Is polygamy legal in India?

Introduction: Is polygamy legal in India?. Polygamy comes from two words: “poly,” meaning “many,” and “gamos,” meaning “marriage.” As a result, polygamy refers to multiple marriages. Thus, polygamy is a marriage in which spouses of either sex can simultaneously have more than one partner. Traditionally, polygamy – a man having more than one wife – was widely practiced in India. The Hindu Marriage Act of 1955 made this practice illegal.

The Special Marriage Act (SMA) 1954 allows people to perform inter-religious marriages but prohibits Polygamous relationships. Many Muslim women have used this act to help prevent polygamy. However, it is subject to certain conditions and restrictions based on religious practices and personal laws.

For example, Muslims in India are permitted to practice polygamy under the Muslim Personal Law. In contrast, Hindu Marriage Act and other personal laws prohibit polygamy for Hindus and other specified religious groups. 

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