Backbiting Meaning

Backbiting Meaning. There are those who use gossip as a synonym for slander (although in this case it could be lies), use malicious words or hostile gossip, sincerity with bad intentions (directed truths).

Backbiting Meaning
Backbiting Meaning

Backbiting in Islam

Brothers in Faith! Major sins are so the cause of all misery, evil, and torment during this world and also in the hereafter. And also the worst of all sins are those who are greatest in hurt and danger. Among the damaging major sins are backbiting and slandering.

These 2 sins were out by Allah through His Prophet as a result of the sow enmity, evils, and discord among people and result in destruction. They create their offender’s regret once regret is going to be of no avail. They cause hostilities between folks of a similar house and between neighbors and relatives. They’ll decrease smart deeds and increase evil ones and result in dishonor and shame.

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Abu Hurayrah narrated that the Prophet said to them

Do you recognize what backbiting is? They answered that Allah and His Rasool grasp best. He then narrated that; It is to mention one thing concerning your brother that he would dislike. Somebody asked him, But what if what I say is true?  The Rasool of Allah mentioned, If what you say concerning him is true, you’re backbiting him, however, if it’s not true then you’ve slandered him.

(Muslim): Backbiting Meaning

Therefore, guard your tongue, fellow Muslims, from this dishonorable sin, for whoever guards his tongue against sins and uses his limbs in acts of obedience to Allah has prospered. 

Sahl ibn Subhan Allah narrated that the Rasool of Allah mentioned,

Who protects his tongue from unlawful utterances and his reproductive organ from unlawful sexual activity; I shall guarantee him entrance into Paradise.

(Bukhari and Muslim)

Is Backbiting Allowed?

There are only a few things wherever it’s permissible to talk concerning the faults of another person. One should be careful to not let the existence of those exceptions enable transgression into sin. A number of these things are:

• To safeguard Muslims from the evil of another person, together with things wherever one is asked to vouch for the integrity of a wedding prospect

• Once the person being talked about doesn’t conceal his violations of Divine commands

• To explain any fault of a patient before a medical man for functions of treatment

Cure of This Unwell Behavior

If someone, God forbid, has been guilty of this ugly act, he or she should purge this vice and nourish the roots of sincerity, unity, and commonness in his or her heart by following these steps:

• Meditate for a minute concerning the results of this sin during this world and within the Hereafter. Mirror on the awful, frightful forms that may beset you within the grave, within the Barzakh, and on the Day of Resurrection. Heed the words of the Holy Prophet (s) and his house (‘a) for his or her pearls of knowledge during this regard can overwhelm you. Then weigh 1 / 4 of an hour’s pleasantries, gossip, and satisfaction of the ingenious lust against thousands upon thousands of years of adversity or state in hell and everlasting painful chastisement.

• Repent and look for the forgiveness of the victim, if this is often doable with no likelihood of vicious consequences; otherwise, you need to plead God’s mercy for the victim.

• Gather all of your strength to free your soul of this sin at the slightest degree, by creating a covenant with yourself to abstain from this abomination for a precise time. Bring your tongue in cheek and be watchful of yourself, firmly watchful, career yourself to account. God willing, it’s hoped that once it slows you may end up reformed and freed from its sick traces.

Bit by bit the burden of the task can ease, and you may feel a natural disposition to dislike and hate it. At that time, you may come back to possess religious peace and enjoyment of achieving freedom from this vice.

• Backbiting usually results from weakness within the backbiter’s soul, like complex. You ought to pry into your soul to get what weakness prompted you to complain to your brother or sister; then embark on to remedy the weakness.

Causes of Backbiting

There are several things that cause backbiting, as well as the following:

  • Alleviation of or response to one’s anger. Someone could also be a light-emitting diode by his anger with another person to sound off him. Conformity with one’s guests or fellows. 
  • As a compliment, someone could share together with his fellows or guests in backbiting others, thinking that this can be a requisite of fine relations or that they will reject his act if he doesn’t do so. 
  • For instance, someone could say that skunk is ignorant or narrow-minded, going to show that he’s knowledgeable and broad-minded and, consequently, higher than he. Making fun and humorous. 
  • Someone could sound off somebody only for the sake of constructing some other laugh; this even represents a method of living for a few persons.
  • Here, its value noting that backbiting could also be committed by the center, and this can be what could also be referred to as thinking unwell of the others. A Muslim mustn’t suppose unwell of another person unless he expressly is aware of regarding him some evil factor that can’t be taken as that means otherwise, particularly once he is aware of it through an unsuspecting, trustworthy Muslim. 
  • All the same, a Muslim is mostly counseled to not reply to unwell thoughts as regard others. He could instead invoke Allah on their behalf whenever the Prince of Darkness pushes him to suppose evil of them, for this enrages the Prince of Darkness and drives him away, fearing that he could also be aware of invocation through his evil whispers.
  • Even if a vilified person thinks that he has no defects, he could show feeling to Allah for His uncountable favors and bounties by not defiling himself with one of the ugliest flaws, i.e., backbiting. What is more and more vital still, he ought to remedy backbiting by irresistible the cause or causes resulting in it. So, for instance, if he is aware that he backbites somebody as a result of he’s angry with him, he ought to suppress his anger.

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