Metaphor Examples

Introduction: Metaphor Examples. A metaphor is a figure of speech between unrelated ideas. Metaphor carries the qualities of one thing over another thing. Its origin starts from the 15th century, and you cannot say that Metaphor has a single root.

Metaphor in the English language comes from the old French that originated from the Latin source. The Latin word comes from the Metaphor Freeks, which means to transfer one thing to another. It means if we summarize the meaning of Metaphor in all three languages, the concept is the same.

The Metaphor moves the qualities from one thing to another. Imposing the ideas or characteristics of one thing or object to another. Here, you will learn about the Metaphors and their types with examples and stages to identify them. 

A metaphor is a figure of speech that connects unrelated things. The ideas or concepts of one object, properties, and concepts of one thing over another. For example, the school was a zoo. It is used in literature, daily life, songs, and movies. Let’s check some Metaphor Examples.

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