Most recent geological era

Introduction: Most recent geological era. Geological time is an interval of time occupied by the Earth’s geologic history. The formal geological time begins at the start of the Archean Eon and continues as the present day. The recent geological time begins with Hadean Eon, an informal interval.

It starts from the initial formation of the Earth almost 4.6 billion years ago. Geological time is, in effect, the time interval at which Earth recorded the planet’s rock strata. The geological time scale records the events occurring in the Earth’s history. It had subdivided into the small duration of the time in descending order.

The order of eras includes the eons, eras, periods, epochs and ages. The fossil’s forms give a sign of the geologic era. The fossils recorded gives the idea of the different eras like eons, eras, periods, epochs and ages. The recent geological era is Cenozoic. Here you will learn about the geologic eras and how to determine the current geological era.

The geological era had divided into three parts old one is the Paleozoic, the middle one is the Mesozoic, and the last and now recent age, the Cenozoic; the era started 66 million years ago and is present today. It is the era of the mammal’s discovery. It is the era of new life and Greenlandic and Meghalaya. 

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