance for a very long time. Now their trend is growing rapidly. In Sanskrit, it is used as a synonym for circles and tattoos too. They are compared with circles because they are circular too. They have existed in the artwork of Hindu, Christian, and Buddhist religions long before the origin of tattoos. They are known for their spiritual importance.

On Arm

One another place to get a mandala tattoo is an arm or shoulder. They can be a general shoulder tattoo or a great sleeve cap as the shape of your shoulder. For better details and alignment, you can use the center of your shoulder as the focal point of the mandala.


Japanese tattoos are famous for their traditional style. Tattoos are larger and featured on a full leg covering the whole knee. One of the famous tattoos is an oni mask that suits the area of the knee. This tattoo symbolizes the good and bad forces protecting their bearer.

Other designs include cartoon tattoos, geometric tattoos, Kneecap tattoos, floral knee tattoos, Blank space tattoos, and many more. Choose the design according to your wish.


In Hinduism mandala is considered an ancient tool however Christianity and Buddhism are also not left out. If talking about Christianity, mandala designs are commonly used as artwork to represent the roses windows of churches. The circulars that serve to be the theme of a mandala represents important scenes and events from their religion.


To represent a family tree through a mandala design is a great idea. It is not specified that the tattoos representing family should be kept on body parts. Such tattoos are even more attractive if they are designed in the form of painting to embellish the walls of houses


Mandala tattoos can represent love but this is not followed as it is obvious mandala tattoos are used for spiritual meaning and designing a love tattoo may change the meaning.


Except for the other common mandala tattoos, an interesting mandala design is a moon mandala tattoo. Such tattoos that reflect the crescent moon are considered the symbol of change, creativity, and learning. They are very common as artworks in studios, schools, and workshops. They promote self-improvement and personal growth.

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